Monday, July 17, 2017

The Mayweather versus McGregor Fight

Muhammad Rasheed - Here's my opinion of the upcoming super crossover event:
  1. The Great White Hope
    McGregor is the latest in a long line of ‘Great White Hopes.’ That’s why his rise to popularity in the UFC spurred the White combat sport fans to speculate about him being able to take down the African-American Floyd Mayweather, Jr., who infuriated them for daring to match Marciano’s 49–0 record.
  2. Tale of the Tape
    The raw stat numbers predict a Floyd Mayweather, Jr. win 99.99% of the time. What do we know?

    a) - Floyd is a boxing prodigy who's been trained in the sport since he was a small child, similar to Tiger Woods' upbringing except Floyd had TWO master-level boxing close relatives training him (in two OPPOSING boxing styles!) instead of Tiger's one.
    b) - McGregor has only ever dabbled a bit in amateur boxing as a lad, and carried none of those skills over with him when he entered the MMA world. In training for this match with the undefeated, pound-for-pound world champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr., he's literally starting all over from scratch.
    c) - Despite the skewed opinions of the casuals, McGregor is only the aggressor on the mic. In the octagon, he's actually a counter-puncher similar to Floyd, and baits/allows you to make a move so he can throw a shot behind it. McGregor will never out counter-punch Floyd.
    d) - If his corner actually trains him into being the aggressor, and actually has him pressing forward to pressure Floyd, then McGregor will only mimic the style that 100% favors Floyd's core defensive style. In such a case, you may realistically see a repeat of the Mayweather vs Hatton fight, except condensed into less than a minute long.
    e) - In some of his fights against notoriously powerful, but relatively inexperienced opponents with huge punching power (like Canelo specifically), Floyd has shocked the fight fans by actually staying in the pocket and mixing it up with them. He did this after a brief feeling out stage to see if the other fighter was fast/good enough to penetrate his defense and score with any reliability to concern Floyd. After satisfying himself that he was still well ahead of his opponent's skill level, he took more ‘risks’ and actually stayed within range to deliver his unnervingly accurate right hand leads over and over again. McGregor's rudimentary level boxing skills will not be a threat to Floyd in any way, and the pound-for-pound champ will probably be able to assess exactly how McGregor will match up just by looking at his fighting stance and how his hands are being held alone. McGregor will NOT be able to keep Floyd from hitting him at will, while the famous shoulder-roll move all by itself would frustrate McGregor, that is IF Floyd even allowed him to have an offense.
  3. A Puncher’s Chance
    Even though the ‘Tale of the Tape’ predicts a horrendously humiliating beating for McGregor at the hands of the pound-for-pound boxing champ, boxing is exciting because you can’t 100% predict what will happen; if the stats were THAT accurate, then there wouldn’t be any Vegas gambling odds. McGregor is in great shape, is half Floyd’s age, is very confident, and could get to be the single luckiest human being on earth for just that brief amount of time he needs to be. Fights always have that li’l tinge of the unknown that makes them very exciting. You just never know.
  4. Let’s Get It Over With Already
    I really don’t care about the little fight promo tour. I’m tired of the talking; if I could fast-forward to the main event then I definitely would. A big part of why I feel that way is because I know that Floyd isn’t a match for the quick-witted McGregor on the mic (who probably has a little stand-up comedy talent), so I’m not interested in seeing the champ get bested in that way. All I’m interested in is celebrating Floyd’s new 50–0 (final!) retirement record. The other reason why I want to hurry and get this thing over with, is because I’m sick and tired of the retarded, uninformed opinions of the casual fans who somehow believe that the only two possible outcomes are Floyd getting knocked out, or going the 12 round distance with an opponent who learned how to box YESTERDAY!!! wtf…?!
  5. Kellerman’s Prediction
    Expert boxing analyst and long-time fight fan Max Kellerman is all about the ‘Tale of the Tape’ stats, and predicts that horrendously humiliating beating for McGregor. I want Kellerman to be 100% correct with every fiber in my soul. I want Floyd to beat the crap out of McGregor for the first half of round one, and then knock him out for an incredibly embarrassing stumble-around-the-ring before he falls to the canvass in a red-faced, swollen, lumpy-headed, bloody heap after one more good, definitive 3-shot combo from Floyd. Then I want Floyd to run across the ring, fall to his knees, and act like he’s giving thanks to God for a hard won victory like it was the hardest fight of his life, with fake crying, etc.
  6. McGregor Earned this Super-Fight
    I disagree with the butthurt complaints of all the boxing purists (Dela Hoya, Teddy Atlas, etc.) who’ve whined about whether McGregor has earned this shot at Mayweather’s crown since this will be his first professional boxing match. No matter how I feel about totally wanting this latest Irish ‘Great White Hope’ to get demolished on 26 Aug, I cannot deny that McGregor has worked extremely hard in his chosen profession, and rose to the top into the arms of his well-earned glory. He did what he had to do to reach the top of his personal game, and he has reaped the rewards of it. He’s received the respect (and dollars) of the racist White fans who pin all their ‘Great White Hope’ dreams on him, of Floyd who has decided to take him seriously as the threat he pretends to be, of the media who are more than happy to ride the hype machine, and of the UFC and boxing suits who helped Floyd make the fight happen. It doesn’t matter whether the event will actually be competitive or not, what matters is that McGregor performed the way he needed to perform to capture the attention of the public to become as rich and famous as he dreamed of becoming. In that sense alone, he has definitely earned all of this money, as well as his little asterix-footnote in combat sport history.
  7. “Will this be Good for Boxing?”
    This is actually a dumb question. Casual fan outsiders who ask this seem to be under the impression that the only boxing matches that happen are the ones they hear about, and of course that's ridiculous. This thing doesn't have anything to do with "boxing." There's "boxing matches" that happen all the time, and then there are the "big events" that happen a whole lot less frequently. When they DO happen – Johnson vs Jeffries, Tunney vs Dempsey II, Ali vs Frazier I, that time when Felix Trinidad was trying to beat up the top dog in EVERY weight division, Jones vs Tarver II, Mayweather vs Pacquiao – then casual fans show up to hang out at the bar and eat Cheetoes® and pizza and it's a party, and they rarely even know what they are looking at. This question is stupid because if there isn’t an over-hyped PARTY around the match then the casuals are NOT GOING TO WATCH IT! Casual fans have never enjoyed boxing. Ever. They just show up for the event, and the lights, and pray that there's an ignorant, throw-caution-to-the-wind slug match. If it's a technical chess match of high-level skill then they actually get mad(!), so who cares what the casuals think? The "sport" isn't for them anyway. If you ask a casual what is the purpose of the ‘jab,’ they can’t tell you. So how is the opinion of someone like that going to be good for boxing? That's why Butterbean's 'Toughman Competition' show was invented, and as soon as those guys started actually learning how to REALLY fight so they’d have a better chance at winning the prize money, the casuals got bored and stopped watching that, too (then they promptly switched to ‘drunken hobo fights’ on YouTube where their REAL interests lie). Even in the UFC, the casuals hate really technical, high-level skilled matches, and just want to see the flash and gore (‘ground-n-pound’). The ‘casual fan’ is the very definition of the ‘fair weather friend.’ What prevents him from upgrading into true fandom? Why it is no less than an appreciation for the body of training, skills, rules, and fight strategies that make boxing what it is! The casual fan hates everything that enabled the talented and superbly-trained Floyd to accomplish what he has accomplished, but they sure enjoy showing up for the big event parties. lol It’s an insult to refer to them as “fans” at all! So you think that getting these folk to show up for the party – that they use to project their emotional fantasies about what they imagine boxing should be about – is actually good for the sport that they actually have zero interest in otherwise. GTFOOH!

    Sports don't suffer or grow at the whims of the people who really don't care what they are looking at, and the opinions of the casual fans are literally garbage. All they are good for is when the marketing department manipulates them into buying tickets for the next event. I guarantee the Mayweather vs McGregor *EVENT!* is the best thing that ever happened to the casual boxing/MMA fans since the hype machine leading up to the Jack Johnson versus Jim Jeffries “fight”, because they don't really care about the skills involved and obviously neither does the event itself.  Trust that this is 100% all emotion-driven fantasy for the casual fans, and the ‘sport of boxing’ will be just fine with or without it.
Gonçalo Megos - Why did you make this about race? Absurd dude

Muhammad Rasheed - It was already about race, son. I merely commented on it.

Mario Kurac - I’m not sure about this race thing. I know as much white people supporting Mayweather than black people supporting Mcgregor.

Muhammad Rasheed - How do you know?

Mario Kurac - Because I see it in my social circle. All my white friends hate Mcgregor because he is an arrogant prick, and prefer Mayweather because at least he has results to back up his mouth.And I have tons of black friends who like Mcgregor because they like the way he doesn’t care what anyone think of him ….

Muhammad Rasheed - So within your own social circle, you estimate that the white/black ratio is about even, so you think that translates across the entire national population of fight fans?

Jim Yelly - Excellent take on the fight, I agree with everything you said except to white hope part. I don't think that is what is going on.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol The “Great White Hope” dream is never late, Jim, and it defines all the unreasonable hate Floyd has received. Racism is 70% of the boxing industry.

Jim Yelly - I would argue that much more of the hate is due to “Money” Mayweather’s lack of humility and how boring non boxers find his fights.

Muhammad Rasheed - Meanwhile, Whites adore McGregor for his vulgar lack of humility, while Floyd has been notably calmer, more thoughtful, and more humble in his public appearances since his “Pretty Boy” days, and especially compared to Conor’s performance now. This of course showcases the obscene double standard and hypocrisy that crawls along the surface film of the very racism you seek to deny here.

btw, the “Money” moniker reflects a lack of creativity more than any perceived lack of humility, since his former slave owner/handler refused to allow him to take the “Pretty Boy” brand with him when Floyd broke loose from the contract.

Hey, don’t you think it odd that Floyd flaunting his wealth generates so much pure hatred from Whites considering that it is the White race that controls the vast majority of wealth and resources in Western society? Why do you think that is? Why do you think Floyd’s textbook American Dream success story actually makes his fellow Americans *HATE* him this way? Tell me.

Rudi De Villiers - lots of white hate this and that. justify it. some very broad brush strokes you have there. perhaps you should not throw stones from a glass house

Muhammad Rasheed - There happens to be a lot of "Whites hate this and that" going on in the world. Please control your people. Thanks, buddy.

Rudi De Villiers - go McGregor!!!!

Muhammad Rasheed - Do you think witnessing yet another over-confident Great White Hope get humiliated will control your people? Curious.

Rudi De Villiers - no... actually I was rooting for Floyd as I am a boxing fan. the whole fight actually stinks as it is insulting for the sport of boxing and imho just another showboating money draw fight with antics closer related to WWE than boxing. I weighed up skill. you made it about race.

Muhammad Rasheed - It was always about race. I merely pointed it out.

Why do Whites behave as if not mentioning “racism” in conversation magically means they don’t afflict it upon the world? This is literally as immature as when a child thinks he’s invisible by closing his eyes. Please control your people. Thanks, buddy.

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