Sunday, March 23, 2014

Popeye versus Hulk by M. Rasheed 

Popeye the Sailor and the Incredible Hulk are two of my all time favorite characters.  As a frequent visitor and member of the now sadly gone message boards, we comic fans would often engage in hypothetical “What If--?” battles.  And as a cartoonist who has often associated with other cartoonists as well as comic fans, I know for a fact that the Popeye versus Hulk one is a popular one.  With the publishing capabilities of the Internet at my disposal, as well as a game audience willing to receive it, this story pretty much poured out of me.  I kept it simple, but I also made sure I kept the two in character, and behaving/ responding the way they should.  

To read the web comic in its entirety click here: Popeye vs Hulk by M. Rasheed 

This tale was developed as fan-fiction, a labor of love, and is not intended for profit, or as any kind of competition against the companies that own them.  I only wished for other fans of the characters to enjoy the story.

Popeye and the Hulk are registered trademarks of King Features Syndicate and the Marvel Comics Group respectively.

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