Saturday, September 22, 2018

Flipping Over the Chess Board

El Mowafaq Shash - What would be a surefire way for humanity to kill every living organism on Earth, including itself?

Muhammad Rasheed - lol uhhh… before we start playing around with those kind of desperate scenarios, let me propose an alternative plan for those bent with this kind of mindset (I think I know where this is coming from… hear me out).

You’re feeling backed into a corner and want to detonate a trillion nuclear bombs at once (or whatever else is going on in your heads) because you don’t want the white supremacist era to end. You feel an overwhelming anxiety over just the very idea that systemic racism will be dismantled, Reparations Justice will be paid out to Black people enabling them to compete on a full socio-politico-economic footing with the former guardians of the White Supremacist Ideology and you can’t take it. This includes any members of the People of Color (POC)™ community who have allowed yourselves to be brainwashed into the “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” mentality, by the way.

Instead of acting out the ultimate psychotic expression of privileged entitlement (“If I can’t have the earth all to myself, THEN NO ONE WILL HAVE IT!!!!”), how about you lot pack up all of your stuff (YOUR stuff mind you; not the stuff you stole during your half millennium of colonialist conquering/pillaging/raping/exploiting/plundering) and get one of your “Bold, New Frontier” minded mega-corporations to send you to Mars or wherever to start anew? That way you won’t have to freak out whenever some Social Justice Warrior calls you out on your selfish foolishness, and make you feel guilty by continuously bringing up your cycling selfish, sociopathic history.

Think about it.

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Friday, September 21, 2018

The MAGA Beneath

Alex Mills - Why did the comic book artist Robert Crumb move to France in the 1990s?

Muhammad Rasheed - In the 1994 'Crumb' documentary directed by his long-time friend Terry Zwigoff, R. Crumb explains that the French property's former owner reached out and offered to trade it for the cartoonist's sketchbooks from a certain date range.

I’m sure there were numerous reasons for why the family made the decision to move—including Aline being delighted with the idea—but I think Crumb’s primary reason for leaving was that he was getting an increasing amount of public disapproval for the inherently problematic content of his body of work. I suspect he predicted that the tilt in the direction of social justice as a movement would eventually reach a level of pressure that he would rather just as soon avoid, especially as far as the area of personal safety was concerned.

Even though R. Crumb himself never engaged in any “SJW” activism in his career, despite the numerous ridiculous mental leaps his True Fan supporters perform trying to paint him as a deep-level social satirist who only uses misogynist & racist imagery to ‘stick it to The Man!’ or whatever, it is worth noting that France has traditionally been a safe haven for counter-culture figures of all descriptions for well over half a century. I’m sure that was a major factor in the final decision.

The Narrow Way of the Christ

Timothy McBride - Could Jesus have decided to be a regular man?

Muhammad Rasheed - The Christ Jesus, son of Mary (peace be upon them!) was a regular man. All of the prophet-messengers of the One God of Abraham were normal humans with all the same weaknesses as any other human.

Perhaps you are asking if he could have rejected the prophethood commission and just lived a regular life without the preaching the Word of Allah tasking? Well, you saw how that worked out for the prophet Jonah (pbuh). The One God doesn't take "No" for an answer it turns out.

Aaron Anderson - Why did Jesus Christ say "I am the way, the truth, and the light, nobody can come to my Father except through me" in John 14:6?

Muhammad RasheedThe Christ Jesus, son of Mary was one of the holy prophet-messengers of the One God of Abraham (peace be upon them all!). This made him one of the few anointed to receive and preach the revealed Word of Allah, and instruct the people in scripture and wisdom. Everything we as human beings know about the all-powerful, all-knowing Supreme Creator of the universe, Master of the Day of Judgment, comes directly from the teachings of the holy prophet messengers—coded into our cultural memory from the beginning of our species, starting with the instructions of Adam the patriarch.

Since it was literally the Christ’s job to teach us what we needed to know about our relationship with our Guardian Lord who made us, so that we may use the information to save us from hell and achieve the eternal bliss of paradise, and he was the only such prophet-messenger on earth at the time he said it (John the Baptist was already gone), he was exactly right.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The True Origin of Racism

Felix C Ber - Will racism ever cease to exist in the U.S? Will we see a day when racism is something in the past?

Muhammad Rasheed - It’s not impossible. The last time racism was almost wiped from American society was when the anti-Black racist economic system collapsed following the Civil War. Despite some twitching during its near death throes—like share cropping and the proto-mass incarceration “inherent Black criminals” propaganda—the rapid socio-political-economic rise of Black people during Reconstruction seemed like racism was pretty much over.

And then the lower class whites took the death of racism VERY personally, and decided to bring it back by introducing domestic terror. Despite the ferocity of the white terror group attacks throughout the country, oddly it didn’t kick start another Civil War, and racism just grew progressively worse.

It seems clear looking at the record of history, focused on the fact that all the rudimentary freedoms Black people possess today comes directly from the Civil War effort, that if the dominant oppressor class refuses to dismantle anti-Black systemic racism and payout Reparations justice for the atrocities and plunder committed, then only another Civil War will repair the imbalance and cure society of its most enduring sin.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Creating the Goddess

Umesh Suri - Why are there only male prophets/founders of main religions?

Muhammad Rasheed - The world religions we know of today happened to emerge during eras of dominant patriarchy cultures. Humanity is old, and there have been many civilizations that have emerged and fallen over the ages than what we know of. I'm confident that during past civilizations, under flourishing matriarchal cultures, there very well may have been women holy prophet founders of main religions that were as dominant as the Abrahamic faiths of today. The remnants of old "supreme goddess" pagan faiths were no doubt developed from people who had originally followed a female prophet[s] of the One God, corrupted her message over generations, and then started worshiping her instead of their Guardian Lord.

Tica Mcgarity - this one I like! Some Christians make this mistake as well.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Some...?"

Tica Mcgarity - Jesus is our first teacher. We read the bible for guidance. While there are some christian teachers who teach with enthusiasm ... Saint Paul has ordered us to only believe and follow what Jesus teaches. Those of us who do generally laugh at the make a buck in the name of Jesus folks.

Muhammad Rasheed - It was my understanding that all Pauline Christians worship the final Hebrew prophet in the line of Isaac (peace be upon the prophets!) as a divine part of the triune godhead ideology.

Is this not accurate?

Tica Mcgarity - If you are interested in what saint Paul actually said on that subject, read the book of Galatians. Only six short chapters. The ONLY teaching we are to follow comes from Jesus. Our teachers may remind us of what Jesus has said... but... adding to that is wrong. If you want a more detailed (and difficult to understand) version ... read the book of Romans.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tica wrote: "The ONLY teaching we are to follow comes from Jesus."

Then why listen to Paul?

Tica Mcgarity - Paul is a teacher who only followed what Jesus taught... and explained how to do that. Central to that is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Jesus taught using poetic language. Understanding and then obeying what Jesus taught is the challenge. Some people are gifted public speakers. There are probably gifted speakers in your faith as well. Our central MESSAGE is that Jesus in the holy son of the living GOD. Anything that deviates from that is to be questioned.

Muhammad Rasheed - Considering the New Testament is composed of writings from other people about Jesus' message, much of which differing in how that "poetic language" is interpreted, I find it problematic.

It would help if there were a separate text composed solely of what the Christ actually taught as revealed to him from God. Do you have access to such a work? The Christian version of the Muslim's Qur'an? Paul's order to you all would make a lot more sense if you had the pure revealed message containing only what Jesus taught straight from his own mouth. Does this make sense?

Tica Mcgarity - My religion also teaches that women are to remain silent in the church. My understanding of that is that men are the teachers ... even though women may teach other women. I am a bit uncomfortable teaching you. I assume that you are a man. Women are not encouraged to have authority over men. Jesus himself was kind and fair to women. As far as I can tell... there were no women who were trained to teach in the way that Jesus trained the twelve men (AKA disciples).

Tica Mcgarity - The gospel of Mathew chapters 4, 5, 6 and seven are specifically what Jesus taught. I can copy / paste those chapters here if you like.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tica wrote: “I am a bit uncomfortable teaching you.”

Fear not since this isn’t a teacher/student relationship, but just a discussion. We are currently seeking to understand each other.

Tica wrote: “I assume that you are a man.”

Your assumption is accurate.

Tica wrote: “Women are not encouraged to have authority over men.”

Show me the teaching from the Christ that confirms this, please. If this instruction from the Christ is missing, then please explain for the record where did you get this instruction and why you accept it as a truth.

Tica wrote: “Jesus himself was kind and fair to women.”

All of the male prophets of God were.

Tica wrote: “As far as I can tell... there were no women who were trained to teach in the way that Jesus trained the twelve men (AKA disciples).”

The Christ Jesus’ job was to preach the Word of the One God to his people, to instruct them in scripture and wisdom. By the NT accounts, there were women among the group he routinely instructed. According to the history of early Christianity, there is a ‘Gospel of Mary’ text which demonstrates that there were indeed at least one woman disciple of Jesus in the record. Since this was the case, on whose authority do you willingly accept a subservient position in this regard?

Tica Mcgarity - Jesus did not train women to be teachers / disciples. Paul also said that women should remain silent in the church.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tica posted: "10 Jesus said to him, 'Away...'"

This is the clue that someone else is telling us what Jesus said. Where is the definitive work that came directly from Jesus' mouth and written down by his devoted, hand-picked disciples? Are all of your scriptures by middle men?

Tica Mcgarity - There are no books where Jesus is the author. We do have eye witness accounts from what people who were in his inner circle saw and heard. Mathew was an educated man.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tica wrote: “There are no books where Jesus is the author.”

This is unfortunate, since he was the messenger of God’s Word. You don’t think such a work is conspicuous in its absence from the library, particularly because of the Christ’s importance?

Tica wrote: “We do have eye witness accounts from what people who were in his inner circle saw and heard.”

Equally unfortunate to the above point is the fact that the body of educated Christian scholars do not at all agree with this comment of yours. According to linguistic study and archaeology, the four gospels were not writ by the men whose names they bear, but by Pauline evangelicals quite removed from the era of the Christ’s earthly lifetime. Without a copy of the actual teachings of Jesus himself to compare what these ‘witnesses’ claimed, it is impossible for me to take these teachings as seriously as you’d like me to.

Tica Mcgarity - The gospel of Mary is not in the bible that I read. Mary was a blessed woman... but not a teacher / disciple as far as I can tell. After Jesus, Mary went to Peter and obeyed his authority. Paul challenged Peter at times. Mary never challenged anyone.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tica wrote: "The gospel of Mary is not in the bible that I read."

Why not? And why does this not outrage you? Please explain.

Tica Mcgarity - Mark was taught by saint Peter, who as a fisherman may have been poorly educated.

Muhammad Rasheed - According to the historic record, and the research of your own Christian scholars, I have no reason to believe that information has anything to do with the current work that bears Mark's name.

Tica Mcgarity - Jesus is the son of the living God. That makes him a great deal more valid than any current, popular, political doctrine. If Mary from Magdalen wrote down her experience with the Lord... well and good. I simply know that it is not in the bible that I read. I am not outraged. I accept that the bible is the text that supports my faith.

Muhammad Rasheed - It doesn't bother you that the evidence of the scriptural record strongly suggests that the concept of the "divine sonship" was not preached by Jesus at all, and was actually invented without authority by Paul?

Tica Mcgarity - The thing is; there are many scholars who have questioned and analyzed the principles of our faith for many years. Some from the point of view of deep faith... and others from the point of view of debunking that very same faith.

Tica Mcgarity - The significant advantage of Christianity is that Jesus is alive today... and... you can ask the Lord your questions. He will absolutely tell you. It is very nice when you hear the Lord's voice for yourself.

Muhammad Rasheed - The significant advantage of Christianity is the hoary age of its institutions, and the power of its global political networks.

Without the text of Jesus himself to instruct the believers, it is severely lacking in the spirituality aspect.

Tica Mcgarity - Actually, Jesus himself declared that he is the fulfillment of prophesy and that he is indeed ONE with the Father. I already posted that for you.

Muhammad Rasheed - You posted someone else's account of what was claimed by others that Jesus said it. Such middleman prose fails to move me as much as it does you, Tica.

Tica Mcgarity - That is why we have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Each of us has been given the power to enter into the presence of GOD and see for ourselves. It is worth praying about.

Muhammad Rasheed - That's why we have the revealed message of God straight from the messenger to guide us aright so we may be saved from both our own lusts, and the claims of others trying to manipulate us from within their gold-covered edifices.

I'll pray that you break free of the strongholds of men and learn to look towards your Guardian Lord instead.

Tica Mcgarity - It is not unusual for holy things to be corrupted by selfish individuals. Hasn't that happened in your faith's history as well? That old pearls before swine thing comes to mind.

Tica Mcgarity - Well... my guardian Lord is Jesus. He is alive today! He is still actively involved with each of us as individuals and with the church at large.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tica wrote: "It is not unusual for holy things to be corrupted by selfish individuals. Hasn't that happened in your faith's history as well?"

Sure. That's why we carefully keep separate the claims of what other people said that the messenger said (hadith) from the Holy Revealed Message of the One God to humankind (Holy Qur'an). The latter is conspicuously missing from the canon of Christian literature and this fact is your faith's great weakness.

Muhammad Rasheed - Your Guardian Lord is the One who made both you AND the Christ Jesus. Will you not recognize the truth?

Tica Mcgarity - The totality of our discussion centers on FAITH. No rational debate by either one of us will convince the other. GOD acts in the lives of each individual. GOD meets you where you are in a way that only HE can do. May your life be blessed. I have to go and clean my house now.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tica wrote: "The totality of our discussion centers on FAITH."

Nay. Only half of our discussion centers on faith alone. The other half is composed of the physical, material archaeological record of scripture in the hands of human beings. This is tracked and verified by scholars. If you choose to ignore the findings and label the willful ignorance displayed "faith" then that isn't piety, but something different altogether.

Tica Mcgarity - Take it to GOD in prayer. GOD is the final authority. I agree that silly, human debates are more about our own vanity than the holiness of GOD.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tica wrote: "Take it to GOD in prayer."

??? Should I pray to God to confirm that which was already revealed in His Mercy to be true? lol Clear instruction as to what is true or not isn't missing in my faith, Tica. We do hold the pure revealed message of God, straight from the messenger's mouth, here in our midst. That is our religion's Great Strength. Please pray to God for right guidance, for surely those you have relied upon have led you astray. God alone is indeed the Final Authority, not all of these middle men evangelists who composed your book.

May your life also be blessed, Tica.


Monday, September 17, 2018

Casting Calls on the Whitopia Set

Muhammad Rasheed - Cartoon depicting the 'slavery lite' conditions of the Black American domestic worker with the corresponding evil justifications and delusions the exploiter invented for their illusion script.

Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.

Kevin KyteSketch Haynes - Keep it coming...right now you the realest doin' it.

Q: Did some black slaves love their white slave owners?

Muhammad Rasheed - Of course. Even if they had a choice and could live in a prosperous Black neighborhood instead, the situations of servitude would create personal conditions where—assuming the slave didn’t deliberately harden his or her heart—would eventually develop genuine affection for the slave owner family. I’ve read some slave narratives where the former slaves would repeat ‘coonish’ comments about how they didn’t have a problem being a slave and how ‘massa’ was good to them and what not.

There are many accounts of how the abused in prison systems and domestic violence relations will develop mentally unhealthy neuroses that manifested as affection for the system and the abusers, so this shouldn’t be a surprise, nor should it be used to justify evil.

Tica Mcgarity - As a white woman living in a black neighborhood in the deep south ... you are completely out of touch with reality. Black people do not demean themselves any more than white people insult their own personal space and privacy in the way that you have depicted. Very wealthy white people hire European nannies and house keepers. Blacks are not welcome in their homes for the very reasons that your cartoon implies. A black subordinate would only create the illusion of racism. Much easier and cheaper to hire a white foreign exchange student ... and then send them home when you are through with them.

Muhammad Rasheed - Can you edit/proof this post so the message is clearer, please?

Tica Mcgarity - ethnic bigotry exist. Whites do NOT want to seem to be anti-black racists. Whites who hire servants... hire white servants. Blacks no longer put up with even the slightest appearance of being anyone's servant. Your cartoon does not show truth... therefor... it is not funny.

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay, I see what you were trying to say.

I believe there are white people who don't want to contribute to the anti-Black systemic racism culture of the West, but my cartoon was not addressing them. I encountered a thread a few days ago with the descendants of whites who hired exploited Black domestic workers and they expressed all the elements I satirized in my cartoon-of-the-day above.

So although I certainly appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback, it actually doesn't have value for me that I could use to enhance my art. Basically, I wasn't targeting the specific, very narrow sub-group you are trying to protect.


Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Questionable Value of an Enemy's Unsolicited Advice

Art McGraft - How can black people fight racist white people without offending good white people?

Muhammad Rasheed - Within the context of an anti-racism discussion, the definition of a “good white person” is a descendant of the European ethnic tribes who rejects the concept of “whiteness.”

“Whiteness” is the racist aristocracy that crosses all class lines, and upholds a “superior” socio-politico-economic class group along racial phenotype by the subjugation, exploitation and plunder of the wealth of Black people. A “good white person” would reject this evil system, and not only wouldn’t take it personal to witness the anti-racism activists fighting against anti-Black systemic racism (and its entire tool kit, which includes the marketing-propaganda arm that supports it, as reflected in the official dictionary definition), but would actually aid in the battle against racism and its supporters.

David Dunn - This illustration is stupid...that's not what we are supposed to be doing, Black dude will be dead in 10min

Muhammad Rasheed - We're not supposed to work to end racism?

David Dunn - that scene a dumb way to get killed. Its smarter ways to do that.

Muhammad Rasheed - I get you, but the cartoon isn't designed to reflect any kind of literal reality. It's actually a caricature of some jackass who was talking mess to me the other day in another thread:

David Dunn - Buy firearms, teach your family how to shoot, and protect the kingdom, because marching and signs dont work against racist terrorists. Its very dangerous now.

Muhammad Rasheed - This is my official opinion on that position.

Jason Thomas Lam -

Jason Thomas Lam - Gotta stop seeing people as your enemy just because of the color of their skin. You can't end racism with more racism

Muhammad Rasheed - @Jason... The Snopes article you screenshot is addressing another article the fact checker disagreed with. The "myth/fact" portion cropped in your post is actually from the targeted article, and the Snopes fact checker actually agrees with the 'myth' part:

Muhammad Rasheed - Now it seems like you just deliberately tried to mislead me in an attempt to protect white supremacy while pretending racism is just a myth, and you did it in classic gaslighting fashion:

Muhammad Rasheed - Here's the truth of my stance: I see no enemies among people for no reason than "because of the color of their skin," but because of their diabolical actions to support the anti-Black systemic racism that preys upon my people to feed the racist aristocracy. The "because of the color of their skin" is a spin line that racists use to protect the evil system that plunders wealth from Blacks. I don't dislike white people just because they are white people. I dislike specific sub-group of whites who want to increase the wealth gap because they are selfish evil monsters. If you don't identify with that sub-group, and hate anti-Black racism as much as I, then I have no reason to consider you my enemy even if you are white.

Am I clear?

Saturday, September 15, 2018

DECODED: Redefining the Racist

Gary McCoy - “I am coming with a gun and i expect to get numerous bloodstained MAGA hats as trophies”.

- said a person from the side that wants to take away your guns and says that Trump is unhinged.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm interested in the fact that an empty *threat* of violence from the left triggers you lot more than

ACTUAL mass shootings from the right. lol

Control your people and stop being silly.

Gary McCoy - @Muhammad... empty threat? Tell that to Congressman Steve scalise

Muhammad Rasheed - "This fallacy takes an anecdotal statistical anomaly and inflates it into a planet-sized 'proof.'"

Your logical fallacy is anecdotal | YOURLOGICALFALLACYIS.COM

Eric C. Martin - “Your people”?????

Muhammad Rasheed - And hurry up, too.

Eric C. Martin - ???

Gary McCoy - By the way, more mass Killers throughout history have more closely aligned with your side's ideology than mine. But who's counting?

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm a Black American non-Christian. You're a white male descendant of the European ethnic tribes who identifies as a conservative.

Gary McCoy - You left out that I'm a Christian. I'm very proud of that so please don't overlook it. But still, your point is?

Muhammad Rasheed - It was my understanding that the Western Christianity part was built into the conservative part. I'm pretty sure I'm not wrong on that. lol

My point is that your side's ideology definitely wins the "most mass killers & et cetera" award. Perhaps you'd like to be more specific as to what ideological lines actually separated us. The ones I default to are the ones known to radicalize young Black men as soon as they learn about it (see: "Fight the Power").

Gary McCoy - Care to provide your tally sheet proving that 'my side' has committed more mass killings? It's probably in your pantry behind the rolls of aluminum foil. I would say that the atheist communists of the 20th century have easily killed more people. But you seem to want to give them a pass for some strange reason to attack what? Christians? White people?

Muhammad Rasheed - Why are you aligning the atheist community to me?

Muhammad Rasheed - The descendants of the originators of atheist communists of the 20th century are the current leadership class of the nation-state of Israel, that white American conservatives pledge their unrestricted loyalty.

You may claim the atheist communists of the 20th century with my blessing.

Richard Sherman - Jihad. How many lives has that taken all over the world? How many Slave Auctions still exist in Islam? Gary McCoy, don't bother with this racist wannabe intellectual racist. He hides behind his loathsome and counterfeit ideology.

Muhammad Rasheed - Gary wrote: "Care to provide your tally sheet proving that 'my side' has committed more mass killings?"

Here's a couple titles writ by white conservatives admitting to y'alls dirt:

1.) Against Empire by Michael Parenti

Muhammad Rasheed - 2.) The History Thieves: Secrets, Lies and the Shaping of a Modern Nation by Ian Cobain

Gordon Campbell -

Gary McCoy - You throw out some barely legible sources of extreme left radicalism? And you expect to be taken seriously? How about addressing Richard 's point about the current slave trade today in places like Libya? Interested to see how you're going to pin that on Whitey.

Dave Olsson - @Muhammad... Your comment "an empty *threat* of violence from the left triggers you lot more than ACTUAL mass shootings from the right." Please explain how you objectively KNOW it was an empty threat. Are you in contact with the person who made the threat? Once you've done that, please give specific examples of "ACTUAL mass shootings from the right" since I'm not aware of any "mass shootings from the right." If you don't have any, then please stop making baseless accusations.

Muhammad Rasheed - Gary wrote: “You throw out some barely legible sources of extreme left radicalism? And you expect to be taken seriously?”

I noticed that you dismissed my posts as “barely legible,” while both you and Sherman ‘Liked’ the literally & objectively illegible image Gordon posted. Then you have the nerve to ask who should take who seriously. This is, of course, the quality of discourse I’ve come to expect from you both. Fortunately your foolishness lends itself well to cartoon satire, so it’s not completely without value.

By the way, the ‘extreme left radicalism’ portion of you comment qualifies as text book argumentum ad hominem.

Gary wrote: “How about addressing Richard 's point about the current slave trade today in places like Libya? Interested to see how you're going to pin that on Whitey.”

1.) The slave trade, although vile, doesn’t delegate chattel permanently along racial phenotype, like the infamous ‘peculiar institution’ of Western origin. Pretty sure we already talked about that since this is one of your short list of cycling GOP talking points. Anyway, based purely on what the Qur’an said about slavery, the practice was almost wiped out completely early in Muslim society, but was brought back in force because of the lust for profits. No doubt because of the influence of others they encountered during the trade routes. Speaking of which, ask your boy Sherman what is he doing on the Africa continent right now?

2.) The late Colonel Qaddafi protected his nation-state’s citizens from slavery, and even issued a public apology in Oct 2010 to the other African leaders for the Arab’s role in enslaving people. The current problems in Libya is the chaotic fruit that came from Qaddafi’s murder and the destabilization of the nation’s government. This allows unscrupulous outlaws and mercenaries to have their way with the people. The destabilization was caused by the Western world governments conspiring against Qaddafi, because they don’t believe in the concept of “national sovereignty” unless you pledge fealty to them and the world bank economy (and yes, all of that means “whitey did it”).

Dave Olsson - @Muhammad... Two can play that game: "an empty *threat* of violence from the left triggers you lot more than ACTUAL mass shootings from the right." 1. You've made an unwarranted assumption that the shooting threat is "empty" and, 2. based on that unwarranted assumption, you've claimed that Gary is "triggered" by your unproven attribution more than 3. what you claim are ACTUAL shootings "from the right" for which you provide no evidence. Not much of an argument.

Unwarranted Assumptions: Fallacies 

Muhammad Rasheed - Dave wrote: “Please explain how you objectively KNOW it was an empty threat.”

No one got shot, hence it was just hysterical bravado and trash talking.

Dave wrote: “…please give specific examples of ‘ACTUAL mass shootings from the right’ since I'm not aware of any ‘mass shootings from the right.’” 

Here you go:

Dylann Roof Sentenced To Death For Charleston Church Massacre

The Las Vegas Mass Shooting Investigation Has Closed Without Police Finding A Motive

Newtown Shooter Adam Lanza's Troubling Interview

Luby's shooting | George Hennard

Muhammad Rasheed - You may withdraw your "unwarranted assumption" charge since it was only based on your oddball impatience.

Dave Olsson - @Muhammad... Congratulations, you scored 50% in terms of what could passably be attributed to the opposite end of the spectrum of cultural views.

However, none of the four mass shootings were found to be politically motivated, unlike all of the hatred and violence coming from the Left (the most recent attack on Republican candidate Rudy Peters: "During the incident, Fazeli allegedly pulled out a switchblade knife and attempted to stab Peters. The knife malfunctioned and the candidate became involved in a physical struggle with Fazeli, according to sheriff’s Sgt. Ray Kelly"). From a politically motivated standpoint, your score is zero.

Dylann Roof: "American white supremacist and mass murderer convicted for perpetrating the Charleston church shooting."

George Hennard: "He hated blacks, Hispanics, gays. He said women were snakes and always had derogatory remarks about them, especially after fights with his mother."

Stephen Paddock: "All evidence shows Paddock acted alone and was the sole shooter, and that there was nothing indicating any radicalization or links to a specific ideology."

Adam Lanza: "He revealed little about his family and personal life. He liked to portray himself as someone who lived an isolated existence 'in which he was always in discomfort,' the documents said."

Gary McCoy - @Muhammad... I see. So basically what you just said is that you're okay with slavery as long as it's blacks owning other blacks, but are against the kind that this nation went to war with itself over 200 years ago and lost 600,000 men to end.

Muhammad Rasheed - Dave wrote: “Muhammad, congratulations, you scored 50% in terms of…”

You’re babbling.

Dave wrote: “However, none of the four mass shootings were found to be politically motivated…”

Slow down, Mr. Moving the Goal Post Fallacy. Who said anything about them being specifically politically motivated anyway? What matters is that they self-identify as conservatives. As a reasonable man, I wouldn’t expect the tenets of political conservatism to necessarily encourage members to go on mass shooting sprees.

Dave wrote: “…unlike all of the hatred and violence coming from the Left…”

Here you go:

Dave wrote: “(the most recent attack on Republican candidate Rudy Peters: ‘During the incident, Fazeli allegedly pulled out a switchblade knife and attempted to stab Peters. The knife malfunctioned…’”

So not only doesn’t your pet anecdotal fallacy even qualify as a “mass killer” with only one victim involved, but he doesn’t even have a body count since he didn’t follow through. 

Dylann Roof: This character’s proud white supremacist affiliation certainly counts, since the white supremacist groups support Trump and the conservative ideology. 

George Hennard: "He hated blacks, Hispanics, gays. He said women were snakes…” These all align to the conservative ideology. 

Stephen Paddock: According to Paddock's partner Marilou Danley, the mass shooter "supported President Trump and his immigration policies." Obviously that means he identified as a conservative. lol

Adam Lanza: “He had access to guns through his mother, Nancy Lanza, who was described as a ‘gun enthusiast who owned at least a dozen firearms.’” The gun culture fetish is a signature conservative tenet.

Muhammad Rasheed - Gary wrote: “Muhammad I see. So basically what you just said is that you're okay with slavery as long as it's blacks owning other blacks…” 

Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure I pointed out that slavery is vile. I think that was the part where you got confused. Allow me to assist:

vile(adjective) horrible; morally bad; wicked

Clear? Good.

I bothered to point out the distinction between the chattel type slavery we performed in the West compared to the rest of the world, because white conservatives always play the whataboutism card using middle eastern Old World slavery as if its presence magically absolves Western whites of their unpaid accountability for anti-Black slavery and the current systemic racism it spawned. The whole point of you mentioning it is that you think it means racism should be given a pass.

It doesn’t. The effort actually functions as a logical fallacy (which apparently you're collecting like bottle caps or pogs).

Dave Olsson - To your comment about "unpaid accountability": white men fought a war with their brothers to end the practice. As Abraham Lincoln said, "Yet, if God wills that [the war] continue until all the wealth piled by the bondsman's two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk, and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword, as was said three thousand years ago, so still it must be said 'the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.'" I believe we paid in blood for the crimes.

Muhammad Rasheed - That's adorable. awww... 

Meanwhile, in reality, the white survivors of the war and their descendants: 

1.) took advantage of the 13th Amendment loophole and created slavery 2.0 in what eventually became today's mass incarceration industry, fed by anti-Black for-profit prisons

2.) created the white supremacist domestic terror groups to sabotage the political-economic progress of the Black peoples

3.) created the 2nd class citizen jim crow system

4.) stripped away all political gains designed to empower and politically enfranchise the Black community

5.) deliberately excluded Blacks from all government affirmative action programs that gave exclusive free money, education opportunities and land to the whites

6.) created housing disparity systems that built wealth for whites while plundering the wealth of Blacks.

7.) continue to terrorize Blacks with a savage police brutality tradition.

You never stopped owing, and the ticket is still growing.

Dave Olsson - Yep, those grievances you have are all owned by Democrats. So go whine to them.

Gary McCoy - @Muhammad... what about the black slave owners that existed in the American South? What category do you put them in? Racists or ancestors? And show me the receipt for the reparations they've paid to you.

Gary C Li - "Empty threat of violence" from the left? You must indeed be in deep denial, Muhammad.

Liberals acting goofy

Plus Cory Booker and the "I am Spartacus" incident.

Liberals being violent

I recall with clarity that attack on Steven Scalise. Do you think that is a joke too?

Dan Mathewson - Dave, but, but, but the parties *shuffles deck * flipped in the 1890's. (end sarcasm)

Dave Olsson - The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party

Chris Bassett - Mohammed wrote: “I'm a Black American non-Christian. You're a white male descendant of the European ethnic tribes who identifies as a conservative. American.” Your family tree is associated with which tribe?

Muhammad Rasheed - Dave wrote: "Yep, those grievances you have are all owned by Democrats."

They are both owned and fought for by conservatives.

Muhammad Rasheed - Gary wrote: "what about the black slave owners that existed in the American South?"

I find this particular whataboutism card you're playing somewhat ironic, since of all my debate opponents you are often the first to run to the defense of the self-hating 'coon' figure, even presenting their parroting of GOP rhetoric as some kind of proof that your ideology is somehow legit. There absolutely were a small portion of Black-on-Black slave owners, over-eager to goose step behind the white racist aristocracy and prove they were "not like them others." Yet their treachery didn't prevent the Black Codes from being put into law, nor did it save them from the plundering exploitation of jim crow and the anti-Black systemic racism that gripped the country like a vice.

Just as you like to claim them while trying to make lesser political points, you may claim those wannabe-white imps, too, and the wrongs they committed upon their people will indeed be added to your own bill.

Dave Olsson - Terrific artist but your subject matter is thoroughly racist and thrives on stereotype. Too bad.

Muhammad Rasheed - Dan wrote: "Dave, but, but, but the parties *shuffles deck * flipped in the 1890's. (end sarcasm)"

When the Southern Democrats Switched to the Republican Party

Muhammad Rasheed - Gary C Li wrote: "Liberals acting goofy"

You're equating this "goofiness," and one shooting where the guy survived, with Dylann Roof slaughtering those innocent church-going Black people?

False Equivalence | Truly Fallacious

Muhammad Rasheed - Dave wrote: "Terrific artist but..."

I'm not interested in the GOP's custom definition for "racist," nor in your opinions. But thanks for playing.

Dave Olsson - @Muhammad... could've fooled me! LOL

Muhammad Rasheed - You lack insight. These discussions fuel my daily political cartoon project. Your opinions are fodder for satire, not to take seriously at face value.

Gary McCoy - @M. Rasheed wrote: "...and the wrongs they committed upon their own people will indeed be added to your own bill."

Good luck collecting on that. I've done paid it with the confiscation of my hard-earned money by your plantation-owning Democrat party, that then went to your welfare state. In fact, you owe ME reparations. But I'm nice enough to let you off the hook. Go buy yourself something nice. I hear there's things for sale in Libya.

Chris Bassett - @Muhammad... you uttered the most bigoted comment ever! Let me reverse it for you. I am a white non-Muslim American. You are a black male descendent with whatever lineage who identifies as an American

Muhammad Rasheed - Gary wrote: "Good luck collecting on that."

Oh, it'll happen. The white conservative has been campaigning hard to have another Civil War over this very item. I'll personally petition to have funds transferred to me from your and Sherman's bank accounts for all the grief you knuckleheads have put me through. Brace yourself...

Dave Olsson - "White conservatives ... all you knuckleheads" ... like I said, you thrive on stereotype. You are truly a racist.

Muhammad Rasheed - Gary wrote: "...that then went to your welfare state."

The 'welfare state' GOP rhetoric point actually supports the legions of poor white heroin addicts. The 'welfare queen' concept is myth.

Muhammad Rasheed - Dave wrote: "You are truly a racist."

Seriously, I'm not interested in what custom definition white conservatives attempt to shoehorn the words "racism" and "racist" into. You can keep it. I have no use for it. The regular definition based on your own historical record in the earth works just fine.

Gary McCoy - @Muhammad... here's your "myth"...

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Really?

Dave Olsson - @Muhammad... noticed that you've taken the name of the founder of Islam. Strange choice. "Black Africans were transported to the Islamic empire across the Sahara to Morocco and Tunisia from West Africa, from Chad to Libya, along the Nile from East Africa, and up the coast of East Africa to the Persian Gulf. This trade had been well entrenched for over 600 years before Europeans arrived, and had driven the rapid expansion of Islam across North Africa."

Learn What Role Islam Played in African Slavery

Muhammad Rasheed - @Gary... Remember when you dismissed the two books I posted as "extreme left wing drivel" or whatever?

Muhammad Rasheed - @Dave... I already addressed the "Arab slave trade" item brought up by the knucklehead Sherman with Gary earlier. Try to keep up.

ISIS says Islam justifies slavery - what does Islamic law say?

Dave Olsson - @Gary McCoy... you've got some interesting friends!

Muhammad Rasheed - Chris wrote: "Your family tree is associated with which tribe?"

How am I supposed to know? My family lineage was deliberately cut off by your psycho tribes to subjugate my people for your slave economy. Very few Black Americans can trace themselves back pass the Civil War.

Hey, while you're at it, why don't you give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice in it?  >:(

Gary McCoy - @Muhammad... how do you pin this one ME?...

Slavery still haunts Africa, where millions remain captive

Chris Bassett - @Muhammad... I would but it would probably kill you. Hey the only reason I asked is you bragged you were an American and at the same time questioned Gary’s. You where the one that brought up white and black

Muhammad Rasheed - @Gary... Well, the last time you asked it was specifically in reference to Libya. That was yours, since it was specifically a Western governments' joint effort that destabilized Libya and caused the current issue.

The fact that there are millions of greedy white people in Africa right now -- including the very anti-Black Richard Sherman -- will suggest why the slave trade is still thriving over there, since I can't imagine why the usual suspects wouldn't continue driving it for the usual reasons.

Whether I pin it on you specifically depends on how close you are with Sherman.  :)

Muhammad Rasheed - Chris wrote: "@Muhammad...I would but it would probably kill you."

The other item hurts enough thanks.

Chris wrote: "Hey the only reason I asked is you bragged you were an American and at the same time questioned Gary’s."

I questioned Gary's American citizenship? Where did I do that, Chris?

Chris wrote: "You where the one that brought up white and black"

Ha! You were the one that invented it.

Birth of a White Nation

My job is to call it out when it's in play (and it's ALWAYS in play).

Richard Sherman - @Muhammad... I don't know why you keep dragging me into your psychosis, but since you do, let's rock and roll.

I have been dealing with you for several years now. Mostly because I find your thought processes and narcissism both aggravating, and hilarious. You are, by ANY definition, a simple, run-of-the-mill, bigot. Though you obviously don't think so. I imagine you consider your bigotry to be more sophisticated and justifiable than other moronic bigots, but it's not. It's trite. It's easy to read. It doesn't make much sense when taken as a whole, but it's cute enough to hold the attention for a little while. Like a piece of bubble gum does.

You point out scraps of the Islamic slave trade, and toss out the word Vile as if it is enough to cover your sorry ass, and that of your reprehensible religious dogma that justifies owning other people, then accuse these men, here, who have never owned slaves, nor agree to the practice, of being responsible for your own religions' invention!

As I explained to Gary... you're a wannabe intellectual, and racist.

Not particularly good at either, but annoying enough to be interesting. For a while.

You and I have had this conversation, many times, and it usually ends with you writing something profoundly stupid, muttering threats to my person and holdings, and then storming away, looking for some fresh Depends.

Good luck to you and yours in the Revenge Business. I hope you're able to someday get real help in removing your head from your own ass.

Bret Rasch Sr - @Richard... you said it perfect on this douchebag. ..... except for one thing..... you didn’t capitalize “RACIST”. I’m glad someone else feels the same. Thanks and good job

Muhammad Rasheed - Richard wrote: "I don't know why you keep dragging me into your psychosis..."

You dragged yourself in with your uninformed "jihad" comment, remember? Funny how racists always think the problems in the world start with the RESPONSE to their foolishness though, since we're talking about psychoses now. *psh*

Muhammad Rasheed - Richard wrote: "I have been dealing with you for several years now."

You quit like a coward once I pointed out your savagery for all to gawk at. Did you think Gary would save you from yourself this time?

Richard Sherman - racist meme1

Richard Sherman - racist meme2

Muhammad Rasheed - Richard wrote: "...I find your thought processes and narcissism both aggravating, and hilarious."

'Aggravating,' huh? Explain, because I think we may be close to a breakthrough in curing you of your psychosis.

Richard wrote: "You are, by ANY definition, a simple, run-of-the-mill, bigot."

The only definition you use for those terms is the altered version white racists appropriated & developed, designed only to protect the anti-Black systemic racism that feeds their wealth coffers.

Richard Sherman - Did you really hide my cute little memes? How common.

Muhammad Rasheed - Richard wrote: "I imagine you consider your bigotry to be more sophisticated and justifiable than other moronic bigots, but it's not."

You talk a lot. One day, I'm going to get you to admit to exactly how you are abusing those Black people in Africa that you are exploiting.

Richard Sherman - Sure, sure. And while you're at it, get me to tell you where to find Bigfoot, too.

Muhammad Rasheed - Richard wrote: "...and that of your reprehensible religious dogma that justifies owning other people..."

The source texts of Al-Islam do not justify slavery. Just the opposite. It wasn't until the infiltrating influence of a vengeful enemy started creating hadith from scratch and adding them to the canon did slavery start to become encouraged in the culture from governmental leadership.

The fact that you yourself are currently in Africa doing who-knows-what, points to the clues of what is REALLY going on in the Muslim world.  ;)

Muhammad Rasheed - Richard wrote: "...then accuse these men, here, who have never owned slaves..."

Strawman effigy. They don't have to literally own slaves to support the anti-Black systemic racism legacy birthed from the prototype American slave economy. They support it by actively fighting to protect systemic racism in their effort to shut down the activism that seeks to correct it, even in anti-racism efforts as small as my own. You all get passionately triggered over just the idea that Blacks wouldn't be under the white supremacist system, but fully free.

Muhammad Rasheed - Richard wrote: "...of being responsible for your own religions' invention!"

Is that the new racist white narrative? That Islam actually invented slavery? lol You know slavery is mentioned in the bible in several points that span the length of thousands of years, yes? But of course casual facts never moved those such as you, have they, Sherman?

The model of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade -- involving those great stinking ships, the sugarcane plantations and the rum distilleries -- was put in place by your people by way of Portugal and Spain from their New World headquarters in Rhode Island. The lucrative trade in Black flesh from day one ran like a well-oiled machine and YOUR people had full ownership of the methods & techniques. This is the truth of history, while you are here burning through your exclamation mark allotment.

Mitchell Berger - @Richard, we can thank Trump for one thing: people like you learned the word "narcissism." ;)

Dan Mathewson -

Chris Bassett - @Muhammad... American citizenship. I cut and pasted before you edited! Awwwwww. Look familiar. Mohammed wrote: “I'm a Black American non-Christian. You're a white male descendant of the European ethnic tribes who identifies as a conservative. American.”

Chris Bassett - @Muhammad... I invented black and white?God he said that not me!

Muhammad Rasheed - The current racial divide was invented by European ethnic groups' descendant slave owners in order to create their white racist aristocracy. It's not natural, it;s political, and God didn't have anything to do with that.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Dan...

1.) Nixon personally ordered his goons to steal info from his rival political party to give himself an advantage during the next election.

2.) Homeland Security under the Obama Admin functioned legally under the parameters established during its founding under the George W. Bush Admin after 9-11.

Chris Bassett - @Muhammad... so Abrams using an alias email addy sending stuff to Hillary was secure? Not to mention the bugging if Trump tower?

Muhammad Rasheed - Do those count as 'Fake News' or strawman effigies, or both...?

Richard Sherman - @Mitchell... At least I learned something. You're still blind, ignorant and wondering who took your puppy away.

Richard Sherman - @Mitchell... People like me learn all sorts of new things. People like me aren't stuck in a rut. Or an echo chamber. People like me learn, very early on, to differentiate between the sounds of our own voices, and those of others. People like me are not subject to Group Think. People like me have an actual conscience. People like me don't hide behind philosophical platitudes, and pretend to be smarter than we are. {People like me are pretty genuine.
How do I know this is true? I can see the glaring differences between people like me, and Hand Puppets that pose as people.
:) ;)

Chris Bassett - @Muhammad... Try to keep up! If anything, with you’re own B.S. you said that I invented Black and White

Muhammad Rasheed - Richard wrote: "People like me are not subject to Group Think."

Ha! That proved to be a lie when your very first word posted in this thread was "jihad."

Muhammad Rasheed - @Chris... You did invent the "Black/White" racial divide. Didn't I post the link to Dr. Battalora's lecture?

Chris Bassett - I did????? But but I am only 53!

Muhammad Rasheed - Dammit, you know what I mean! hahahaha

Richard Sherman - @Muhammad... Jihad. Dipstick, I know you and those like you. I have seen, firsthand what you're way of thinking does to other people. You have a grievance about something not done to you, personally, but id something of philosophical import to someone who has not been on the front lines.
Your ideology is only that. Your outrage and bloviations are simply hollow words. Your posturing is simple, unimaginative, and boring. Your experience comes from articles, not the real world.  I have no respect for any man who claims this kind of fake outrage, but has no field experience. You're thoughts are the kinds of things real people use to clean their bums. :)

Muhammad Rasheed - Richard wrote: "Jihad. Dipstick, I know you and those like you."

This is yet more Group Think. You don't know anything about Islam, since there's a wall of willful ignorance blocking info that isn't GOP/conservative hate-based.

Muhammad Rasheed - Richard wrote: "I have no respect for..."

I have zero interest in your opinions other than to make fun of them. You revealed your slimy, diabolical filth long ago.

Richard Sherman - My experience with Islam comes from genuine interaction and study with real Imams. I have been where you think you live. I have seen what you do to each other and those not like you. Group Think IS Islam. Disagree? Go to your mosque. Say or do something unorthodox. Claim support for Israeli autonomy. See what happens next. You're a cartoon. I'm done with you. You may go, now.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Your "experience with Islam" comes from interacting with ME. That's how I know you are full of crap because you've already tipped your hand. I see what triggers you into rage, and my research reveals the why.

Repent, Richard Sherman! And save your fool self from hellfire.

Dan Mathewson - @Muhammad, what evidence do you have that Nixon "ordered his goons... "?

Muhammad Rasheed - The exact same evidence that got him busted and headed towards formal impeachment before he resigned.

If you don't know anything about the case, then why post the meme?

Dan Mathewson - Post a link to a reputable source that has evidence of the order.

Muhammad Rasheed - No.

Since you posted the meme, Google the Nixon scandal yourself and actually learn about it so your posting the meme will make sense.

Muhammad Rasheed - Or don't and look the way you look now. It is all one to me.

Friday, September 14, 2018

The Dubious Value of a Pig's Appraisal

Anthony Fleming - Have you ever read the Quran? Is it a good book?

Muhammad Rasheed - Aye. I read it once a year during the month of Ramadan, and it is the BEST Book. The most important work of literature on earth since it is the revealed message of the One God of Abraham delivered to guide humankind to salvation.

Those who reject it were closed to the Qur'an's wonders before they even picked it up and knew not what they truly held (see: "Casting pearls before swine").

Tica Mcgarity - The pearls before swine meme is about offering something valuable to someone who is incapable of appreciating it.

Muhammad Rasheed - Do you get the impression that something other than that is what is being depicted, Tica?

Tica Mcgarity - Your message seems to be ambiguous. What do the pearls represent? Who is the pig depicting?

Tica Mcgarity - Jesus made the analogy first. He was telling his followers not to give holy things to people who have no love or respect for things that are holy. You have met the sort... the folks who would rather win a pointless argument that assist someone in need.

Muhammad Rasheed - As depicted, the cartoon is illustrating the saying, so I fail to see where the ambiguity lay. For the exact messaging I drew it for, Tica, you may click the attached blog link. :)

Resurrecting Levi for Power & Profit

Muhammad Rasheed - Cartoon depicting the inherent problems in manufacturing the functional equivalent of a middleman 'priest class' in Al-Islam. The One God said no one stands between the believers and our Guardian Lord, so we are in the wrong for treating people as if they do stand there. The priest class therefore qualifies as a form of paganism. Study to show your own self approved instead.

Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color.