Monday, August 20, 2018

That Peculiar Institution 2.0

Baljeet Kaur - How is mass incarceration related to slavery?

Muhammad Rasheed - The great wealth of Western Civilization was built upon the anti-Black slave institution, and when slavery was abolished, it collapsed the American economy. The 1% legacy families that control the majority of society’s wealth were desperate to replace their gravy train streams of revenue, and they did so by exploiting the 13th Amendment loophole:
"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."
This effectively returned Blacks to slavery, particularly the vulnerable poor who were seized off the streets on frivolous charges. Interestingly, it was the North who held onto mass incarceration while the South used jim crow subjugation, but the jim crow conditions ironically enabled Black people to build and control their own wealth within the limits of the closed in systems where by law they were limited to how much of the Black dollar they were allowed to spend on white goods and services. Once jim crow was abolished at the signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the South leaped at taking on the mas incarceration money maker for itself. Since then, corporations and politicians have schemed to increase the scope and force of this evil blight upon the Black community, and now it is rapidly approaching the wealth generating super business of its chattel slavery ancestor.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Uhhh... No, These ARE the Droids

Chuck Hammond - Both of these characters are fools

Muhammad Rasheed - You think so?

What makes each foolish?

Chuck Hammond - Their continual positions of hearing but not listening to the other guy ensures that only the status quo will remain. Things are neither as good or as bad as each avows. As long as nobody listens or works together they won't realize the facts on the ground while not great have changed.

Muhammad Rasheed - The Activist has listened to the other guy's position continuously (by force) for 500 yrs. What part of "I want white supremacy to continue and I don't want Blacks to be politically empowered and economically included" did he NOT get across?

Chuck Hammond - The haters will never get it. Time is passing them by and the successful citizens of each race have been too busy trying to be successful to get their brothers to see another way. The people you portray on either side are in the minority today from what was the norm just 50 years ago. Still not perfect but somewhat better.

Muhammad Rasheed - All you do is demonstrate you haven't researched the material, and prefer to armchair philosophy from a base of opinionating.

That's too bad.

Muhammad Rasheed - Plus you don't know what "hater" actually means.

Chuck Hammond - Perhaps, I don't know what hater means from your perspective. However, I suggest you go back to your grand dad and his peers who know what it was like again just a short 50 years ago to compare it to today and you will see amazing progress. Today progress is only gained in smaller increments. So you can chose to be part of it or stand on the sidelines or be a hater like the KKK , BLM and ANTIFA. Your choice which your ancestors didn't have w/o fear of lynching.

Muhammad Rasheed - I suggest you research "mass incarceration" and discover that the modern descendants of the enslaving bad guys of yesterday are still up to their old legacy family tricks, but are now using a more sophisticated marketing campaign to dupe folk like you into believing in a shallow "progress."

You don't know enough about the topic for your arm chair philosophizing to move me, Chuck. You sound no different than the folk I caricature.

Chuck Hammond - Since your grand parents got to witness and participate in some of the real changes in America while still not enough, I will trust my and their memories over your polemics!! Let's end it for now before we start yelling at each other again. Face facts, we are from different worlds we may strive to get along but basically, I'm content with my positions and experiences.

Muhammad Rasheed - I know, I've caricatured your content with your own rhetoric demonstration within my political cartoon folio.

Muhammad Rasheed - You want me to believe racism is over, and to look the other way when you kill an unarmed youth because he was Black, or when you shoot up a bunch of innocent people in a Black church.

Muhammad Rasheed - Got it.

Chuck Hammond - I'm not an idiot of course racism is not over and will never end. However, if you lived in the past, you would realize how much better it truly is. These supposedly saintly unarmed blacks need to do a few things better like stop when the cop say stop and get on the ground when told to do so. Better demeaned than killed.

Muhammad Rasheed - You recognize that racism isn't over, yet you still refer to fighting against it as "living in the past." 🤨

Is this that famous "white man speaks with forked tongue" phenomenon I've been hearing about?

Muhammad Rasheed - Chuck wrote: "Better demeaned than killed."

War is better than slavery, Chuck. I owe the rudimentary freedoms I possess today to the rivers of blood that flowed during the Civil War, remember?

Your point of view is not my point of view. Yours literally wants me to think it's better to cower before you as a slave than fight for my freedom, which you consider foolish. We will never disagree more.

Chuck Hammond - I don't think that is exactly my point of view but we can move on to future discussions.

Muhammad Rasheed - Then explain exactly what you meant by "Better demeaned than killed," please.

Chuck Hammond - Ok, if you are demeaned and not killed you have a chance to live another day and work towards more freedom for you and your people. It isn't like every cop has only one goal to kill a young black man every day. Sadly, your fellow Blacks are doing a fantastic job at this endeavor.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Demeaning" me is a domestic terror tactic designed to break my spirit so I won't keep working towards freedom. The cops don't want to kill ALL Black people, just random samplings from the population to keep the rest in line, using the same strategy you used during the jim crow eras lynching period.

The "Black-on-Black Crime" Republican talking point is a fiction, and you destroy what little credibility your armchair philosophizing had with each new post.

Temptations of the Fiend

Q: What types of mistakes do white people make when attempting to be allies to people of color, and how can I avoid them?

Muhammad Rasheed - The worst type of “white ally” is just a racist grifter who preys upon struggling, start-up Black Empowerment groups as money making opportunities for his or herself. Once invited in, the faux white ally centers herself as the leader/expert, shoots down all ideas that will actually empower the Black community, and vilifies the actual leaders in the group using the typical racist stereotype kit (“Why are you so angry? I don’t feel safe!”).

So don’t be like that. Show up and listen to the people with an open mind & heart, have funds flow from you and your affluent networks TOWARDS the Black community and not in the other direction, and help/aid the Black leaders of the organization implement their plans while refraining from being a critical, negative jackass.

Peter Nack - Muhammad, I understand your point. But, I have a 55 year political memory. I now consider a tragedy -- yes, tragedy -- when SNCC, et. al. expelled white members in the mid-sixties; whites had died for the movement. ..... I understand that black folk continued and still do bear the brunt of a racist society. However, expulsion? I get it that the leaders must be people of color. But expulsion hurt the cause, so please be open to us white folks now.

Muhammad Rasheed - Whites were expelled when the gov agent infiltrators were discovered in their midst. Hoover's hostile, anti-Black Empowerment COINTELPRO program actively sabotaged and dismantled the pro-Black organizations.

The fact that the movement stopped receiving financial support from white donors during this high-level attack -- and how the expulsion of whites and the radicalization of the movement was spun in the press and in subsequent literature, even into the modern day -- was clearly part of the attack. It was designed to demoralize those kids and the community.

What was needed was not more white people, but the unity of the Black community. This much is obvious, both during the time period and in hindsight. Your own oft-repeated version of how you lot prefer to interpret those events, Peter, is falling on me as an offense. But I remain open to hearing a solid argument that makes sense from you as the representative of that group.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Institutionalized Child Abuse 101

Brianna Ruffin - What is it like to grow up as a black person in a mostly white community in the United States?

Muhammad Rasheed - In Rich Benjamin's Whitopia TEDTalk, he quoted the sentiment expressed by the hosts who allowed him to interview them:
"One black man is a delightful dinner guest; 50 black men is a ghetto."
White communities are traditionally very protective of their closed-in, white racist aristocracy, and expend a great deal of time attempting to control the Black people that find themselves within that reach. Consequently, Black people routinely experience continuous aggressive behavior — that range from the brutal, white supremacist ‘lynchings by cop, all the way to the more frequent micro-aggression harassment — that force them to be in a high-alert, semi-paranoia, stressful state the majority of the time. It’s been this way since the founding of the country.

Joshua Hodge - Why aren’t there any Blacktopias?

Muhammad Rasheed - Reason #1Atlanta race riot

Reason #2Tulsa race riot

Reason #3Chicago race riot of 1919

Reason #4Rosewood massacre

Reason #5Red Summer

Reason #6Springfield race riot of 1908

Reason #7New York City draft riots

Reason #8East St. Louis Race Riots

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Picking at the Lock

Matthew Em Jones - Is it possible for a white person to dislike a black person without it being racist?

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes, it’s technically possible. In light of Abi Wilkinson’s findings from her alt-right profile publishing in The Guardian, however, I don’t think it’s likely.

Based on the modern, middle-class white racist’s desire to be able to effectively hide his racism, it’s much more likely that the vast majority of these types of questions are actually from hardcore racists probing to figure out how to be better secret squirrels.

Debra VanAusdale - If you dislike, distrust and/or disparage an entire group of people (Black folks, homosexuals, women, disabled people) you are a ___________. Fill in the blank with the appropriate label.

If you dislike, distrust and/or disparage one person, you are probably not a bigot, or a racist, or a homophobe, or a sexist. There. I've given you a list of appropriate words to fill in the blank.

Muhammad Rasheed - For the many who only ask such questions because they are probing for information to help them more effectively hide their surface-level racism with a convincing poker face--the way the alt-right long to do--your list is not appropriate at all.

See Also: BATTLE MODE: Duel with the 'Alt-Right'

Monday, August 13, 2018

The Seductive False Ease of Coonery's Cowardice

Barry Bookhart - Why do some white Americans tell black Americans to get over slavery?

Muhammad Rasheed - It’s not just slavery. The evil ‘instruction’ also spitefully implies that we get over the continued effects and sequels of anti-Black chattel slavery like jim crow, voter suppression tactics, mass incarceration and all other ways the white racist aristocracy has inflicted disenfranchisement and economic exclusion upon the Black American ethnic group.

The reason for telling Black people this is embedded within the comment and decoded thusly:
“Get over the wrongs we whites do to you Blacks because we’re never going to stop abusing and exploiting you. You should just get used to it and accept this as your permanent normal.”
Whites hope to not only continue plundering the wealth of Blacks to perpetually continue widening the infamous wealth gap, but they also hope to avoid the economic justice of Reparations that will make up for the centuries long evils of systemic racism.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Guardians of Whiteness

Adam Efimoff - Why is there so much hatred towards Blacks in the USA?

Muhammad Rasheed - The hatred is a tool designed to protect the artificially-elevated social status of the white racist aristocracy. Whites will sacrifice their personal comforts and way of life to make sure they are ranked higher socially than Black people, and will deliberately sabotage programs to economically exclude Black people from mainstream society gains and perks.

"When whites saw a threat to their economic advantage over minorities, they were more likely to want to cut social safety net programs, but only if those programs were portrayed as primarily benefiting minorities. Not if they were portrayed as benefiting whites."

1.) Privilege on the Precipice: Perceived Racial Status Threats Lead White Americans to Oppose Welfare Programs | Social Forces | Oxford Academic

2.) Status threat, not economic hardship, explains the 2016 presidential vote

3.) Intolerant Whites Prefer Authoritarian Rule If Democratic Rule Means Granting Rights to Minorities

Saturday, August 11, 2018

DECODED: "Stop Resisting"

The Terror of Social Justice

Patrick Parcivel - What is the best way to argue with a moderate who attempts to equivocate Antifa and neo-Nazis?

Muhammad Rasheed - The best way is to simply make fun of them and trigger them until they feel as silly as they look. The reason for this approach is because that group is in active war with you; they have zero interest in facts or hearing a logical opposition position since their whole shtick is the support of the White Supremacist Ideology and protecting it from the ever-vilified “other.” They want only the following items:
  • to hoard the majority of wealth for themselves
  • to tolerate non-whites only if they agree to be abused and exploited to feed the white racist aristocracy
  • to control all knowledge flow and institutions of learning to better protect the extreme Eurocentric White Supremacist Ideology their systemic racist network indoctrinates the masses with as truth
They literally don’t care what you say to them—outside of mining it for quotes they can twist into pro-Nazi soundbite propaganda—so your over-generous hope of swaying them to the light is futile and just makes you look the fool when you treat their arguments seriously at all. They are absolutely the Bad Guys. There is literally nothing wrong with treating them that way since they proudly stand in that role.

Fight them with logic, reason and wit, but do it from the battle position of merciless mocking satire.