Sunday, July 22, 2018

Pale Imitation

Defense Tactics of the Puppetry Class

Ellis Anthony Sutton Jr. - How do you feel about the term "coonery" that some black Americans use to criticize other black people that they perceive as engaging in behavior that reinforces negative stereotypes?

Muhammad Rasheed - I actually feel significantly less strong about people’s use of the term itself (read: not at all) than I do about the behaviors that it describes. The latter is one of the items that contribute to the problems of the world, while the former is just an emotional arm-flapping distraction to keep people from narrowing their focus on the destructive behaviors themselves.

Note that an identically impotent song-n-dance is played around the “n-word” hoopla as well.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

A Rival's Petty Glee at Your Internal Strife

Change of Command

Jeff LaFlamme - So you're mad at the donkey for not eliminating racism?! I say let the donkey do it's job, and focus on the elephant who is trampling all over your equality. Vote for more donkeys.

Muhammad Rasheed - Oh, is THAT how "representational government" is supposed to work? Ignore your own elected officials to focus on what the rival party is doing? 🤔🤨

THAT is why I'm "mad at the donkey," because of bullshit gaslighting exactly like what you just displayed. Apparently "letting the donkey do its job" means to allow the Democratic Party to continue to lead me on and bamboozle me.

Muhammad Rasheed - But keep talking, bud. I'm learning a LOT today.

Paul Ustruck - Another Russian troll trying to divide the party

Muhammad Rasheed - Is that your argument?

Paul Ustruck - @Muhammad... trolls are trolls trying to divide us. Don't blame me comrade, blame yourself and your handler

Muhammad Rasheed - An actual, well-thought out counter response would be more constructive than you committing to this tired bit:

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm not "blaming" you for anything, since you certainly don't seem to be the brains of the outfit. In your world, ANY amount of self-criticism means "russian troll bot," eh?

No wonder you are broken.

Paul Ustruck - @Muhammad... you picked the wrong time frame to be playing the black panther game

Muhammad Rasheed - Oh, really? So your response to "We've been 'waiting' for 40 years for OUR party to see to our needs!" is "The past is the past!"

Muhammad Rasheed - If I had a nickel for every time a white person glorified some white/european something or another from any time period in the past, I could make these cartoons full time. lol But you have the nerve to tell me a highlight point during my own worthy righteous fight is wrong to use as inspiration for my art.

So far I've found two white liberals who actually seem to want to be the enemy of Black people trying to dismantle systemic racism. And here I thought you were supposed to be our ally. Curious.

Paul Ustruck - Huey Newton made more sense than you and I knew him a long time ago, so don't try that "constructive" criticizsm bullshit on me

Muhammad Rasheed - So you think a hollow name drop from the past is a constructive and logical justification for why white liberals hate it when Black people fight against systemic racism, hm?


Paul Ustruck - So far, you have divided me me from other black friends. Congratulations on a job well done comrade

Muhammad Rasheed - Define "friends" in your personal universe, please. Because so far I've only seen evidence of yet another anti-Black racist enemy.

Paul Ustruck - Why don't you start a black revolution while your at it and be a vidication of the white supremacist movement

Muhammad Rasheed - Why don't you start being constructive, walking the talk, and generally being an asset to any good and worthy movement?

Your current, worthless bum routine is pretty tiresome.

Go on now.

Paul Ustruck - Aren't you Muslim? Another point that whites need to trash the religion

Muhammad Rasheed - So even though religion hasn't come up at all, you decided to show your true colors (white?) of xenophobia...

...while you are demonstrating resentment of my anti-systemic racism cartoons. Also interesting.

And for the record, you ARE self-identifying as a "white liberal," yes?

Paul Ustruck - And you have identified yourself as a black racist

Muhammad Rasheed - I identify as a Black American Muslim who wants to finally close out the unfinished business of dismantling systemic racism. That's all.

Until today, I was under the impression that the white liberal figure was a willing ally in that fight. #ColorMeEmbarrassed

Paul Ustruck - Not with that attitude

Muhammad Rasheed - "That attitude" = determined to dismantle systemic racism

Muhammad Rasheed - My eyes are now open. Thank you for revealing yourself.

It is also noted that you seem to confidently speak for white liberals as a whole. I patiently wait for an official condemnation of your posts from your fellows.

Paul Ustruck - I think that you'll be waiting a long time. Try a black economic boycott. I'm sure that will get you what you want

Muhammad Rasheed - Paul wrote: "I think that you'll be waiting a long time."

We'll see. But if you are correct, it will not change the nature of the fight. The historical record demonstrates that white supremacy is supported both by you and your political rivals across the aisle.

Paul wrote: "Try a black economic boycott. I'm sure that will get you what you want"

It is GUARANTEED to get me what I want. That's why you hate it and why you usurped the movement from Dr. King, Jr. But I see you. I'll admit it would be disingenuous of me to not admit that I saw you clearly before you made your very first post.  ;)  You are DECODED.

The Internal Dissension of Partisan Schemes

Friday, July 20, 2018

Unfinished Business

Khalil Malik - If that's really how Washington looks at ...REPARATIONS...then if rather deal with a republican...because you can beat his ass and be rid of the problem and get what you came for...but dealing with a procrastinating democrat will just have you flapping ya gumms and wasting precious time...THE STRUGGKE CONTINUES...

Muhammad Rasheed - So what's keeping you from beating the donkey's ass and getting what you came for?

You don't have to do any extra paperwork since you're already signed up in that party.

Domestic Threats of America

Djono Koel - Are bigotry and racism ways to protect and preserve cultures?

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes, if a certain culture in question was built up using systemic racism. Under such a system, in which the economy plunders wealth from one group to maintain a racist aristocracy for another group, then bigotry and domestic terror (“I can breathe”) serve to keep the plundered group subjugated for continued exploitation.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Sabotage of Unfocus

Tony Lee - Why do blacks who oppose gay marriage vote Democratic?

Muhammad Rasheed - The Democratic Party is full of people who are for/against all kinds of issues. There’s no one party member who supports every single item under the party’s platform folio.

The Democratic Party is composed of numerous sub-party special interest groups, each using its political savvy and influence to push for their particular agenda list. The African American community, oddly, lacks a focused *Black Political Agenda* to push for their own special interest item of dismantling systemic racism (with its corresponding payout of Reparations justice), so in order to have something to do, the Black politician signs up to work on the agendas of rival interest groups or just works for the party itself.

Stalling Progress (Part 2 of 2)

Mabushe Nkwana III - Why are black people hated so much by other races, more especially by most whites?

Muhammad Rasheed - The great wealth of Western Civilization—controlled by the 1% legacy families—was amassed specifically from the exploitation and plundering of Black people. The classes of European ethnic groups who actually inflicted this economics-based abuse on the Blacks were deliberately indoctrinated in the hate philosophy of the White Supremacist Ideology. This was orchestrated to justify in their minds that it was okay to treat another group of humans this way to keep their ‘Whitopian’ economy going.

The raw greed that fuels systemic racism has continued up into the present day, so that even Black politicians are held back from doing very much to save their own people from centuries of continuous abuse.

Stalling Progress (Part 1 of 2)

Q: Why do African-Americans overwhelmingly vote Democratic?

Muhammad Rasheed - They do so through both tradition and the nostalgic memory of political gains scored at the end of the Civil Rights era. Since then, however, Black Americans have been stalled in any further anti-racism progress by the greedy corporate powers on both sides of the partisan aisle. These have created a lot of empty symbolic gestures—like a plethora of Black politicians—that don’t actually perform for the specific political-economic special needs of the Black American community. Consequently, the racial wealth gap is getting wider and wider while not a single Democratic Party politician is doing anything about it.

Mark Warner - I can’t see how one person can speak for the entirety of a people. Your claim sure doesn’t address the cause of many Black Americans I speak too. People don’t vote off nostalgia, they vote for a candidate who would be more beneficial to them, and that just so happens to be democrats. That doesn’t go to say that Democrats are good for the Black Community, just more viable than Republicans.

Muhammad Rasheed - Who are you speaking for, Mark?

The number one issue of Black Americans is our special need of (finally!) being freed from the full economic exploitative shackles of systemic racism. The modern Democratic Party leadership has deliberately diverted loyal Democrat focus away from that number one special need, so that the average “of many Black Americans I speak to” discuss every diversionary partisan topic EXCEPT what they need to prioritize for their own special interest group.

A focused Black Political Agenda that attacks systemic racism with our vote and economic boycott will solve this issue. Without it, we are only wasting our vote on nostalgia and fruitlessly band-aiding the symptoms of economic disparity.

Mark Warner - I won’t argue with you. This is only because we agree on the solution to the problem, yet disagree on how and why it’s a problem.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me how and why the problem came about from your perspective, please.

Daniel Gallant - While I'm all for making the Dems accountable, systemic racism is universal. You'll have to boycott all the Repubs before you get to the Dems if you are giving a full shake. You are reading like a right winger.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Daniel... Systemic Racism is "universal" because it benefits the white race, no matter what their political orientation. Consequently, if the Black people do not take charge to push for its dismantling where they are, it will continue to stall and not get done at all.

The issue we've been having as African-American members of the Democratic Party, is that we aren't taking charge of our own special interest train. We can do it in the Democratic Party (recommended since we already have the equity built in it), but our mistake was thinking it was something the party itself was supposed to do FOR us. No, the party is just a tool + resources for us to use to handle our own business, and if WE aren't taking control of our own interests, naturally other people are NOT going to prioritize it for us—even within the same political party. The best way for us to see the Democratic Party so we can get over that curve is to treat it like it was a business organization like the Small Business Administration (SBA). It's not doing anything FOR you, you have to work IT.

This is what it looks like when we successfully drive the train of our own interests ourselves as an actively engaged special interest group:

Black citizens boycott white merchants for U.S. voting rights, Tuskegee, Alabama, 1957-1961

Daniel Gallant - Pitting 2 goods against each other is not good politics. Fight the real enemy.

Muhammad Rasheed - The real enemy is white supremacy. It turns out the GOP doesn't have a monopoly on that platform.

Daniel Gallant - Now I believe you are just a right wing shill.

Muhammad Rasheed - I believe you are being defensive over systemic racism.

Daniel Gallant - Again wrong answer. It's an appalling situation that sickens me. But by showing hate for other noble causes shows what's truly inside you.

Muhammad Rasheed - Point to the "hate" you see in the cartoon, bud.

Muhammad Rasheed - Here's the actual context the art is drawn from:

1972 Gary Political Convention

There is no hate here. There is only celebration and advancement for my people. Your attempt to sabotage that is the problem within the liberal party.

Are you TRYING to be my enemy? Pro-Black is not hate for others. Stop trying to force that narrative.

Muhammad Rasheed - The only "hate" being shown is your partnering with the Democratic Party stalling the dismantling of systemic racism, and throwing all weight behind other causes, while expecting Black Democrats to help you fix your problems. You ignore our needs while expecting us to work like slaves for you.

While you PRETEND to be my friend.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me why you are being defensive over systemic racism, please, when you're supposed to be on my side.  Tell me.