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Babbling Justifications of the Gun Nut

Monday, February 19, 2018

Coddling the Gun Nut for Country & Corporate

Jesse Ferguson - Read this. Trust me.

Jesse Ferguson - This is where we are.

And the President and Congress wants to do nothing about it.

Ijeoma Oluo - This country. This country has our babies volunteering to die for each other because grownups don't want to give up their assault rifles.

JPemberton‏ - It's Guns > KIDS... America will give it's thoughts & prayers over the death of kids, BUT will fight tooth & nail over the thought of losing their rights to GUNS!

Robert Gajewski‏
- Says an adult who thinks gun free zones for school kids w/o enforcement or defense is aok. Take away citizen's rights is preferable to defending kids lives?

Muhammad Rasheed - Says an adult who believes that manipulative partisan talking points and increasing the wealth of the oligarchs is more important than the lives of our children.

Robert Gajewski
‏ - I speak for myself. You would prefer all citizens be as defenseless as school children in a gun free zone.

Muhammad Rasheed
- If you speak for yourself, then why are you regurgitating the exact same boiler plate GOP political talking point from the exact same hive mind?

Robert Gajewski‏ - Rasheed. You want me as defenseless as school children in a gun free zone. You make no sense for me.

Muhammad Rasheed - Gajewski. I want you and your folk to stop shooting our children. If you can't differentiate that from "Taking away the Right to Bear Arms," then you clearly don't need to be armed.


Robert Gajewski - Saying that my opinion is boiler plate does not mean I do not speak truth.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're NOT speaking truth. You're speaking the scripted propaganda tract of a oligarch mouth-piece puppet. Your opinion cares only for enriching corporations at the expense of our children, while pretending you care about US citizen rights.

Muhammad Rasheed - You also give the impression of being a paid Russian Internet troll.

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TALES OF THE WATCHER: TheGreatCitracett's M. Rasheed File

TheGreatCitracett - So here's a comic I saw the other day being shared around, and naturally I just had to dig deeper:

[TheGreatCitracett's - Artcow Thread] M. Rasheed / Muhammad Rasheed / Second Sight Graphix / mrasheed - Racist comic artist, Islamist, Antisemite, We Wuz Comics 'n Shiet, TRIGGERED SNOWFLAKE

And I found the Facebook of the artist in question. He was spouting bizarre racism, seemingly to himself, because he was triggered as fuck, chimping out and deleting comments and blocking people as soon as they posted. And hilariously enough, insisting that those commenting were the ones triggered! I knew at that moment, I'd found someone threadworthy. The comments in question:

He stopped responding there.

I decided to poke around a bit more and see what he's all about. Most interviews and pages about him, he seems fairly normal and agreeable, I suppose... Well here's a quick bio.

Seems like he might be nice guy. Huh. Well, let's have a peek at his personal blog:

That "Advanced" Kind of Barbarity
Fear of Abandonment: Motivations for the Origins of White Domestic Terror
Weapon of the People: "The Sellout-Coon Compromise Act"

He's got the insane verbosity of Sophie Labelle, and a love of labels second only to Zyklon Ben!

That's pretty much how all whites are portrayed. Well, except for:

Notes While Observing: The Sloppiest Cover-Up of All

Those dang, dirty (((JEWS!))) Yeah, he's antisemitic as all hell too.

Only he knows the PUREST TRUTH!

Going Deep: Learning to Recognize the Truth

And you better believe he's a big believer in Muh Reparashunz!

Weapon of the People: "The Reset"

You can get Reparatin' on Patreon of course:

Aaaand how's that working out for him?


So just who is M. Rasheed?

Muhammad Ameen Rasheed
Native of Detroit, Michigan
Current resident of Raleigh, North Carolina.
Married father of two daughters.

He's the creator of the "Monsters 101" comic series, as well as "Tales of Sinanju: The Destroyer" and now "Weapon of the People" which seems to be the newest, blatantly hateful, racist stuff he's putting out now. From the sounds of it, he had a fairly normal if not privileged life and upbringing. Loved art, made his own comics and characters and tried getting work at a major studio but was just not quite what they were looking for. So he decided to just strike out on his own and self publish...

...Nah, who am I kidding, he decided to freak the fuck out and blame white people for absolutely anything and everything under the sun!

Are Mainstream Modern Comics Just Racist Propaganda Tracts?

The Flimsy Camouflage of the Alt-Right

Which brings us to where we are today. If you click any of the links, make it this one, I can't even begin to describe it. I really didn't think it was possible for one person to waste so much time just hating people.

Personal Blog (Pure unadulterated Cancer)

He's a Batshit crazy textwaller too!

He's a self proclaimed "Master Cartoonist" and "Award Winner", but the only awards he's won are two Glyph awards back in 2013 for Story of the Year and Best Male Character.

Never heard of the Glyph awards?

It's an award for comics by, for and about black people, and has been around since 2006.

I think that's a decent start, I'll update and add more as I'm able. I'm honestly surprised he hasn't had a thread yet, but he's only now starting to go completely batshit and get noticed.

TheGreatCitracett - This guy is super prolific, I think he's got some serious potential. He's got this major Jekyll/Hyde thing going on too, where if you search his name you basically get tons of interviews where he talks about his love of art and positive black representation, then you see his personal blog and it's all "Kill Whitey! Gas the Jews! Allahu Akbar!"

TheGreatCitracett - Comments on the Jew comic:

For a guy that insists he's for free speech, all the comment threads are mostly just him yelling at comments he deleted from people he blocked... Also, he really loves calling people "triggered" and "snowflake" despite being the very definition of them himself.

TheGreatCitracett - An update on this guy.

Turns out, Facebook doesn't like racists. It's pretty funny to see someone get their ass burned by the censorship they pushed so hard for. Now he's throwing a tantrum.  (Note the tags: "antiracist" hahaha!)

TheGreatCitracett - Cute, huh? Totally not a triggered snowflake victim at all.

In addition, you'll notice that last comic has 168 comments at the time I found it. That's the most attention he's had. Ever.

He's not taking it well...

TheGreatCitracett - I think he's under the impression that snowflake means white person. He clearly doesn't understand what being triggered is, and all his comebacks are basically "No, U!"

I like that he's trying to appeal to Facebook admins while at the same time calling them Nazi klansmen. That's sure to go over well.

This can only get more interesting. I thought he'd stop reacting to the trolls by now but he just keeps chimping...

Just look at this textwall blog post about his side of the incident.


KiwiMisetté - His works would've been relevant if this was being made during slavery.

It's honestly idiotic that people start blaming an entire race just because one person or group of the same race did something bad, whether it's at present or in the past. Then again, we ARE living in an age where calling literally everything racist is a tradition.

Also ew, his smile.

Curt Sibling - He's even worse at drawing hands than Dobson.

BlueSpark - In the comic with the vomiting snake he depicts himself as being very light skinned...  :thinking:

Zaragoza - You afro supremacist! Stop appropriating Arab culture with your surnames!


Muhammad Rasheed - Oh, look. I found my white supremacist 'Watcher.' (I wonder if he's from France?) 

Too bad the Watchers can't break their strict no-contact rule (Uatu this guy ain't) otherwise he could just ask me stuff (or read my explanations and logic-trains in my blog posts) instead of insisting he knows exactly what I think based on his own racism lens. For example, he keeps insisting that I'm "hateful" and that's not true at all. I hate the White Supremacist Ideology since it's designed to maintain the white racist aristocracy of the West by plundering and oppressing Black people. It's willing supporters are my active enemies. I have no reason to hate whites who don't willingly support systemic racism.

Muhammad Rasheed - TheGreatCitracett wrote: "He was spouting bizarre racism..."

lol It was "bizarre" because it wasn't racism, amirite? 

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "...seemingly to himself, because he was triggered as fuck..."

I wasn't triggered. I was delighted at the activity and was more than happy to engage with the new visitors.

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "...chimping out and deleting comments and blocking people as soon as they posted."

I deleted all of the "WE... WUZ... KANGS" posts as soon as I saw them. Since these were just trash posts designed to muck up the thread by dedicated trolls, I blocked the posters as well. Odd how you would consider that "chimping out" when it was merely good moderating.

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "And hilariously enough, insisting that those commenting were the ones triggered!"

They were clearly triggered based solely on all the activity that came to shut me down from those whom you yourself admitted were white conservatives who obviously took my 'Extraterrestrial Rude Awakening' cartoon personally.

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "He stopped responding there."

I stopped posting because your friends got me banned from posting in my FB account. The only weapons I was still allowed were those that let me ban and delete. Of course I could also respond to copied comments in a dedicated blog post here. I used all of these tools generously. It is unacceptable to ban me from posting in my own thread while thinking I should allow you to post whatever toxic crap you'd like. I cannot help but consider that attitude part of the white privileged-entitlement you all oddly insist you don't have.

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "That's pretty much how all whites are portrayed."

You should take off your 'narrow-mind blinders' then. They are clearly hampering your vision.

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "Those dang, dirty (((JEWS!))) Yeah, he's antisemitic as all hell too."

Meanwhile, I'm not 'anti-semitic' at all. I don't hate the Jews. I am interested in how that became your sole take away from that post though. Explain.

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "Only he knows the PUREST TRUTH!"

lol In context, the 'purest truth' is the actual revelation of God as preached by the prophets from Adam to Muhammad (peace be upon them all). All the tribal bickering and racist/misogynistic nonsense that people pretend is the religion is merely the taint of foolish men.

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "And you better believe he's a big believer in Muh Reparashunz!"

Damn right.

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "Aaaand how's that working out for him?  Oh."

*shrug*  I gotta start somewhere.

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "...and now "Weapon of the People" which seems to be the newest, blatantly hateful, racist stuff he's putting out now."

"Blatantly hateful and racist" in what way exactly, Watcher? Do you even know what those words mean?

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "...and tried getting work at a major studio but was just not quite what they were looking for."

I didn't try very long out of college since it really wasn't what I was looking for with my art.

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "So he decided to just strike out on his own and self publish..."

It was the very best decision I could have made. The artist's work NEEDS to be freely expressed without the chains of corporate forcing it in a particular direction.

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "...Nah, who am I kidding..."

That prior line of yours was accurate though.

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "...he decided to freak the fuck out..."

I echo Ta-Nehisi Coates in that regard, where he said that he didn't start out advocating for pro-Black Reparations. It was his digging into history, and seeing what actually happened in white/Black race relations (as opposed to the mainstream story) that radicalized him. The same happened to me. I got angry once I read the true history of racism in America -- where it came from, what it means, and what it has done.

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "...and blame white people for absolutely anything and everything under the sun!"

If you mean blaming whites for systemic racism and it's wide-reaching effects, then you would be correct. Please improve.

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "I really didn't think it was possible for one person to waste so much time just hating people."

Considering I don't hate people at all, that may explain the source of your confusion. #HateTheGameNotThePlayer

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "...then you see his personal blog and it's all "Kill Whitey! Gas the Jews! Allahu Akbar!""

Hm. Please post where I said "Kill Whitey! Gas the Jews!" please, since that is a fiction. And I happen to BE Muslim, so even though I don't particularly remember posting "Allahu Akbar!" ("God is the greatest!"), it wouldn't be out of line at all. lol You have an issue with people expressing the common religious terms from the religion they actually subscribe to then, Watcher?

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "Also, he really loves calling people 'triggered' and 'snowflake' despite being the very definition of them himself."

I'm not triggered just because I choose to engage. These discussions actually fuel my socio-political art, so I actively seek them out. It would seem to me that the act of anonymous-watching so you and your buds can poke fun at people without actively engaging them is absolutely delicate 'snowflake' behavior. It would seem, based on how you have presented me and my arguments in this troll thread of yours, that I would be an easy target for your intended audience. Yet all I see are flip and shallow comments and the making fun of how I draw hands. lol That's weak sauce, son. I thought you lot were supposed to be the proud warrior sons of Woden or whatever? Okay, well bring it. Throw Down Your Rod.  

Or continue watching & giggling from the shadows. It is all one.

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "It's pretty funny to see someone get their ass burned by the censorship they pushed so hard for."

I didn't push for any censorship. Are you Watching me or someone else? Pay attention, please.

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "(Note the tags: 'antiracist' hahaha!)"

You think I'm a racist because I hate white supremacy? Explain please.

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "I think he's under the impression that snowflake means white person."

lol Considering you model the behavior by refusing to allow true equal rights because you are deathly afraid of competing with Blacks on an even playing field, fearing that the balance of power will flip, then 'snowflake' absolutely means "white people." Absolutely. If you truly believe whites really are the superior race and the pinnacle of human evolution, while all the ('inherently primitive-animalistic criminal') shit you've been saying about Black people is real, then why are you so afraid of getting out of our way and just letting us BE? Because you are a coward, snowflake. Accept it. No one is more snowflakey than you. Own it.

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "He clearly doesn't understand what being triggered is, and all his comebacks are basically 'No, U!'"

Triggered is the emotional over-reaction, which is what the alt-right legions demonstrated when they 'raided' me and got my FB art page deleted. As I explained, I willingly engage in Internet argument since it fuels my art; that certainly doesn't describe triggered behavior. So when my opponents insist that I'm only responding because I'm being 'emotional' even while they are actually freaking out at the very idea that an advanced alien species would crown my people over whites, "No, U!" is the only proper response. lol

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "This can only get more interesting."

It did get more interesting until they banned me. You may take up that baton if you like. En garde.

Muhammad Rasheed - KiwiMisetté wrote: "His works would've been relevant if this was being made during slavery."

Meanwhile, the systemic racism established during the slave era continued up into the present day. Try again, please. This time use facts.

Muhammad Rasheed - Zaragoza wrote: "You afro supremacist! Stop appropriating Arab culture with your surnames!"
  1. The Africans incorporated Al-Islam into their various cultures. 
  2. The original Arab proselytizers of the religion intended it to be a wildly spread, global message for everyone. 
  3. The enslaved Blacks in America were deliberately cut off from their ethnic roots by the white slave owners.
  4. When Black Americans later converted to Islam, they discarded the European slave names, changed their names by first taking on an "X" representing the unknown name of their pre-enslaved ancestors, and then an Arabic name representing the religion their ancestors most likely subscribed to as a small way of returning "home."

My Arabic name has nothing to do with appropriation. Try harder, please.


TheGreatCitracett - Well, I honestly forgot about this guy because he seems to be a bit of a one trick pony and his main comic FB got the Zucc for blatant racism, but I figured I'd check in on him anyway. He's not up to anything terribly interesting, but he must at least google himself because he bothered to write a blog entry about me complete with a point-by-point refutation of the OP and a few other posts. Quoted @KiwiMisetté and @Zaragozatoo. Then stopped blogging two days later. Plus I got some sweet fanart which I'm gonna treasure forever.

CWCissey - Congrats on getting noticed!

Come play with us Mo! If you really want to talk that is!

Muhammad Rasheed - TheGreatCitracett wrote: "...because he seems to be a bit of a one trick pony..."

How dare you.

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "...and his main comic FB got the Zucc for blatant racism..."

uh... no. It got "the Zucc" because a bunch of racists got triggered and got it "Zucc'd." being anti-racism focused doesn't make me a racist. Making cartoons that make fun of racism doesn't make me a racist. Not being able to tell the difference between anti-racism versus an indiscriminate hatred of the descendants of Europe's ethnic tribes makes my Zucc'rs the racists.

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "He's not up to anything terribly interesting..."

How dare you.

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "...but he must at least google himself..."

When I'm on an alien computer, like at a library or Internet café, I'll Google "second sight graphix" to jump on my blog. One day, to my surprise, I found your stalker-ific stalkerings near the top of the search results!

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "...he bothered to write a blog entry about me complete with a point-by-point refutation of the OP..."

Anytime you feel like responding. *looks @ watch*

TheGreatCitracett wrote: "Then stopped blogging two days later."

I'm committed to one post per day now for my new editorial cartoon project.

Muhammad Rasheed - CWCissey wrote: "Come play with us Mo! If you really want to talk that is!"

Well, already I see you responded to my "point-by-point refutation" with side stepping, gaslighting, doubling-down on white supremacist support, etc., so I may as well stay over here and talk at you instead. You don't want to have a real discussion anyway, since you're committed to protecting your 'whiteness narrative you hold so dear. This is clear.

What do you have to offer to entice me to join your stalker group?

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[MOVIE REVIEW] Black Panther: Welcome to the New Blaxploitation 2.0

Muhammad Rasheed - Back during the golden age of the HeroTalk message boards for the Museum of Black Superheroes, it seemed like every other newly-created thread in the main forum was about the Marvel Comics character Black Panther. In my memory it seemed like the vast majority of those were fanboy movie speculation fantasies, including casting calls. Echoing the most pessimistic naysayers around Candidate Barack Obama’s ambitious chances at the White House, I also remember that nobody thought a BP movie would ever happen in our lifetimes. Certainly not one that would have been worth a damn.

I just saw Ryan Coogler’s film and it blew me away. Even though I wasn’t one of those who felt the movie would NEVER get made, I absolutely thought that if it did, it would look more like the original comic… like Tarzan would have to make an obligatory guest appearance or something similar, complete with the grass skirts, huts, bones-thru-noses and et cetera of the original comic book depictions. I was very pleased to see a Black Panther movie that was far more impressive than what the old HeroTalk members even dared to hope for, with it being an amazing big budgeted, silver screen introduction to high-level Afrofuturism and what it could mean in the future for Black creators and Black genre works.

  1. The movie was beautiful. I expected it to be this way when I first found out it had a Black director who went all out in making this a “Black movie.” Everything about it was a visual feast. From the casting choices, to the acting, the tech designs… I didn’t want to turn away at any point. The product itself was a proud representation of #BlackExcellence. Bravo.
  2. The movie was very pro-Black. It celebrated the Black people, and didn’t shy away or back down from that at all. The Disney-Marvel mega-corporation allowed pro-Black Black people to drive this product about 98%, Coogler took full advantage of that opportunity and it FELT that way. This was far beyond merely having Black representation in popular mainstream entertainment – this was a tiny glimpse into what having a full-blown Black-owned, multi-billion dollar Black film industry competing with Hollywood could look like. Coogler’s movie did a great job in cultivating that fantasy for this viewer while I watched.  Very well done.
  3. It would appear that Ryan Coogler spent almost every bit of that $200 million dollar budget on Black talent. Not just on the actors, but EVERYTHING. From using a Black-owned ad agency, to filming 80% of Black Panther on Tyler Perry’s new studio lot, this was a perfect demonstration in what right looks like from a Black empowerment standpoint.

  1. The same Black Americans that poured their skills, knowledge, talent, networks and resources into this white-owned intellectual property, could have done the same with a Black-owned product at any time. The uncomfortable feeling that Blacks waited for white Hollywood to give Blacks the space to do what they already had the power to do for their own community empowerment is aggravating.
  2. In order to make the Black Liberation-focused Killmonger the villain of the story, the film caricatured his cause from the perspective of the white supremacist troll community (“Kill whitey!”). This was actually very painful to watch, and served to alienate the Black American ethnic group from the movie they’ve always wanted to see. They did this to the movie's pro-Black Black American – caricatured his cause in the same way racist whites always caricatured Malcolm X’s cause beyond recognition – and killed him with zero effort to save him (and even had the king silently agree that the bottomless pit of the mass incarceration industry would’ve been the best place for him even if he had lived).
  3. They had the white representative of Western intelligence agencies be the brave, loyal friend of the movie’s super Black people. It was Western intelligence agencies that orchestrated the assassinations of the 1960s Black civil rights figures. It was Western intelligence agencies that created COINTELPRO and sabotaged and dismantled all of the Black Empowerment programs like The Black Panther Party of Self-Defense. It was Western intelligence agencies that were directly responsible for the evils white supremacy unleashed into the Black community which forged the man Killmonger became, yet he was the one presented as the unforgivable face of evil, while the actual orchestrator of the very evil that victimized the young Killmonger in the first place was presented as the film’s 'Token White' and squeaky clean friend of all Black people. This point is unacceptable to me, and makes me wonder if this was a result of Disney-Marvel executive meddling in the script, or whether Coogler did it organically within his own writing process. Either way it was a demonic choice and severely mars what would have been otherwise a perfect pro-Black story to me.
  4. In the Marvel Universe, a place where the martial arts function exactly the way they are depicted in everyone's favorite 'chop socky' flicks, I didn't like the close combat scenes between King T'Challa versus Killmonger. Whether he was de-powered or not, the Black Panther's millennia old, traditional close combat system should've enabled him to mop the floor with his cousin's US military fighting style. Just as Daredevil's 'mystic street ninjitsu' + American-style boxing was established as being superior to Frank Castle's USMC Force RECON fighting style, this should have been the very same.



Muhammad Rasheed - Well, it looks like Hollywood has finally managed to kickstart a new Blaxploitation era.  The original one from the '70s was apparently very lucrative for them otherwise they wouldn't do it, but now after several efforts ranging from the lazy/bare minimum, to the pull-out-all-the-stops Oscar nominee, it looks like they've finally done it again.

What may enable the new Black Panther film to really take off and launch a series of heavily exploitative copycats when so many previous attempts had failed, is that Disney-Marvel handed the white-owned property to an enthusiastic group of pro-Black Black people and just let them drive. The impressive result is that it gives the illusion that this is a "Black Movie" that will empower Black people.

Of course it's not, and it won't. Despite allowing Blacks to lovingly craft it themselves, the property is white-owned, and all the record-breaking, economy-twisting money Blacks will hand over to one of the Hollywood cartel's tentacles will do absolutely nothing for them. It will be very entertaining and fun though. I wish instead that they used that money to fuel their very own Black film industry and make themselves a Black-owned product with the same buzz they gave this one, which they could have done at any time. It's not too late for that, of course, but I wish they would wake up to that sooner rather than later. Disney-Marvel does not deserve this from Black people. Blacks deserve to give it to themselves, and I wish they would. It's time to compete against Hollywood instead of rewarding them for their scraps.

My prediction is based on the previous blaxploitation periods and how they played out, so I will expect some dedicated and brilliant efforts by business-savvy Blacks to capitalize on Black Panther's success, efforts that are eventually overtaken and smothered by thousands and thousands of "Black superhero" cheap knock-offs by deep-pocketed white film makers. The latter will lack the Black empowerment message the community needs, but will instead return to type and be full of the classic 'whiteness' message in the usual fashion. The result will be that the average Black person will rarely see the pro-Black diamonds because they will be overwhelmed by all the exploitative crap, causing Blacks to quickly get tired of of the new 'film genre.' Then all it will take is one major, white studio flop and Hollywood will declare that the age of the Black Superhero film is dead, and they will refuse to finance another. Then we will return to the pre-Black Panther era of wishing there were better Black representations in film.

The solution and best case alternative to re-playing this tired blaxploitation model over and over and over again is for Blacks to do it themselves and support their efforts. Use your talents for your own products, spend your good money on the Black businesses the way Coogler did, and spend your disposable wealth and investment seed on building up a Black entertainment empire. Tell your favorite Black creators what you want to see in formal proposals, get the crowd sourced funds together to pay them to make them. Create your own brand new safe spaces and stop waiting & paying for bigoted whites to do it for you.  Build up your own, and once you do it and are well established in your own mighty Black film industry (or any other industry), then you should collaborate with white businesses and do big crossovers that are lucrative and financially fair to all parties involved.

Please wake up to the fact that the "Integration Era" has never served you and was a white supremacist scam from the very beginning. Your original goal was "desegregation" and involved removing the barriers that prevented your interconnected Black businesses from increasing in wealth and political power through Economic Inclusion into the mainstream. This would have involved Black people being truly equal and free as full citizens of the USA, competing on equal footing with the other ethnic groups you shared the nation with, including the descendants of the former slave owners. The only thing keeping you from being in that place now is YOU. Please rise up and take your rightful spot in this land you helped build.

A Hurdle in Front of Intelligent Gun Control

Presidential Art