Friday, July 20, 2018

Unfinished Business

Domestic Threats of America

Djono Koel - Are bigotry and racism ways to protect and preserve cultures?

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes, if a certain culture in question was built up using systemic racism. Under such a system, in which the economy plunders wealth from one group to maintain a racist aristocracy for another group, then bigotry and domestic terror (“I can breathe”) serve to keep the plundered group subjugated for continued exploitation.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Sabotage of Unfocus

Tony Lee - Why do blacks who oppose gay marriage vote Democratic?

Muhammad Rasheed - The Democratic Party is full of people who are for/against all kinds of issues. There’s no one party member who supports every single item under the party’s platform folio.

The Democratic Party is composed of numerous sub-party special interest groups, each using its political savvy and influence to push for their particular agenda list. The African American community, oddly, lacks a focused *Black Political Agenda* to push for their own special interest item of dismantling systemic racism (with its corresponding payout of Reparations justice), so in order to have something to do, the Black politician signs up to work on the agendas of rival interest groups or just works for the party itself.

Stalling Progress (Part 2 of 2)

Mabushe Nkwana III - Why are black people hated so much by other races, more especially by most whites?

Muhammad Rasheed - The great wealth of Western Civilization—controlled by the 1% legacy families—was amassed specifically from the exploitation and plundering of Black people. The classes of European ethnic groups who actually inflicted this economics-based abuse on the Blacks were deliberately indoctrinated in the hate philosophy of the White Supremacist Ideology. This was orchestrated to justify in their minds that it was okay to treat another group of humans this way to keep their ‘Whitopian’ economy going.

The raw greed that fuels systemic racism has continued up into the present day, so that even Black politicians are held back from doing very much to save their own people from centuries of continuous abuse.

Stalling Progress (Part 1 of 2)

Q: Why do African-Americans overwhelmingly vote Democratic?

Muhammad Rasheed - They do so through both tradition and the nostalgic memory of political gains scored at the end of the Civil Rights era. Since then, however, Black Americans have been stalled in any further anti-racism progress by the greedy corporate powers on both sides of the partisan aisle. These have created a lot of empty symbolic gestures—like a plethora of Black politicians—that don’t actually perform for the specific political-economic special needs of the Black American community. Consequently, the racial wealth gap is getting wider and wider while not a single Democratic Party politician is doing anything about it.

Mark Warner - I can’t see how one person can speak for the entirety of a people. Your claim sure doesn’t address the cause of many Black Americans I speak too. People don’t vote off nostalgia, they vote for a candidate who would be more beneficial to them, and that just so happens to be democrats. That doesn’t go to say that Democrats are good for the Black Community, just more viable than Republicans.

Muhammad Rasheed - Who are you speaking for, Mark?

The number one issue of Black Americans is our special need of (finally!) being freed from the full economic exploitative shackles of systemic racism. The modern Democratic Party leadership has deliberately diverted loyal Democrat focus away from that number one special need, so that the average “of many Black Americans I speak to” discuss every diversionary partisan topic EXCEPT what they need to prioritize for their own special interest group.

A focused Black Political Agenda that attacks systemic racism with our vote and economic boycott will solve this issue. Without it, we are only wasting our vote on nostalgia and fruitlessly band-aiding the symptoms of economic disparity.

Mark Warner - I won’t argue with you. This is only because we agree on the solution to the problem, yet disagree on how and why it’s a problem.

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me how and why the problem came about from your perspective, please.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Ending Racism (Steps 1 & 2)

Jacob Malone - What event would have to happen for the United States to have another Civil War or Revolution?

Muhammad Rasheed - It would take no less than a serious, strategic and effective attack on systemic racism, to dismantle it once and for all. The 1% legacy families who continue to amass wealth from the exploitation and plundering of Black people wouldn’t take watching the glory of Reconstruction 2.0 for very long before they attacked.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Saving Racism

Stephen Dutton - Is diversity more important than competence?

Muhammad Rasheed - Diversity can be more important than competence only within a limited scenario that can be found in a White Supremacist society that has achieved enough social unrest to threaten to topple it into anarchy.

In such a situation, the white supremacist leadership found themselves desperately flexible to allow a degree of “freedom illusion” by fast tracking a percentage of under-trained Black poor through a number of high-profile institutions as a political symbol. This proved effective enough to calm down the agitated mobs and buy the white supremacist legacy families another century or so of manipulation policies to plunder their favorite impoverished minority prey of their wealth.

Monday, July 16, 2018

ALERT! Lane Departure Warning

Richelle Ross - Has the U.S. transitioned into a victimhood culture?

Muhammad Rasheed - No. That’s just partisan rhetoric used when a certain demographic is trying to deflect from discussing their barbarity. Taking that “victimhood” talk seriously at all is just enabling foolishness.

The Trickled-Down Manna from Massa

Q: Has “trickle down economics” ever worked?

Muhammad Rasheed - Sure, it works perfectly as a grift/scam implemented by the rich. Once they’ve successfully indoctrinated the managerial middle class into buying into it, who do all the work of convincing the poor to shut up and gratefully eat their crumbs, then the rich can get back to the business of hoarding the 99% of the world’s wealth for themselves.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Political Corruption within a Theocracy

Q: How do you know which hadith is true and which is false in Islam?

Muhammad Rasheed - The true hadith are the ones that align to the message of the Qur’an by verse and/or spirit (see: hadith that confirm the Five Pillars of Al-Islam as commanded by Allah; hadith that encourage freeing slaves as righteous acts; hadith that instruct the believers to treat each other fairly across class, race, or ethnic group lines).

The false hadith contradict the Qur’an either directly or by spirit (see: donkey meat hadith versus Qur’an dietary law; claims that Aisha was a child when the prophet married her versus Allah confirming Muhammad—peace be upon him—was of exemplary character; claims that the prophet continued to own slaves).

Awakening the Atrophied Eye: The Wisdom Eye Returns

Despite never having read anything like a timeline of when people have their subsequent third eye opening events, I just expected that it would take a while for me to have another one, assuming that I didn't get brand new and sabotage the process by taking on a life of over-the-top wretched debauchery. So imagine my surprise when I had yet another spontaneous third eye experience this morning, Sunday, July 15, 2018 at around 4:20am!

The only similarities that matched the last time the third eye opened were 1) that it happened shortly after I lied down in bed, and 2) I was more keyed up than I expected to be when I did lie down.

The differences that didn't match the last experience were 1) yesterday was my day off from work and I'd actually gotten some good sleep, so I wasn't exhausted when I lied down today. 2) I didn't notice I was keyed up with that energized excitable sensation until after I had been lying there for several minutes already, thinking about other stuff. When I finally noticed the feeling--and made the instant association--I opened my eyes to find my vision once again obscured by the veil between realities, with the third eye opened within it at approximately 6 inches before my delighted brow. 3) I had been distracted by my thoughts and I really can't recall whether the 'Serpent Fire of the Universe' was as intense during the moments leading up to the third eye opening as the last time. Remember from the previous 'Initiation' entry, I expressed confidence that I would recognize the pre-opening signs. This means I'll have to do a better job leaving the 'day for the day,' and only going to bed with a clear mind so that I will be PRESENT.

The veil looked different this time. The last time it looked smooth, and like a 40% black Photoshop layer had been placed over the scenario I was being shown. This time it looked like it was made of a liquid bubblewrap, or a clear, but bubbly, mucus. The third eye showed me a cityscape off the water during the daytime, with a deep blue sky. Then without any prompting from me, it zoomed in on one of the buildings, showing me specifically the top portion of the structure. The building looked very old. The third eye allowed me to linger at some markings that had been carved into the wall in someone's long ago past; the markings were water eroded looking to me. The third eye snatched me away from my scrutiny of the markings by zooming out to show me the top portion of the building again and then it closed. I noticed that my vision couldn't penetrate the veil this time; I could only see through the third eye itself.

I continued to lie there thinking of what I had been shown, and combing over the details of the event itself so I would remember.

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Deplorable Left

Purinat Sungam - What would you think if the next President of the United States with tattoos on her face were an atheist, homosexual, black, weed-addicted, and ex-convicted criminal at the same time on top of being a naturalized American citizen from Mexico?

Muhammad Rasheed - My favorite part of your question, Purinat, is how you’ve included “Black” within your list of disreputable, inexcusable sins this hypothetical future POTUS is supposed to be guilty of.

Please improve your basic character.

Faniel Soneira - Nothing wrong with being a naturalized citizen, either! Except that that disqualifies you from being President, of course…

James Rosten - So true, and we already got past the “black” threshold. No more need for that test. I would vote for the right woman, or member of any minority. But then, I don’t care what the package is wrapped in, I care about what is in the package. Give me the right values and policy positions, and I might even vote for someone named Mohammad, and I am a Christian.

Muhammad Rasheed - Bravo! Though I’m positive there’s a Christian or two actually named Mohammed scattered about.

Nick Lilavois - Wow. Gain some introspection.

So you think black was the only trait there not negative?

Being a woman is bad?

Being gay is bad?

Being an atheist is bad?

You are just as bigoted as he is.

Muhammad Rasheed - No, I just figured the rest of y’all could defend yourselves. I have my focus razor-sharp for my political cartoon analysis and can’t fight everyone’s battles, too, so I’ll need you lot to pull your weight.

Nick Lilavois - Well I’m a half black half jewish all gay atheist so I have a hell of a lot of weight to pull, so it would be nice if you broaden your perspective.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Well, be so kind as to take up the war banner for the Black and homosexual portions of his trashy question, please (Jew wasn’t included in his list of inexcusable sins).

You have zero control over me, Nick, nor over what I choose to focus on or how I express myself. Note that I did not say anything negative towards you in my answer. You are out of line.

Nick Lilavois - Im out of line for asking you to be nice?

Read your answer again.

you’ve included “Black” within your list of disreputable, inexcusable sins

That means everything else is, to you, a disreputable, inexcusable sin.

Im just asking you to broaden your perspective, nicely.

Muhammad Rasheed
- No, you are pushing your own agenda at my expense, and being disingenuous in pretending not to recognize the snark/sarcasm of my answer.

You are out of line by asking me to express myself in my activism how you want me to do it. I refuse. As I pointed out earlier, my focus is deliberately keen for the sake of my art expression, and in addition to some other related viewpoints I hold, do not seek to expand the scope of my social justice vision. Please go away. You are now an irritant with little value to your discourse. Thank you.

Nick Lilavois - Agenda? Activism?

Social Justice Vision?

Wow. I’m as liberal as someone can be, but you are what conservatives make fun of when they make fun of liberals.

Get over yourself.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Nick. Nick?

I am 100% uninterested in whatever you think about anything at all, and that especially includes your personal definition of whatever you think “being nice” is.

Please go away.

Thank you.

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Third Eye Blind

Q: What does it mean when someone is third eye blind?

Muhammad Rasheed - To be blind in the third eye, is to be deadened in spiritual growth. It means the third eye blinded have lived a life of total focus on the empty, finite lusts of the material world, instead of on the promise of eternal realms of life hereafter. The third eye blind are apathetic to and/or disbelieving of the spirit. They live a life of fleshly pursuits and set aside nothing for the higher purpose of their existence.

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Drawing On Faith

Insha Kahar - Is drawing a bad thing in Islam?

Muhammad Rasheed - In my opinion, drawing is only a bad thing if:

  1. The art is created to be an image to be worshiped
  2. The image is intended as a depiction of God, that will most likely cause people to lean towards worshiping the image as a idol.

In both these cases the artist is tempting people and there is a very real danger that the weak will succumb to the temptation. History demonstrates that such weakness creates trends that can lead entire generations of people astray. Since Allah in the Qur’an never forbade the believers to draw such images, I personally wouldn’t do it for fear I myself might be responsible for initiating some horrible, paganism snowball effect.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

A New Frontier

Joseph Giri - This cartoon is sickeningly accurate

Paul Seitz - What are both the positive and negative benefits of gentrification? In what ways does gentrification affect the people of that neighborhood?

Muhammad Rasheed - This 100% depends on the perspective one views the situation from when experiencing gentrification.

If you are the gentrificator, then you get to continue the trend of amassing your hoards of wealth by stealing the land and plundering the income of the poor (usually Black people).

If you are the gentrificatee, you get to be subjugated, exploited and plundered, while the gentrificator and their supporters tell you to get over it and pull yourself up by your bootstraps, etc.

For those inclined to attempt to justify the actions of the gentrificator by using a scriptural verse such as “be the lender and not the borrower,” then please note that verse was directed towards the God-fearing good guy who would never exploit and plunder the most vulnerable among us for material gains. For those disinclined to see their preferred economic prey (poor Black people) as “the most vulnerable among us,” please note that is only your mass incarceration indoctrination speaking, in which you’ve been trained to support the “Black people are inherent criminals” propaganda that feeds the for-profit prison industry.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Candid Camera of Social Justice

Awakening the Atrophied Eye: Third Eye FAQ

This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) blog post was pulled from interesting 'third eye' related Quora questions I answered and assembled here for reader convenience. Please feel free to post questions of your own in the comments below.


Very respectfully,

M. Rasheed, PMP®
Cartoonist | Socio-Political Commentator | Graphic Novel Serialist | Shemesu Heru
Second Sight Graphix


Q1Is the third eye real? How did this term originate?

The third eye is very real. I can definitively proclaim this with assured confidence because – much to my amazed delight – I had my first such experience at the beginning of this month (July 1, 2018), which formally initiates me into the “Followers of Second Sight” (“Shemesu Heru” in Ancient Egyptian, which I personally prefer). As one can imagine, I am very excited, rejuvenated in my faith and certainly hope to have many more third eye experiences in the future.

The phenomenon commonly called “third eye” isn’t an eye at all, but a form of inter-dimensional portal that appears to open approximately 6 inches in front of your brow during an elevated endogenous DMT-triggered, altered consciousness trance. In my case, even though the jagged-edged, round-ish hole that opened didn’t really look like an “eye,” it isn’t really too much of a leap that the over-poetic ancients would label it that way since you are “seeing” through it. Especially so when you consider that the vast majority of cosmological stellar patterns don’t accurately favor the well-known constellation symbols assigned to them by those same ancients either.

I’ve documented my experience on my blog, with my analysis and speculations, for those who are interested in my perspective of this wonderful concept.

Q2: Do we see ghosts and spirits after opening third eye?

The third eye portal shows you sights into a scenario—or just abstract-esoteric imagery—that will aid you in your journey in some way. Your job is to meditate on this information throughout your lifetime, and pull knowledge from it to guide you. If the forms of otherworldly entities will be relevant to that journey for you somehow, then you will be allowed to see them.

When I had my own third eye opening experience at the beginning of this month (July 2018), I saw no such entities.

Q3: How does it feel after your third eye is opened?

During my own third eye opening experience (and hopefully the first of many more!), I felt a carry over of the excited energy build-up sensation I experienced in the several minutes just prior to its opening. The sensation was tingly, but not unpleasant, and while I looked into the eye, I felt that energy rapidly dissipating, which gave the unmistakable feeling of a countdown. I remember feeling that even though my sense of vision was all I had in the moment to attempt to absorb the experience in the very short time I had to do so, that it was enough. My sense of vision seemed super-charged and I looked EVERYWHERE! with an intense focus. The forces involved noticeably wouldn’t allow me to spend too much time trying to study too much detail in any one thing; I was clearly being guided to use my vision to take in as much of the experience as possible.

I was blessed to have been read up on the topic, so I knew what was going on the instant it started. When it was over, oddly I didn’t feel sad that it was over so much as I wanted it to happen AGAIN. I felt a strong feeling of gratitude, and an “I can’t believe this happened to ME!” feeling that was nearly overwhelming. I remember in the aftermath feeling that the experience was all I wanted to think about.

Q4: Is it haram to open the third eye?

It is not ‘haram’ or unlawful to open the third eye, because we actually have no control over whether it opens or not. The third eye experience is a Sign of Allah, and it happens in order to assure a sincere believer that his/her walk on the righteous path of the One God was correct, blessed and approved. It’s my opinion that this is at least stage one of the “enlightenment” concept.

I would caution one against attempting to ‘jump the gun’ so to speak by performing the rituals designed to tempt the third eye to open if you have been sinfully neglectful in adhering to your duties as a believer. In addition to almost certainly being a demonstration of disbelief in the unseen, requiring a vulgar “proof” before you will allow yourself to submit to the One God’s commands, doing so also very well may be a form of deifying the third eye experience itself and turning a beautiful, high-level spiritual gift of Allah into soul-damning shirk.

Q5: Does smoking DMT open your third eye?


Neither ingesting N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) by the various means, nor performing the different types of ritual (like that of ‘correct meditation’) to elevate your own endogenous DMT, will of themselves open the third eye, but they do create the physical and spiritual conditions similar to the third eye opening event’s background experience. The point of doing any of this is in hope of tempting the third eye to open for us, which is not an event we actually have control over.

Once an experienced ‘shaman’ has developed a relationship with the forces in control of the third eye opening (for a Muslim that means you strive to uphold the Five Pillars of Al-Islam as a sincere believer, do good, reject evil and repent when you mess up), conditions will eventually be achieved whereas performing the correct rituals will seemingly give the illusion that the practitioner is the one making the third eye event happen at will.

Q6: What are signs that my third eye is opening?

In the minutes prior to my own third eye opening experience, I felt the tingly build-up of the “Serpent Fire of the Universe” energy (called Sekhem, and Kundalini in Ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Sanskrit, respectively) coursing around and through me. Since I wasn’t meditating at the time, I had no idea that’s what was actually going on until I suddenly found myself staring excitedly at the veil between realities with the third eye opened in it brightly, approximately 6 inches in front of my brow. Interestingly, there was no Hollywood animation-like transitional effect before the third eye appeared; first I was looking at the routine background life of “universe normal,” and THEN I was looking at the third eye. I suppose there could have been an opening effect that was simply too fast for my senses to detect though.

The experience was unique enough that I have little doubt I would recognize the preliminary third eye opening signs should I find myself blessed to be in that state again.

Q7How do you know when a true enlightenment begins? What actually happens?

In a previous third eye related Quora question, I speculated that the point of the Wisdom Eye opening is to assure the sincere believer that his/her walk along the One God’s righteous path has been formally acknowledged, blessed and approved, and that this is at least the beginning stage of “enlightenment.”

I believe this because now that I have had my own third eye opening experience, the sense of assured confidence I feel deeply in the aftermath of the event —that God is REAL, that ‘spirit’ is REAL, that the merit-based Righteous Path of the Lord thy God described in revealed scripture is REAL—seems to have been the primary point of giving me this wonderful gift. I feel as if I have reached the next level in my religious walk, and want above all else to please God and reach the NEXT level as well!

The discovery that following God’s commands in scripture, humbling myself (and my ego) in a willing, selfless state of obedience to the One God who made me—and patiently persevering in that space of faith no matter the level of daily adversity— is rewarded along the way with moments of spiritual clarity personally bumping up my relationship with the creator from “faith’ to “personally knowing is real,” bestows upon me the resulting desire to never want to go back as a state of enlightenment.

Q8Is it okay in Islam to open the third eye? 

The third eye opening event happens independently of us as a milestone in our spiritual walk. Because of this, we have no control over whether it happens or not, and all we can do is perform correctly in life to meet the requirements that the third eye may open. This is no different than how we as believers are to walk the Righteous Path so that when we are Judged by the One God on the Last Day, we will have met the requirements to achieve the reward of paradise. The third eye event is like a mini-Judgment Day quiz/exam, performance review and “Good job!” pat-on-the-back along the way, and it is Good News.

So for you, attempt to open the third eye by adhering to the Five Pillars of Al-Islam, do good deeds in the earth, reject the temptations for performing mischievous acts and repent when you mess up. Do this diligently; build up the habits of righteousness and achieve mastery in your faith, and you may have a third eye event happen, or if not, you may still delight in the certainty of receiving your Record of Deeds within your right hand, and attaining paradise—the ultimate achievement for a human being!

That’s how I advise all sincere seekers of truth to open the mystic third eye... by obeying Allah and scoring your brain tissue with the ‘marks’ of the sincere believer by building up the habits of righteous deeds in your life.


Q9] Do you think the Miraj of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a physical journey or a dream?

The Holy Qur'an 17:1 & 60 
1. Glory to Allah Who did take His servant for a Journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to the farthest Mosque, whose precincts We did bless,- in order that We might show him some of Our Signs: for He is the One Who heareth and seeth all things. 
60. Behold! We told thee that thy Lord doth encompass mankind round about: We granted the vision which We showed thee, but as a trial for men,- as also the Cursed Tree mentioned in the Qur'an: We put terror and warning into them, but it only increases their inordinate transgression!
The Holy Qur'an 53:1-18
By the Star when it goes down,-
Your Companion is neither astray nor being misled.
Nor does he say aught of his own Desire.
It is no less than inspiration sent down to him:
He was taught by one Mighty in Power,
Endued with Wisdom: for he appeared in stately form;
While he was in the highest part of the horizon:
Then he approached and came closer,
And was at a distance of but two bow-lengths or even nearer;
So did Allah convey the inspiration to His Servant- conveyed what He meant to convey.
The Prophet's mind and heart in no way falsified that which he saw.
Will ye then dispute with him concerning what he saw?
For indeed he saw him at a second descent,
Near the Lote-tree beyond which none may pass:
Near it is the Garden of Abode.
Behold, the Lote-tree was shrouded in mystery unspeakable!
His sight never swerved, nor did it go wrong!
For truly did he see, of the Signs of his Lord, the Greatest!

Muhammad Rasheed - It was an astral projection. The prophet’s body stayed on earth while his disembodied consciousness inhabited his immortal spirit form, and—after first stopping at the Masjid in Jerusalem— he was taken on a tour of the afterlife by Gabriel at the One God’s command.

The third eye practitioner is allowed to experience the basic mechanics of that process in the later, advanced openings. When the Wisdom Eye opens, it will pull your disembodied consciousness into it and take you on a mini-tour of something the unseen forces want you to see.

Q10: What does it mean when someone is third eye blind?

Muhammad Rasheed - To be blind in the third eye, is to be deadened in spiritual growth. It means the third eye blinded have lived a life of total focus on the empty, finite lusts of the material world, instead of on the promise of eternal realms of life hereafter. The third eye blind are apathetic to and/or disbelieving of the spirit. They live a life of fleshly pursuits and set aside nothing for the higher purpose of their existence.

Q11: Can I see my third eye when I closed my natural eyes?

Muhammad Rasheed - I was blessed to have my second spontaneous third eye opening experience this morning of Sunday, July 15, 2018. Even though I had told myself that I would be on the look out for the tell-tale signs that it was about to happen again after the previous event, this was not to be. I was too distracted with the hustle-n-bustle of the day to notice the ‘Serpent Fire of the Universe’ creating the tingly sensation around me. When I did notice, I opened my eyes to find myself once again confronted with the UDJAT Wisdom Eye of legend opened in the veil between realities, taking up my entire field of vision.

To be clear, I saw none of this while my eyes were closed and I half wondered why I wasn’t falling asleep yet. It was only when I opened my eyes was I able to free my consciousness to experience this miraculous event.

Q12: How long does it take to open your third eye?

Muhammad Rasheed - That’s a great question. I personally first started researching the third eye phenomenon back in 2004, I had my first third eye opening experience on July 1, 2018, and my second one this morning on July 15, 2018.

Naturally, a lot has happened in life during those first 14 years, including the achievement of mastery in my faith in the One God, with the mandatory consistent ritual habits of the religious believer. But in these last two weeks or so, it seems I have some kind of building momentum going. To be sure the first event strengthened my faith to a comically noticeable degree, causing me to double-down in devout worship to my Lord.

I can’t say my faith had always been as rock solid as I wanted it to be during the previous 14 years though, and perhaps in these last few years I was able to really get there and trust God with my whole heart. So realistically, if I’m honest, it really took a solid three years to have my third eye opening experience. That’s how long it took me to master my personal faith walk, the prerequisite to having the unseen forces find me worthy enough to open for me.

Q13: Has anyone "opened" their "third eye" and want to explain what it's like? Is it scary? Do you regret it?

Muhammad Rasheed - Yes. So far I have had two amazing, spontaneous third eye opening events this very month (July 2018). The experiences surprised me both times since they happened without being preceded by traditional meditation techniques (meaning I wasn’t trying to have the experience on purpose when it happened).

I’ve described the details of the events on my blog, linked below:

  1. Awakening the Atrophied Eye: INITIATION
  2. Awakening the Atrophied Eye: The Wisdom Eye Returns

Neither event was frightening. In fact, I felt delighted during and immediately after, and was eager to have another one. I felt deeply touched that it happened for me at all. By the nature of the third eye opening experience, there’s literally zero reason to regret it happening. It actually means you’re winning at life itself.

Q14: Is it dangerous to open the third eye?

Muhammad Rasheed - The third eye opens as a milestone in our spiritual journey, and is a formal acknowledgement that we are on the Straight Path of Righteousness and have successfully navigated it to a certain point of its challenging length. During an endogenous DMT trance, the opening third eye takes the form of a round-ish hole within a variously-hued membrane that fills our entire vision. At what appears to be approximately 6 inches in front of the brow, the third eye ‘hole’ opens into some mysterious time/place, or even just shows a serious of symbols/glyphs, that it directs you to focus your vision for wisdom.

All of this is good. I can vouch that the feelings produced are very pleasant and exhilarating, as I have experienced the Wisdom Eye opening for me twice now. There was literally nothing dangerous about the third eye event. It functions basically as a “Good job!” from the unseen forces at work, and is designed to encourage you to stay on the Path.

Yet there is a very real danger. It comes not from the third eye event itself, but from our own human weakness. Some among us have a tendency to slack off once we’ve reached a hard-won milestone—slack off, and even backslide into abandoning the race altogether from a false sense of “I’ve made it!” experienced in the aftermath. So should you be one of the very fortunate ones to experience the third eye opening phenomenon, just remember that the race hasn’t been won yet! Stay focused and keep going.

Q15: Does the function of the pineal gland really take us to a gateway to another reality or does it just mislead our perception of the real, physical world?

Muhammad Rasheed - "Does the function of the pineal gland really take us to a gateway to another reality…?"

The pineal gland secretes melatonin, which is well known as our body’s wakefulness/sleep state regulator, but more importantly it also secretes the amounts of melatonin’s analog molecule N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) which is needed for the mammalian brain to experience altered states of consciousness. The precise dosage our endogenous DMT provides allows us to see the edge of the veil between realities, and the forces on the other side determine whether to open a hole — the third eye — within the veil, for us to see what we need to see.

"…or does it just mislead our perception of the real, physical world?"
No, it’s not misleading us. Our brain is powerful in exactly that way, enabling us to expand our consciousness into different realms, using ancient herbal technologies that adjust the dosages of DMT. This is in fact our humanizing factor, responsible for our knowledge of spirit, our religion, and ultimately the building of our civilizations over the ages.

The Holy Qur'an 96:1-5Proclaim! In the name of thy Lord and Cherisher, Who created,-Created man, out of a mere clot of congealed blood:Proclaim! And thy Lord is Most Bountiful,-He Who taught the use of the Pen,-Taught man that which he knew not.

The default setting of our “universe normal” isn’t actually the “real” world, and it is in fact the efforts of disbelieving secular intellectuals to convince us that it is “real” that is the misleading of the populace—we’re being misled by diabolical, self-appointed thought police into believing that our expanded visions of truth are ‘mere hallucinations.’ In actuality, this terrestrial realm material universe is designed to be finite; it’s designed to die/decay. This is the finite shadow realm of illusion and of course it isn’t real; it’s just a test. When this finite material of star stuff finally dissolves, our immortal consciousness will be freed to explore the true realities, and a sacred scripture guided correct living allows us the blessed glimpse of seeing this truth in a third eye opening experience if we are faithful.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

OPERATION: "Black-Free Whitopias, Phase I" (MAGA Series)

Muhammad Rasheed - How come we don't see non-racist white conservatives publicly condemning the "Let's call the police on Blacks for trivial reasons" trend?

Their deafening silence gives the impression that this is some form of strategic harassment designed to push Blacks out of areas that the white conservative community wants to hoard for themselves alone. I think it’s actually an early phase of the “Make America Great Again” Trump initiative, seeking to create a “level 2” housing segregation as part of the expanded, anti-Black gentrification effort.

Monday, July 9, 2018

The Divine's Gift of Freedom versus Man's Restrictive Traditions

Q: Why is horse meat haram?

Muhammad Rasheed - Horse meat is not haram in Al-Islam.

The Muslim dietary law as established by Allah in the Holy Qur'an is thus and so:
  1.     Do not eat swine flesh
  2.     Do not consume blood
  3.     Do not eat carrion
  4.     Do not eat the meat of an animal slaughtered in the name of a pagan idol.
All other foods are lawful for Muslims, and should be eaten in moderation. This is the guidance of revealed scripture sent by Allah, Lord of the worlds. The teachings of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) -- whose job it was to preach the Word of Allah and instruct those who believed in scripture and wisdom -- would never contradict the commands of his Lord. Any so-called hadith that claims dietary restriction contrary to that which Allah established is thus false hadith, so be wise and not of those who go astray.


The Holy Qur'an 2:172-173
O ye who believe! Eat of the good things that We have provided for you, and
be grateful to Allah, if it is Him ye worship.
He hath only forbidden you dead meat, and blood, and the flesh of swine,
and that on which any other name hath been invoked besides that of Allah. But if one is forced by necessity, without willful disobedience, nor transgressing due limits,- then is he guiltless. For Allah is Oft-forgiving Most Merciful.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Poverty Weaponized Against Justice

Gerald Stevenson - Dont know you brotha, but this is a deep post....Very sad.

Gerald Stevenson - And it works because they dont have the finances to hire a lawyer if it drags out.

Almirante Rion Paige - This is the reality of every situation in which a person of color has been killed by the police, justice ISN'T served and the family takes the settlement.

Faith in the Faithless

Bill McKinley - I never owned a slave.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mass incarceration is the new slavery 2.0, Bill. The deliberate criminalization of Black people to feed the for-profit prison industry has it's own propaganda/marketing arm to indoctrinate the US citizen into supporting it.

Tell me, do you ever use that "Black-on-Black Crime" political rhetoric in your regular discourse?

Muhammad Rasheed - Note that the guy in the hood probably doesn't own a slave himself either, but his family is sure profiting off of the established practice of subjugating & exploiting Black people.

Friday, July 6, 2018

The Woman Haters Club & Their Deplorable Friends

Gary McCoy - UPenn Professor: Women Could Go to Jail for Miscarriages if ‘Roe’ Overturned

... and hiccups would be punishable by firing squad.

Mark Hitsman - And ugly by hangin

Katty England Bomar - OMG...Has the entire lying liberal left loonies lost every brain cell they might have had? The msm working hard at lying whether it be print or TV, radio? Obviously they have no idea how whacko they sound...the democrats can’t even make as much sense...See More

Muhammad Rasheed - If a powerful group of men decided that a miscarriage was actually a DIY abortion attempt and decided to make an example of a certain number of women to maintain their male dominance system through misogynist terror, what would prevent this from happening again?

It's not as if that model hasn't repeated itself a trillion times throughout history. Your giggling and dismissal of the professor's very valid point is actually part of this concern.

Gary McCoy - And just how would this group of oh-so-spooky powerful men know that said woman had a miscarriage? By their super privacy-invading spy goggles?

Eric C. Martin - Hmmm... Alex Jones finally has competition in the paranoia/conspiracy theory department. 🤪

Muhammad Rasheed - @Gary... The same way people find out people have miscarriages. That's an odd question. Are miscarriages super-secret normally? The point is, officials would use the info to push an agenda. Similar to the way you lot say your political rivals are always pushing their agendas. This isn't an alien concept to you, you're just being disingenuous.

@Eric... Right. Because powerful groups of men have never, ever had a history of holding power just for themselves to the exclusion of other groups. Why that is a silly, over-the-top fantasy concept on planet earth, amirite?

Gary McCoy - Muhammad, that's a dodge. "The same way people find out people have miscarriages". Have your neighbors told you how many miscarriages they've had in the past month?

I'll repeat my question (please be specific)... HOW would the evil group of powerful men know if "woman B" down the street had a miscarriage this morning? Hmmmm??????

Muhammad Rasheed - More disingenuity? Obviously the clique of men would include whoever is plugged into the medical community network, with crossover from other networks, right? Isn't that the benefit of having a network with a wide reach? Someone was pregnant and getting their prenatal care and now they aren't pregnant and conspicuously there is no baby.

Eric C. Martin - ***PARANOIA***

Gary McCoy - What Eric C. Martin said.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Okay. 😏

Beth Donovan - What you all fail to understand is that this is a state issue, not a federal issue.

Muhammad Rasheed - ew. who let that girl in here?

Beth Donovan - @Muhammad... ew, who let you in here?

Muhammad Rasheed - HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!

Beth Donovan -   :D

Mark A Miller - And I’m fine with that. Leave it up to each state to decide. I’ve felt that the Supreme Court never should have ruled on it in the first place. Then if you’re adamant about pro-life you probably won’t live in New York or California.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mark wrote: "And I’m fine with that."

Figures. 🙄

Mitchell Berger - The United States Supreme Court (currently) disagrees with you. The right to control one's own reproduction is seen as a right guaranteed by the constitution, a right that no state may impair.

Mark A Miller - @Muhammad... Yes it does figure because I actually grasp the fact the the federal government only has the powers allowed it by the Constitution and the Supreme Court stretches it pretty thin to come up with a way that abortion falls into federal jurisdiction. I think most states would do the right thing.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mark wrote: "Yes it does figure because I actually grasp the fact..."

...that the people who are all about 'States' Rights' are committed Deplorables, and you're totally into that. Got it. I was already aware.

Mark A Miller - @Muhammad... Wow states’ rights are evil? How many moons circle that world you live in?

Muhammad Rasheed - Just the big anti-Deplorable one. (it's the best.)

Mark A Miller - I do like how you include what I wrote in your post so at least you get to have some sensible rhetoric on it

Muhammad Rasheed - [VIDEO] Exclusive: Lee Atwater's Infamous 1981 Interview on the Southern Strategy

Mark A Miller - Ah, Muhamned still believes everything is a racial conspiracy against him. The mean old south has a plan to get him. You’re a sad little dude aren’t you?

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell you what. I'll stop believing it as soon as you knock it off.

Muhammad Rasheed - Deal?

Mark A Miller - @Muhammad... Have a nice little paranoid life hammy. I’ll be blocking you now.

Muhammad Rasheed - B'Bye.

Gary McCoy - @Mitchell... The United States Supreme Court also once said that slavery is cool. So, there's that. This is why Trump was elected.

Muhammad Rasheed - Trump wasn't elected. He cheated. Stop.

Gary McCoy - Please, not that again.

Muhammad Rasheed - Covering your ears and screaming doesn't make the truth go away, Gary.

Gary McCoy - You obviously don't understand what the truth means.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol You don't know what "obviously" means.  :P

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Playing the Trump Card of Impotence

Awakening the Atrophied Eye: INITIATION

It's embarrassing to see the date on the last entry in this series. lol Paradoxically, those five years have flown by even as September of 2013 somehow seems like a lifetime ago, and indeed, I have experienced what has often been considered a sort of rebirth.

The concept of 'correct meditation,' as described in the lore of spiritual science developed by the ancients and recorded on the granite stele at Saqqara in Egypt, was the intended point of the blog series. I had ventured to chronicle my own attempts to build up the habit of meditating every day with the hope that at some point my diligence would be rewarded with the opening of the UDJAT Wisdom Eye, initiating me into the enlightened state of the 'Followers of Second Sight' (called 'Shemsu Hor' in the well-known Greek and 'Shemesu Heru' in Ancient Egyptian, the latter which I prefer and have titled myself with).

To be clear, the practice of correct meditation with the hope that the third eye would open is completely separate from the third eye opening. I point out that distinction here because, on Sunday, July 1, 2018 at approximately 6:15am, my third eye opened for me, and the drill of correct meditation was the furthest thing from my mind at the time.

I will describe the event itself, but I will hold the content of what the Wisdom Eye showed me close, because it was very personal... pregnant with meaning for me to meditate upon and extract knowledge for my own path... and I do not care to share it. So unless the prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) magically steps forth to offer aid in deciphering the content for me, I am uninterested in the opinions of others on that narrow topic. To even a well-meaning outsider, the content very well may quite reasonably seem mundane to the extreme  even to the point of provoking an instant "That's IT?! So what?" type of response  and I am in no mood for all of that since I'm still very protective of the experience in general.

Although I initially started not to share that part either, I will share my experience of what actually happened around what was shown to me though, since I believe it is the duty of all of us to record an accurate account of any and all spiritual experiences we have to add to the body of human literature. It's important. Contrary to the empty opinions of the secular, it is precisely our spiritual experiences that have humanized us, enabling us to build our civilizations. (I may end up writing out a detailed description of what the third eye showed me anyway and hiding it somewhere, to be found after my death. Then y'all can make fun of me all you wish when I genuinely really, REALLY won't care a damn.)

On the morning of 01 July, shortly after I had finished uploading the political cartoon of the day, I found I had about 30 minutes to kill before my alarm went off to get ready for work. So I decided to lie down and get a bit more sleep, but I noticed as I got in the bed that I was keyed up for some reason. Similar to the caffeine-induced "UP!" feeling when I've had my one cup of coffee during the day. Since I hadn't had any coffee in almost 24 hours, I expected the feeling to go away once I got comfortable, but it didn't.

I squirmed around for a few minutes until I finally noticed that the feeling was getting progressively worse. All by itself it wasn't a necessarily unpleasant feeling  this building excitable sensation  just wildly inappropriate considering my intention was to actually fall asleep. It felt like a strong 'bzzzzzzzzz' feeling building near/around/through me, and I remember that at its peak I began actively worrying as to whether it was one of the symptoms of a heart attack.

And then the third eye opened.

Suddenly my entire field of vision was filled with the darkened imagery the eye was showing me, but in the fovea focus area, there was a jagged 'hole' where a portion of that same imagery was quite bright. When I looked around, the scenery shifted, but the 'hole' stayed in the same place, and it didn't take long at all to notice that with my will alone, I could zoom closer to stuff, see stuff behind the darker areas and pull them up for better scrutiny in front of the 'hole.' I also noticed I wasn't really allowed to focus too much attention on one particular thing in what was shown to me; there was a level of zoom-in and detail it wouldn't let me achieve. This experience was clearly intended as a 'big picture' glimpse of something. All while this was happening, I noticed that the 'bzzzzzzzzz' energy feeling was retreating/dropping/defusing, which gave the very strong impression of a countdown. Then sure enough, once the 'bzzzzzzzzz' sensation stopped, the 'hole' in the veil closed. For precious fractions of a second, I could still see the imagery behind the now even darker veil, and then there was just normal darkness.

I continued to lie there, stunned and amazed and humbled beyond belief. I started praying, thanking Allah for gifting me with this great blessing. And it was absolutely a blessing! I felt an immense gratitude that my path had led me to the literature I had read gobbled that enabled me to recognize what was going on at the exact moment it started; I had no doubt or confusion as to what I was seeing. I replayed the event over and over, teasing and probing my memory for every precious bit I tried to take in during what seemed to be a few seconds.

I've thought long and hard about this event over the last few days, and I have some speculations regarding the how and possibly even why it may have happened for me that I'd like to share.

The Holy Qur'an 42:51 — It is not fitting for a man that Allah should speak to him except by inspiration, or from behind a veil, or by the sending of a messenger to reveal, with Allah's permission, what Allah wills: for He is Most High, Most Wise.

I wasn’t meditating at the time I had my third eye experience and in fact, I hadn’t meditated in quite a while. So how was I able to experience this wonderful thing if I wasn’t engaged in the technique of ‘correct meditation’ that was specifically designed to trigger that third eye experience?

Well, obviously an accurate answer requires a necessary adjustment in my understanding of ‘correct meditation.’ The third eye experience that I had was the truth; my understanding of what I needed to do to create that experience was wrong. Based on what ‘correct meditation’ actually does —

  • uses a specific rhythmic breathing technique to get your body's natural N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) levels up, corresponding to the rise of the 'Serpent Fire of the Universe' energy ('Sekhem/Chi/Kundalini') on the other side
  • trains you to comfortably focus visual concentration into the area the Wisdom Eye opens at for up to an hour at a time 
  • encourages you to begin the drill while well-rested and generally healthy’s now clear to me that the point of the technique is to set a stage. You are by no means 'activating' the eye to open, but instead, you’re creating a physical scenario that we believe should be ideal-optimal to invite the third eye to open… to make things easier for it to open for us should the forces that direct it decide to do so.

And that’s it. That’s all it does. The technique of correct meditation is a hopeful invitation to the unseen to pleeeeeeeeeeeeease open the third eye for us.

Yet, when I had my third eye experience, I was not breathing in a measured, rhythmic way. I was just breathing. lol My DMT levels were not already elevated, thus when the unseen forces elevated them for me to the levels required to rip a third eye ‘hole’ into the veil between realities, it was very noticeable to me in those moments as an intrusive, alien sensation.

When I had my third eye experience, I was not focusing my visual concentration into the fovea spot. Far from it, as I was looking around, semi-annoyed at the excited energy sensation I was feeling that was preventing me from falling asleep.

When I had my third eye experience, I was not well-rested either. Although I am generally healthier than the average Black American male of my age/peer group, I’ve been getting less sleep than normal for the last few months in order to stay committed to my on-going project of producing one political cartoon per day. I do walk around tired, enough to require that one cup of coffee during the day so I’ll be alright.

So the man-made understanding of the ancients' conclusion of what should be the most ideal conditions for the Wisdom Eye to open were not met when I had my experience, but that doesn’t mean that the optimal conditions that it DID require weren’t in place. Obviously they were. As a Muslim, I’m analyzing this from an ‘Islamic Theurgy’ position. In the Qur’an, there are very specific things Allah commanded (or even just softly advised sometimes) the believers to do in order for them to be “prosperous in this world and in the next.” I am a practicing Muslim, and other than not yet performing the Hajj (the pilgrimage to Mecca), I have made the sincere effort to keep up with the ritual core pillars of my faith, as well as other items that in my research into scripture I felt were related in some way and should also be adhered to as a believing seeker of truth. Here are the practices I did leading up to my experience:

1.) I had just finished fasting the month of Ramadan. It is well known that the act of fasting is a spiritually rejuvenating practice, and in my case I successfully completed the full 30-days of one of the most intense forms in the world.

2.) I pray to the One God of Abraham in the formal ritual five times a day, during which I pointedly ask Allah to strengthen me with His spirit and teach me that which I know not. I’ve been asking for that for about 8-9 months now.

3.) Allah said that those believers who will prosper are the ones who seek His help with patient perseverance and prayer, “for Allah is with those who patiently persevere.” I believe this requirement is being met just by my commitment to my one cartoon a day project. No matter what, I make sure I get up and make that cartoon before I start the day, and God is with me for the sincere effort.

These three bullets, combined with my goal to win paradise by being a good person in general as described by God in scripture, puts me in the optimal state for receiving a spiritual breakthrough. Make no mistake… the phenomenon known as the UDJAT Wisdom Eye of Heru is absolutely a Sign of Allah. Therefore, if one holds hope of achieving an authentic third eye experience (or repeating it), one must be minimally purified according to the criterion of the One God of Abraham, the all-powerful Supreme Creator of reality. I believe my own sincere efforts, especially within the last year or so, to adhere to God’s minimal requirements for the believer are what enabled me to achieve the state favorable for the coveted third eye experience, this being far more powerful than the mechanical techniques of ‘correct meditation.’ This understanding aligns to the truth of God’s core message to humankind in scripture regarding that which the Lord our God wants us to take away from our spiritual study.

According to Clesson Harvey’s research, the first 2 or 3 third eye experiences will guide you in a specific direction, with subsequent experiences enabling you to explore the unseen realms through the Wisdom Eye within a more self-directed, quasi-independent state. It is in my best interest—as I do indeed hold hope that the Wisdom Eye will open for me again—that I maintain this optimal state for it to do so. Indeed, since the rewards and punishments of God are merit based on a tiered system, I obviously need to try even harder in my spiritual walk and work to do more than the base minimal requirement as a believer.

Basically this wonderful, initiating third eye event happened in order to assure me that I was on the right path, and I must continue and even strive for better if I wish to have another. The technique of correct meditation then is but a communication tool and although I do plan to continue my quest to personally build up that skill (I'm very motivated now! hahaha) , I understand that it is the righteous behavior of the believer in good standing with God that is the true way towards having that amazing, supernatural experience.


Very respectfully,

M. Rasheed, PMP®
Cartoonist | Socio-Political Commentator | Graphic Novel Serialist | Shemesu Heru
Second Sight Graphix

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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Honoring the Deplorable

Ku Egenti - *Watching The Good, the Bad and the Ugly*

The Best Western Movie ever! Fight me.

Muhammad Rasheed - Agreed.

Scott Newman - Nah. I prefer The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Ku Egenti - Nope

Scott Newman - To each their own. I ain’t here to fight. I don’t hate The GB&U (not worth spelling out in my opinion, even though writing this explanation that I didn’t think it was worth spelling took far more time than just spelling out The Good, The Bad and The Ugly,) it just...isn’t great to me.

Ku Egenti - @Scott... I feel you

Muhammad Rasheed - 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' is like a western-themed superhero fantasy story, with over-the-top skilled gun fighters. I LOVE that.

By contrast, 'The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford' is one of those films that pretend to a faux-realism, while typically leaving out dominant problematic aspects of the historic record, like how murderously anti-Black racist Jesse James was. While watching it, I found myself fundamentally offended at the film makers' attempts to humanize the creature to court my viewer sympathy. They could've nuked that whole town from orbit for all of me.

Ku Egenti - @Muhammad... you did your homework today

Muhammad Rasheed - lol The film was competent enough in its execution to make me want to look up who Jesse James was after I saw it (a red flag went up in the beginning of the film when they were wearing their very KKK-like train robbery disguises). Once I discovered his true deplorable nature that the film conspicuously covered up, I was furious, and regretted watching the crap.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Black Americans versus Politics

Black Content - Any black person calling themselve a Democrat or Republican, I honestly question your mental state.


Muhammad Rasheed - To be fair, we haven't organized and worked a political party the way we are supposed to for maximum gains since Reconstruction. 150 yrs of whites sabotaging your ballot makes me think this meme is just a propaganda scheme of our enemy.

Black Content‏ - Both parties have had more than their fair share of time to reverse some of the damage they caused us, but haven't. Neither can name 10 policies/laws they have passed that benefited blacks only. The ballots aren't the only thing they sabotaged.


Muhammad Rasheed - The party itself is just a tool. We knew that back when we still had healing chain scars on our limbs. The special interest groups use the tool for political influence. Somewhere along the way we forgot that fact, and started waiting for the other groups to do OUR work for us.

Black Content - I beg to differ, both parties are trash and have continued to sabotage blacks throughout Amerikkkaz racist history. I'm not claiming either one

Muhammad Rasheed - Both will continue to be trash, begrudgingly giving us scraps here and there (only for their rivals to immediately snatch away) if we don't start organizing as a Black Political Bloc and doing the work ourselves. It doesn't matter which since the party itself is just a tool.

Black Content - Hows is asking to be treated humanely a special intetest? Civil rights isn't asking for something special. Is asking police to stop killing blacks is special to you?


Muhammad Rasheed - "Special interest" just refers to the socio-political identity umbrella that a particular group (LBGTQ, Hispanic, White Conservative, Black Liberal, etc.,) forms under to support & fight for their particular unique interests.

If after all this time, our efforts to plead to get other identity groups to do it for us has continuously failed, when are we ever going to take the hint and get to work? We don't have to reinvent the wheel here.

Black Content - I wholy agree we need our own political party. These two will never have blacks best interest in mind

Muhammad Rasheed - It honestly doesn't matter much what party we use. The amount of work we'll need to do to force our Black Political Agenda into reality -- and the fighting we'll have to do to do it -- will be the exact same. We may as well use this one we already have equity built into.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's interesting to me that the newly-freed slaves already knew all of this, and recognized the power of the political machine and the exact amount of work needed to pull it off. One would think that they would have been LESS sophisticated than modern Blacks, but this is not so.
This is clearly by design, and we were programmed to think politics is worthless for us as Black people. We need to stop listening to the enemy's advice and instruction. We'll have to do any worthwhile political work ourselves or it clearly won't get done at all.

Black Content -


Muhammad Rasheed - Look at it this way:

1) Fresh out of slavery we worked politics and literally rose from slave to congressman in less than 10 yrs.
2) Whites panicked and created the KKK
3) Vote suppression tactics began
4) 150 yrs later we avoid politics with suspicion.

[VIDEO] Greg Palast Confronts Kris Kobach About Crosscheck Voter Purging Lists