Sunday, July 2, 2017

Communism versus the Black American

Muhammad Rasheed - How do we turn African-Americans away from communism? It would definitely be hard, requiring at least double the amount of indoctrination designed to deprogram them from it than was used to program them with it in the first place. It would be a lot harder to remove it nowadays though, and it will get worse the longer it takes to implement the plan.

Black American’s relationship with communism really began when W.E.B. DuBois — embittered because he discovered the force of his will alone wasn’t enough to stop Whites from lynching Black people — decided to subscribe to communism as a slight against White America. Naturally that tantrum didn’t work either as one would expect, but the real problem was that DuBois had become one of Black History’s quasi-deified “elders,” and many up and coming Black intellectuals uncritically subscribed to communism just because he did it. By this time, the Democratic Communist Party had fully infiltrated the civil rights movement, and linked themselves to all the “right side of history” causes, cinching the indoctrination in even further. Now the youth of the movement... the full list of the Who’s Who of the next Black leaders… associated “communism” with their own causes, and Marx’s manifesto was in every must-read “conscious” reading material. Today, the pro-communist activists can’t even tell you WHY it’s a good idea, and vilify capitalism just because Marx and the indoctrinated “elders” did so before them.

Communism lacks the force of any previous ideology used by Blacks to progress towards full citizenship in the USA. Then what value does it hold? As African-Americans, what have you gained since the communist party infiltrated the civil rights movement and gave you that ideology?

That's why your enemy gave you communism, yes? To de-power you. To trick you into rejecting God, and giving up the spiritual strength you need to defeat seemingly insurmountable odds... to strip you of the righteous zeal needed to destroy the vulgar Philistine. He gave it to you in order to trick you into abandoning your family. To trick you into severing your economic base, and brainwash you into thinking it is morally right to give up the wealth you need to leverage the political machine in your favor.

Communist agents convinced you into throwing away all the tools you used to get through the 'jim crow' era, and now here I find you more vulnerable than ever.

Repent and get right with the One God who made you, repair your broken homes, regain your wealth, and come together to defeat this monster once and for all that you may be finally FREE.

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