Sunday, September 30, 2018

Inktober 2018 by M. Rasheed

Muhammad Rasheed - Has it been a year already?! Good, because I've been looking forward to taking part in Jake Parker's Inktober hashtag challenge again. For those unfamiliar, it began in 2009 as a personal month-long daily challenge to improve Jake's own inking technique, but it quickly went viral and now it's a thing.

Last year I didn't deliberately start the challenge with a theme, but when the first three prompt words inspired ideas that coincidentally happened to be American slavery related, I just kept going to see if I could pull it off. As I created each one, I faithfully posted all 31 inked cartoons in the blog post linked below, as I plan to do with the Inktober 2018 creations. 

Although I don't have a particular theme in mind for these 31 cartoons, I have dedicated myself since 09 April 2018 to producing one editorial cartoon every day for my Weapon of the People: DECODED project. These are of an anti-racism and Black Empowerment focus, so the Inktober 2018 will continue in this direction since I currently can't spare the time to produce a cartoon for both. These 31 cartoons will be the black & white continuation of my daily editorial cartoon project.

Poisonous (1/31)
Cartoon illustrating the poisonous nature of disunity
and how it makes the Black community vulnerable to
the united forces committed to systemic racism.
Racism is worse than ever because the
Black American ethnic group is less united than ever.

Tranquil (2/31)
Cartoon illustrating the tranquil state of the over-entertained
during the modern era's Information Age.

Roasted (3/31)
Cartoon illustrating the aftermath of a dozens battle,
with the celebrating victors clowning in glee
as their roasted opponents retreat.

Spell (4/31)
Cartoon depicting a white woman faking a fainting spell,
initiating a grifter scheme to secure a coveted
6th floor apartment. Hilarity ensues.

Chicken (5/31)
Cartoon depicting a white social worker
terrorizing a Black family, and stealing children to feed into
the Integrationalist Assimilated Tokenism factory.

Drooling (6/31)
Cartoon illustrating the typical aftermath of an
early fight during the rise of an upcoming,
dominant, Black close combat sport champion.

Exhausted (7/31)
Cartoon satirizing the exhausting hard work of Barack Obama's
meticulously planned track to the White House, as compared to
Donald Trump's massive affirmative action handout White House gift.

Star (8/31)
Cartoon depicting the reality of racism's ever-present indignities across class lines.

Precious (9/31)
Cartoon depicting an older white couple who are
finally able to live out their fondest fantasies now
that they have adopted a Black daughter.

Flowing (10/31)
Cartoon critiquing the group consensus approach to the unfortunate
Brett Kavanaugh confirmation by the nation's political cartoonists.
The first 'sexual assault on Lady Justice' illustration
seemed gutsy and poignant, but when they ALL drew
the same thing it just revealed it as low hanging fruit,
and in fact, a porn orgy in the guise of socio-political commentary.
Level-up, guys. 

Cruel (11/31)
Cartoon depicting a typical anti-Black lynching episode in the color blind, post-racial era.

Whale (12/31)
Cartoon illustration depicting an unnamed "John Henry of harpooning."

Guarded (13/31)
Cartoon illustrating the dire need to remove the inherently hostile, biased
and unsympathetic white police officer from Black neighborhoods.

Clock (14/31)
Cartoon depicting the shocking new relationship to time
that the victims of the prison industrial complex experience
once swept up into its wake.

Weak (15/31)
Cartoon decoding the great display of strength by the West is masking
the cowardly weakness of the White Supremacist Ideology at its heart.

Angular (16/31)
Cartoon illustrating the savagery of the anti-Black mob
during the height of the Lynching Era.

Swollen (17/31)
Cartoon depicting the heartbreaking morgue scene when
Mrs. Mamie Till has to identify her son's deformed body.

Bottle (18/31)
Cartoon depicting the physical brutality arm of anti-Black systemic racism,
as the white supremacist infiltrated police force uses traditional
domestic terror tactics to harass the African-American community.

Scorched (19/31)
Cartoon depicting the continuing horrors of a common American
domestic terror event carrying through in the aftermath.

Breakable (20/31)
Cartoon satirizing the continuous sabotage of Black Progress by the diabolical,
greed-fueled agents of the White Supremacist Ideology.

Drain (21/31)
Cartoon satirizing the comical, but dangerously psychotic
mindset of Trump's fan base.

Expensive (22/31)
Cartoon illustrating the root cause of the infamous, ever-widening
wealth gap between the two racial groups.

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