Monday, February 19, 2018

Coddling the Gun Nut for Country & Corporate

Jesse Ferguson - Read this. Trust me.

Jesse Ferguson - This is where we are.

And the President and Congress wants to do nothing about it.

Ijeoma Oluo - This country. This country has our babies volunteering to die for each other because grownups don't want to give up their assault rifles.

JPemberton‏ - It's Guns > KIDS... America will give it's thoughts & prayers over the death of kids, BUT will fight tooth & nail over the thought of losing their rights to GUNS!

Robert Gajewski‏
- Says an adult who thinks gun free zones for school kids w/o enforcement or defense is aok. Take away citizen's rights is preferable to defending kids lives?

Muhammad Rasheed - Says an adult who believes that manipulative partisan talking points and increasing the wealth of the oligarchs is more important than the lives of our children.

Robert Gajewski
‏ - I speak for myself. You would prefer all citizens be as defenseless as school children in a gun free zone.

Muhammad Rasheed
- If you speak for yourself, then why are you regurgitating the exact same boiler plate GOP political talking point from the exact same hive mind?

Robert Gajewski‏ - Rasheed. You want me as defenseless as school children in a gun free zone. You make no sense for me.

Muhammad Rasheed - Gajewski. I want you and your folk to stop shooting our children. If you can't differentiate that from "Taking away the Right to Bear Arms," then you clearly don't need to be armed.


Robert Gajewski - Saying that my opinion is boiler plate does not mean I do not speak truth.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're NOT speaking truth. You're speaking the scripted propaganda tract of a oligarch mouth-piece puppet. Your opinion cares only for enriching corporations at the expense of our children, while pretending you care about US citizen rights.

Muhammad Rasheed - You also give the impression of being a paid Russian Internet troll.

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