Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Extraterrestrial Rude Awakening

Riaan van Niekerk - #WhenTheAliensCome a lot of people will be changing their religious beliefs

Melanin Monroe - Why? Just cuz God created life here doesn’t mean he can’t do it elsewhere. That’s always been my take ♀️

Riaan van Niekerk - Could possibly be.

Muhammad Rasheed - In the Qur'an, God refers to Himself as "Lord of all the worlds," so I'll be straight. It's the folk who think the earth is only 6,000 yrs old who'll have the issues.

Omar Diaz - Or that we came from monkeys...

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm sure the evolutionists will pull some kind of spin out of their butts, until the aliens confirm that melanin is friggin' AWESOME. Then they'll declare war on the aliens and pretend they are an invading force.

They'd rather destroy the whole planet than deal with THAT shit. lol

Omar Diaz - You're absolutely right. Funny enough, people of faiths will be more accepting of alien life than evolutionists and agnostics. #teamaliens

Monday, January 15, 2018

Fake Fight: Jeff Sessions versus States' Rights

Joy Reid - [The Atlantic] Jeff Sessions's Unqualified Praise for a 1924 Immigration Law

Joy Reid - Donald Trump, Jefferson Sessions, Stephen Miller, Michael Anton (AKA Publius Decius Mus)... these people aren’t complicated. They are the pro-Apartheid white South African, the “Rhodesian,” the Confederate holdout... the George Wallace voter in the 60s...

Muhammad Rasheed - That's why this marijuana battle between Sessions vs States' Rights looks suspicious as hell. I think it's a set-up.

TeeKay - If it’s illegal, they can have more arrests and be sent to Session owned prisons. Cha-ching!

Muhammad Rasheed - There's that, but there's also the traditional pro-racism aspect of the States' Rights position. If they successfully push back against the federal gov  because Sessions allows them to  it'll create a dangerous precedent that could be the true aim of both sides.

The Fed built up its power specifically because of the States' pushback over the civil right's fight during the last 150 yrs. There's no way this Sessions vs States' Rights pot battle isn't a smokescreen scam. I predict the two will create some form of "States' Rights Sovereignty Bill" from this song-n-dance, enabling them to bring jim crow or slavery back or something similarly crazy whether its illegal on the federal level or not.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Notes While Observing: The Sloppiest Cover-Up of All

Muhammad Rasheed - I read a potent post from a Black activist about a month or so ago that asked if white Black History scholars ever considered the Black scholars that were now left out because of the space they are filling. I made a note that it was an excellent point, but kept it moving. I remembered her point later when I picked up a couple of excellent Black History books that happened to have been written by white men.

As I meditated on the idea of this, I noticed that they weren’t “just” excellent books; they were actually the definitive works on key subjects within the history of systemic racism, with the establishment throwing every major literature award at them and holding them and their books up as THE works. The authors were also from the Jewish community. Combined with the very ugly controversy surrounding Dr. Tony Martin’s infamous public battle with that community – which showed them in a very bad light indeed – it revealed a pattern that was as disappointing as it was “smdh” sloppy and silly looking.

Here are a few significant areas where the dots connect in my notes:
  • Despite the ridiculously, casually ample primary-sourced evidence of the Jewish community’s key role in establishing and driving the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, they vehemently deny it with a wild-eyed red face. There’s nothing else they can do about all of this evidence since it’s out in the world and everywhere. They stand by this insane denial to the point where they literally destroyed the credibility of a major institution, using it as the mouth piece to publicly proclaim that the historical facts that prove they absolutely were major players in anti-Black slavery should be ignored, and everyone should just believe them just because they said so.
  • The 1906 edition of the Jewish Encyclopedia, described by The Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives scholars as "the most monumental Jewish scientific work of modern times," doesn’t mention Black people. In all of its entries and articles, following the Jewish diaspora throughout the ages and around the world, and featuring their relationships with all other peoples, it very carefully barely mentions Black people, even in the entry for Ham, son of Noah, who the Talmudist took pains to use as their justification for why it was okay to target Blacks for slavery. That entry’s writers clearly were reluctant to talk about Blacks even in that context, and did so as sparingly as they could get away with. “Black people? I’m afraid I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
  • Other than all the evidence of their hands being on the slave trade itself, all the other key points in the development of anti-Black systemic racism have a group of celebrated, award-winning Jewish scholars who have taken ownership of the scholarship, and you’ll find THE definitive works on those sub-topics penned by them with impressive and comprehensive readable information… except for one conspicuous part. The record has been scrubbed of their involvement. 
I’m not a Nazi, so I have no desire, nor is there reason for me to harp on this item at length, but I do feel compelled to say something about all of this to the Jewish community members that may read this: What you want me to believe about your role in anti-Black racism is completely unreasonable based on the facts of history, as well as how you currently behave regarding it. I honestly can’t tell whether you are really being this ridiculously sloppy with this cover-up attempt, or you just feel arrogantly confident in your powers while thinking I’m just that stupid. It clearly looks like you want to simultaneously deny your history of exploiting and plundering Black people throughout history up into the modern day, while you continue to do it in the classic “have my cake and eat it, too” model. My guess is that the allure of the wealth is just too much to resist, but you still want to play this “We're friends of the Blacks because we are both a persecuted peoples” type role. It looks slimy and slippery and just BAD. It’s not fooling anyone… people HAVE to see all of this, but they just go along with it because they don’t want to be on your bad side and get the “anti-semite” label slapped on them as punishment, which of course is unfair and evil.

My advice is that you just come clean. Publicly put everything on the table, admit for the record that yes, you did jizz on your stomach while pretending you didn’t, and work out some kind of apology/make-up with the African-American community, and yes, this should involve a wealth transfer (You know what I mean). Otherwise this is going to end crazy as there’s only so much abuse people can take. There is a natural breaking point to these actions, and you are well aware of them. I would imagine that it’s this very same “have my cake and eat it, too” habit that’s responsible for the centuries-long trend of people eventually getting fed up and chasing you out of their countries in a murderous mob that you bemoan all the time. I strongly suggest you seize the trends of your history by the horns, and do something different this time. Stop what you are doing, come clean, cease plundering the wealth and sabotaging the empowerment efforts of Blacks, and be the true friend that you currently just pretend to be in order to get close to them. Build your wealth by empowering Blacks instead of stealing from them. Reflect your status as a believing people by creating safe spaces for them to do lucrative business as a generous empowering force, and not a monopolizing hoarder.

I sincerely hope you take this note to heart, and it eventually leads to a change in your minds and actions for the better.


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Going Deep: Learning to Recognize the Truth

fitchick007 - "Beliefs can't change facts. Facts, however, should change your beliefs."

fitchick007 - Boom!

Muhammad Rasheed - Remember that time when I laid out the facts as to why the legend of Noah wasn't fiction and you rejected it in favor of your anti-religion beliefs? #GoodTimes #BoomToo

pharoah_resurrected - @M. Rasheed... what are anti religion beliefs?

Muhammad Rasheed - @pharoah_resurrected... ln the context of a few brief discussions l had with the OP, 'anti-religion' was in reference to her penchant for uncritically rejecting the entire kit-n-kaboodle of the Abrahamic message.

pharoah_resurrected - @M. Rasheed... with study some of the abrahamic religion was stolen from Kemet and other earlier civilizations . Just like today many of our customs have been taken from us so this isn't a surprise that history repeats itself. Also much of the Abrahamic religion has been changed.

Muhammad Rasheed - The tradition of naming the message after the prophet Abraham does tend to cause a lot of doctrinal confusion. The last books within the One God's revealed scripture came through the two nations of Abraham's seed, but that doesn't mean the message of God began with the Semite patriarch. As God explains in the scripture, the message was first revealed to the very first humans, and prophets throughout human history and all around the world, were anointed to preach it. The shades of the message that are reflected still within the records of ancient Kemet's relics don't represent a theft, but instead represent the evidence of the long forgotten prophets of the One God that were raised up among the ancient Egyptians to return them to the pure message that the antediluvian Neter once knew.

pharoah_resurrected - Which God would this be because their are over 4000 religions yet only one devil. Also the scripture is to be taken on an esoteric level. For example the whole Abraham story is an allegory

pharoah_resurrected - King Khufu is the Noah story that the bible plagiarized.

pharoah_resurrected - The two of each animal is symbolic of the two sets of chromosomes in the body

fitchick007 - @pharoah_resurrected... Wow

pharoah_resurrected - To accept these stories would been to accept the discrepancies and I've been told God makes no mistakes

pharoah_resurrected - Also it is clear the God of the old testament is not the same as the new testament. More likely the demiurge of this earthly plane

pharoah_resurrected - The whole Noah story sets up to the theory of how blacks were made by curse through Noahs children. Do to believe this story is to curse oneself.

fitchick007 - @M. Rasheed... Do you know anything about your actual African based spirituality or just the religion used to justify slavery and Black people being the cursed people??? Any concept of our Orishas?

Muhammad Rasheed - @pharoah_resurrected... There is only One God. The “4,000 religions” you’ve referenced were founded by people rightly-guided by the One God’s messenger, and over generations, their descendants were allured by the pagan taint that threw them off the path. Over and over and over again, God would anoint new prophets to re-align the people back to The Path once they had strayed. This was an old game – between God, the people, the message, the adversary and the prophets – played out on the global stage for the estimated 3 million years humans have been on this world.

Muhammad Rasheed - @pharoah_resurrected… lol Khufu was FAR younger than the prophet Noah (peace be upon him). Khufu was a Fourth Dynastic figure who ruled during the 26th century B.C. Noah lived just prior to the Younger Dryas event which took place 12,800 years ago.

Muhammad Rasheed - @pharoah_resurrected… Noah was one of several figures during the 1,300 yr long time period the One God charged to save that which was worth saving before the coming global cataclysmic smashed humanity down to the Stone Age. Some of those prophets were no doubt Masters of the Sciences, and probably did save the recorded information represented by the “two sets of chromosomes.” But they all also saved one male and one female of each animal they required for sustenance, as well as the domesticated grains and plants they had cultivated.

Muhammad Rasheed - @pharoah_resurrected… God makes no mistakes, but humans make mistakes all the time. Even those humans charged with protecting the integrity of the message God revealed to save humankind from his base nature and the temptations of the adversary. The taint and error that humans have allowed into the previous scriptures was corrected by God as preached by the newly-anointed messengers who also confirmed and fulfilled what came before. Our job is to study the material to learn how to discern truth from error, as abandoning the scripture to embrace pagan taint is to both embrace the error, as well as demonstrate a lazy-sloppiness in scholarship and a hatred for truth.

Muhammad Rasheed - @pharoah_resurrected… The New Testament books were written by Paul the Usurper and his evangelicals, and are merely the most recent demonstration of humans allowing pagan taint to infest the pure message of the One God. God confirmed that the message revealed to the Christ Jesus, son of Mary was indeed pure, but it was Paul who seized it, twisted it into a barely recognizable falsehood to be more palatable to the tribes of Europe. Your “demiurge” comment gives Paul and them too much credit, and even sounds like you’ve tipped over into your Gnostic studies in the effort.

Muhammad Rasheed - @pharoah_resurrected… The One God confirms that Noah was one of the righteous messengers and an excellent prophet for us to emulate, so I reject the “laid up drunk and naked” tale out of hand. With that being said though, the concept of Noah’s son being ‘cursed’ to father the Black race is not in the OT, but is fleshed out within the Talmud, as it was the Caucasoid Jew that used it to justify his version of the slave trade and eagerly regurgitated by Christian slave owners once heard for the same purpose. Both versions of the Noah tale are false; the prophet was a willing and dedicated servant of the Most High God of reality, who submitted his whole will to his Lord and knew Peace.

Muhammad Rasheed - @fitchick007… Since the Black peoples of the African continent are the oldest people on earth, most of the unknown prophets the One God referenced from deepest antiquity were indeed the origins of “African-based spirituality.” In the usual fashion, as humans are want to do for untold aeons, they were the first to cover over the pure message of their Maker with pagan taint, requiring continuous correction from newly-anointed prophets raised up among them over the ages. The rebelliousness of the Hebrews chronicled in the scriptures carried by the Semite nations were merely the latest versions of a drama that had already been played out in the human story, revealing little more than not only is there nothing new under the sun, but that we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past since we never seem to learn the lessons.

fitchick007 - @M. Rasheed... Seriously all that sounds like whaa-whaa-whaawuuu. Pure brainwashing. Do u identify with your African roots, or do you believe we are cursed people as made popular by that bible with the white sky daddy?????

Muhammad Rasheed - @fitchick007… If it sounds like “whaa-whaa-whaawuuu” to you, then you should study more and then engage when you are better prepared, Queen (see: ‘beliefs vs facts’ quote above)

fitchick007 - @M. Rasheed...  *BLOCKED*

Fear of Abandonment: Motivations for the Origins of White Domestic Terror

Muhammad Rasheed - The "promise to the white working class" that Bernie Sanders is so focused on as his top priority, is the newly politically correct language for the old pact between the white elite and the poor whites. This is the pact that created "race, racism, and whiteness" that lays as the USA's enduring sin against Black people.

Back in 1619, there was a lot of North American wilderness that needed to be tamed, and the invested moneyed class needed a bondsman class to work it. The poor whites and the Blacks were in the role of indentured servant and slave at the time, but the poor whites were feeling some kind of way about that. They had already spent centuries – even millennia – being the go-to abused stooges for the white elite whenever they needed some labor done. In the unlimited potential of the New World's frontiers, the poor whites decided they didn't want to be in that role anymore, and over the next 230 yrs, the historical record of national policy reflected that the white elite agreed their poor skinfolk didn't have to.

The whites covenanted across class and political party lines to make Blacks the permanent slave class, creating 'racism' as we know it. Now the poor whites would be forever free of being the go-to abused stooge of the white elite as long as this covenant was maintained. Within the new white supremacist society, it was the poor whites themselves who were in charge of managing that system and holding it together in their favor. They knew that ultimately the white elite really didn't care WHO was in that bondsman class, just as long as their gravy train didn't stop. Somebody was going to be in that role and they allowed the poor whites to manage that part, vowing not to do anything that would sabotage the poor white efforts. At a certain point, the whites decided to expand the slave holding states and share the wealth by giving the most industrious of poor whites free lands and the opportunity to pull themselves up out of poverty as freshly-minted slave owners.

President Abraham Lincoln of course said "No," and the slave holders decided to secede and form their own nation to continue their plans. The president said, "Hell, no," and then there was a war.  To end what was to become the bloodiest war in American history, Lincoln played the Ultimate Trump Card by abolishing slavery. In other words, he dissolved the "Blacks as permanent bondsman" concept that not only held together the 'whiteness-by-way-of-antiBlackness' social contract, but was the very source of the 1% white elite wealth!

Once the war was over, the white elite weren't thinking about their pact with the poor whites, since they were desperately trying to figure out how to keep their own income streams coming in. Sharecropping schemes and the proto-mass incarceration were the main weak ways they tried to salvage the old Black body exploitation racket that amassed the West's obscene wealth to limited success. In 1913, when the Money Trust conspired and succeeded in passing the Federal Reserve Act, starting the nation on the fiat-debt culture tract of today, then the 1% were finally able to recover fully. Over the next few decades, they were able to replace the slave institution wealth-building apparatus with a real estate/housing wealth-building apparatus (among other things) and their fortune was once again secured and growing.

Meanwhile, during the time when the white elite were trying to keep their legs from falling out from under their decadent lifestyle, the poor whites were FREAKING OUT! The Reconstruction Era was a nightmare for them as they watched the newly freed Blacks emerge from their shackles to become literate, property-owning, politicians... and they were GREAT at it. The poor whites thought that it was just a matter of time before they replaced the Blacks as the 1%'s abused stooges again, and they went on a barbaric wave of domestic terror to sabotage the rapidly elevating Blacks at every rung they could reach. This emotional outburst of pure fear birthed the century-long Lynching Era, as the whites not only desperately tried to hold onto their artificially propped up status in the racist aristocracy, but they mourned the major come-up promised to them in that old pre-Civil War covenant with the white elite. Forced to live and work together as both races competed for jobs in the same factories across the nation, whites continued to release their pent up resentments with regular lynching parties.

Eventually the evil Lynching Era came to an end when the white elite used the credit system to enable the poor whites to receive their long ago planned come up into the middle class in the new segregated housing schemes that continue the trend of exploiting and plundering Black people. Now that they were once again assured that the "promise to the white working class" would be upheld by the white elite, the poor whites finally calmed down and only terrorized Blacks enough to maintain the status quo. When President Barack Obama was elected, the poor whites freaked out again, assured that the first African-American POTUS would once again dissolve the "Blacks as permanent bondsman" concept. Although he performed nothing so dramatic as that, president Obama did work hard to enable all of the country's poor to have the obstacles to economic upward mobility removed, which would by default aid the Blacks who were disproportionately affected by a system designed to punish the poor. Even though it would cut the throats of their own poorest members, the whites installed a white supremacist president to follow Obama to ensure that the little bit of upward trajectory gifted to Blacks would be repealed.

This summary is the nature of the systemic racism in the United States of America, and it should be clear that it will never be cured by talking, or appealing to anyone's innate sense of morality, justice or reason. The whites will never willingly release their anti-Black fueled monopoly of wealth & power since they not only refuse to share with Blacks as equals, they are afraid that if given that chance, Blacks will flip the system and rule over whites. They live in quiet terror over even the possibility of such an event, fearing the petty revenges that may be justifiably unleashed upon them by the small cliques among Blacks with less self-restraint. Consequently, every single thing whites say about Black people – whether it's in their political rhetoric, their opinions about Black social lives, their pseudo-scientific opinions about Black physiology in drug use, criminality, evolution, etc., etc., – are all lies designed to maintain their anti-Black, racist aristocracy. The only way this situation will change is to force them to leave you alone.

To do so I suggest you use the Black Boycott. Don't spend any money on white-owned product or services, and the white elite will absolutely want to negotiate. The first thing they will ask for, is for the middle & upper class Blacks to accept a bribe to look away so that they can continue to exploit the poor Blacks. WHEN you reject their offer and counter with:

  • Cease & desist ALL systemic racism against Black people
  • Pay Blacks Reparations for all wrongs done to Blacks from slavery to the present day
  • Leave Blacks ALONE forever
... then they will allow their poor white pitbulls to attack and the American Civil War 2.0  will begin. I personally think that the sooner we get this war over with the better, with one warning: If Blacks hope to win this war against what seems like impossible odds, I suggest you do so in the Name of the One God of Abraham. I know what you're thinking. You're going on about "but the white man's religion!" and "used to justify slavery!" and et cetera, but it's not what you think. He's not a believer as he pretends; he worships himself as the son of god and pinnacle of human evolution in a white supremacist-fueled fantasy he pulled out of his ass. It's a delusional side effect of the self-indoctrination needed to pull off the systemic racism described above. As long as you make sure to submit your whole will to the One God, the Supreme Creator of reality, you will always have the advantage and will be the victor no matter what. I promise.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

An Inappropriate Critique

The Flimsy Camouflage of the Alt-Right

Brit Bennett - Sensitivity readers are only controversial if you ignore the fact that in this diverse country, it is entirely possible to publish a book that has been selected, read, and edited by only white people

The average book will pass through a white agent, a white editor, a white publicist, a white sales team, a white cover artist, and white booksellers. And this process is considered natural and objective.

A Cultural Critic - Good writing is good writing. You are judging the perspective of a person based on skin colour alone. That is #racist. Shame on you.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're saying that as if all people are cookie cutter copies of each other with skin color being the only difference between us. Don't ignore political and cultural biases.

A Cultural Critic - Britt is doing precisely that—ignoring individual differences between people—as the suggestion is that race is all that matters. I’ll be blunt enough to call it #racism.

Muhammad Rasheed - No. The problem is that cultural biases are built into those individuals, and reinforced among each other when one particular group with it's well known myopic viewpoint holds a monopoly of power over an industry. That's where the #racism comes in.

A Cultural Critic - So a white man is so inescapably conditioned by his #whiteness and #masculinity that he is incapable of stepping outside of his alleged privileged perspective? We then reach important conclusions about who this person is based on his race and sex alone. That’s dangerous thinking

Muhammad Rasheed - It also adds some insight to the nature of the very real systemic racism prevalent in the country, and to a degree explains why monopolies/cartels are wrong, and why anti-trust laws are necessary. No good comes from all the gatekeepers being of one group like that. None.

Unless the only "good" you wish to see in society are for more whites than any other group to pass through the gate.

Muhammad Rasheed - Anyway, yes, it's been scientifically proven that whites are inescapably conditioned to be incapable of stepping outside of their privileged perspective.

Gutsell, J. N., & Inzlicht, M. Empathy constrained: Prejudice predicts reduced mental simulation of actions during observation of outgroups. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (2010), doi:10.1016/j.jesp.2010.03.011

A Cultural Critic - I guess I should just accept my #WhitePrivilege and self-flagellate.

Muhammad Rasheed - Based on the historic record, I think it's much more dangerous to pretend an all-white male cartel of gatekeepers isn't problematic for anyone not a white male.

A Cultural Critic - As matter of historic record, yes. But this isn’t 1950 anymore—the social, legal, political landscape is quite different today. But to my point, you can’t obviously escape conclusion that judging another’s perspective based on skin colour is #racism. I’m not okay with that.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's not 1950, but the blunt and anti-Black attitudes publicly vomited by your parent's generation have become the coded, political talking points of the modern white conservative. The only thing that has changed is the "politically correct" dressing over top your true feelings.

You're pretending that this is only about the shallow prejudice of "skin color," while we BOTH know it's about cultural indoctrination, long-held resentments, and long-held promises with the white elite who've agreed to uphold the white race over Blacks to keep you from slavery.

A Cultural Critic - If you don’t want to engage the issue at hand, that’s fine.

Muhammad Rasheed - All of these points are indeed the "issue at hand," and exactly why that graph's revelation of the cartel of white male gatekeepers over the publishing industry comes across as ominous and insightful as it does.

A Cultural Critic - Systematic racism is real. “Cultural indoctrination [and] long-held resentments” are also real. That’s not what we are talking about. I would never judge your viewpoint on the basis of your skin colour alone. That’s textbook #racism. You haven’t explained how it’s not.

Muhammad Rasheed -
  • Systemic racism = REAL.
  • Cultural indoctrination & long-held resentments = REAL
  • The socio-economic exclusion of POC by white males because of the above = REAL
  • Judging white males solely because of "the color of their skin" = NOT REAL
A Cultural Critic - Racism is morally egregious, and we should call it out in all of its manifestations. I just wish to judge people on the content of their words and actions rather than judge people on the basis of skin colour alone.

Muhammad Rasheed - Racism is an economic system designed to elevate one group at the expense of another. Any proclamations of having a zero tolerance for the tradition needs to start there and center it to be considered serious. The "judging on skin color" rhetoric is just the marketing campaign support to justify the economic exploitation.

A Cultural Critic - Are you saying that the empirical veracity of the first three points leads you to conclude that white males can’t escape their privileged position—and so when we judge white males as white makes, we are in fact judging them on the basis of this larger edifice?

Muhammad Rasheed - No, I'm judging what you want me to believe regarding your expressed opinion of "skin color," as it conflicts with the truth of how white males have behaved within the last 500 years. Your credibility here is at a deficit.

A Cultural Critic - A very #Marxist view of #racism. I disagree with this diagnosis, but it’s intelligible and perhaps defensible.

Muhammad Rasheed - It's a very well-documented view of how the systemic racism you admitted to came into being and flourished into the present day. It's the very source of the West's obscene wealth, particularly that controlled by the legacy families known as the 1%.

I have little interest in Marxism, and don't care how the facts of this history align to Karl's viewpoints.

A Cultural Critic - M. Rasheed wrote: "No, I'm judging what you want me to believe [...] Your credibility here is at a deficit."

Okay, now I have no idea what you are saying.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Try.

What do you THINK I'm saying, CC?

A Cultural Critic - I thought you were saying that it’s reasonable to judge white men quo white men because of long standing history of systematic racism, cultural indoctrination. In that sense, when you judge a white man as a white man, you aren’t judging him vacuum: you’re judging in largr context

I thought you were saying that, but you flat out rejected that claim before questioning my credibility.

Muhammad Rasheed - Okay, I interpreted your summary as saying that it's acceptable to judge whites based on shallow skin color because of things that happen outside of the individual's control.

What I was rejecting was the idea that this cartel of whites was innocent based on the nature of how systemic racism functions. Your insistence that the OP's anger at seeing the graph results was unfair makes your credibility suspect.

A Cultural Critic - I just don’t believe in judging a person’s perspective on anything other than their words and actions—not their race, cultural heritage, or historical factors outside of their control. If that makes my “credibility suspect,” so be it.

Muhammad Rasheed - Put yourself in my shoes and see it from my perspective for a minute just so you can understand the other point of view. Systemic racism has two functions:

1) To maintain a permanent bondsman class to enable the 1%'s wealth hoards to grow
2) To partner with the poor whites to save them from being at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder. "Whiteness" is the racist aristocracy birthed from this partnership that today is coded as "the promise to the white working class."

The structure still functions today as it had back in 1950, it's just covered up with the smoke & mirror politically correct talk. The infamous wealth gap between the two races is by design, and cartels of white men are the gatekeepers that make sure their race is always ahead. None of this has anything to do with "skin color." It's not about "race." That talk is just the marketing campaign/justification for the true point of systemic racism, which is no less than plundering the wealth of one group to feed to the aristocracy. I'm the one being plundered, and my protests are dismissed by those doing the plundering, and by the middle class and poor whites who support/manage the system for the elitists to make sure THEY don't become the plundered.

No matter what happens to them, they rest assured still that at least they aren't ME.

I'm fighting for my freedom still, after 150 yrs of fighting in the war that abolished chattel, yet here I am. I cannot afford to not be suspicious of a group of white male gatekeepers.

Muhammad Rasheed - Do you understand? I am at war. I'm being deliberately prevented from building wealth over generations for my legacy. I've been politically and economically excluded from the mainstream to prevent me from escaping the exploitation trap created for me.

This is my state in the country of my birth, and you think I can afford to treat my active enemy with kind-hearted generosity without judgment, when he only EVER sees me as his prey.

Muhammad Rasheed - Before I can have that attitude that you can certainly afford to have, I will need the following conditions met:
1) Stop exploiting & plundering Black people
2) Pay them their Reparations due from generations of plunder/theft of their property
3) Stop suppressing their vote
4) Step aside and allow Blacks to do business and manage their own political affairs without hate/interference; allow them to be equal citizens of these United States of America, enjoying all the freedoms you currently take for granted.
Do this and I too will be able to live in a utopia La-La land, capable of seeing the OP's white male gatekeeper charts without instantly flinching in rage & disgust for good damn reason.

A Cultural Critic - I agree that systematic racism has some of its roots in economics (not just evolutionary tribalism) and that white males disproportionately occupy privileged societal positions, in large part, because of this structure. I disagree, however, with your fatalism about white people

Muhammad Rasheed - lol That's because you are a white person indoctrinated into worshiping yourself as the son of god and the pinnacle of human evolution. Of course you would reject the truth of what our groups' relationship has meant to me. You've justified my status by convincing yourself that I deserved every evil thing your group does to me ("He was like a DEMON!!" ~Officer Darren Wilson).

Anthony Vance - but you aint hiding yours ..are you?

Muhammad Rasheed - Hiding my what, Anthony? My racism?

Muhammad Rasheed - It's in the alt-right code of conduct to pretend not to be racist (they're really bad at that part btw).

I'm not racist. I do have a zeal for anti-racist activism though which causes some whites to get unbearably uncomfortable. They often associate that discomfort with some form of persecution, but that is inaccurate. Feeling guilty because some members of the oppressed class don't want to play your little games doesn't mean you are experiencing racism. That's not how that works.

Anthony Vance - you,re narrative doesnt fit all us white people bro..pick a different target..be a trail blazer...you make it sound as if all white people are secretly racist and i could give two fucks...my son is colombian...my second wife is black and our three girls...i grew up in the 70s on welfare and im tired of this "millenial" attitude...i got along fine living on long island with blacks..spanish..indians and whom ever...but THIS SHIT is what keeps the narrative going...do something positive young man...if we all stop talking about race...it becomes a non-factor...i just see someone who watches too much news and reads too many bull-shit posts..take that bull crap with you

Anthony Vance - btw..oppressed? not for decades my friend..brush up on your history

Muhammad Rasheed - Anthony wrote: "you,re narrative doesnt fit all us white people bro.."

So? Who said it had to? The facts of history reveal that there were white people actively fighting to abolish slavery from the very beginning of the country's origins. Since I'm very aware of this fact, naturally my anti-racism message wasn't intended for all whites that may hear it. If you were brushed up on your history yourself, perhaps you would not have made that comment.

Anthony wrote: "pick a different target..be a trail blazer..."

No, thank you. This here target is the most worthy opponent for my art, since it's the one that most directly affects my ethnic group's quality of life. I am working on new & exciting trail-blazing tactics to fight systemic racism though, if that helps you.

Anthony wrote: "you make it sound as if all white people are secretly racist and i could give two fucks..."

lol Only if all white people are members of the alt-right who do believe in pretending to not be racist when they are in public forums.

Anthony wrote: "my son is [...] and our three girls..."

None of that means anything to me. Should it? There were also mixed race people around during slavery. Did that mean slavery wasn't that bad or something? All that it ultimately meant was that the dominant class of our racist aristocracy felt themselves entitled to Black bodies, and your boasting of it now merely reminds me of that. Is Captain Kirk your favorite fictional character?

Anthony wrote: "i grew up in the 70s on welfare and im tired of this 'millenial' attitude..."

Well, I'm tired of racism, and of the dismissive and annoyed attitudes from whites when Blacks express that they want to be finally free of racism. I guess that makes us even, huh?

Anthony wrote: "i got along fine living on long island with blacks..spanish..indians and whom ever..."

Did you? I'll bet King Leopold would've said he got along just fine living in the Congo, too.

Anthony wrote: "but THIS SHIT is what keeps the narrative going..."

An interesting concept. Meanwhile, it's the actions of dedicated racists, and their passive supporters, that keeps the very real socio-economic oppression of Black people going. I have zero vested interest in coddling white people's feelings when it comes to this issue. Not talking about it literally only helps my active enemy in the earth, so why would I not exercise my right of expression to protest the exploitation of my people?

Anthony wrote: "do something positive young man..."

Expressing myself honestly through my art and as a conduit of my research is VERY positive. I'm sorry your narrow mind proves incapable of seeing that.

Anthony wrote: "if we all stop talking about race..."

Then the racists will win, and can enjoy their plundered loot unopposed. To take your advice would be both cowardly and evil.

Anthony wrote: "it becomes a non-factor..."

You're saying to simply look away and ignore the country's biggest and most enduring evil is to cure it? What kind of impotent magic spell is that?

Anthony wrote: "i just see someone who..."

It doesn't matter what you think you see, since you've proven to know nothing at all.

Anthony Vance - creative spin son...good luck with all that hate

Muhammad Rasheed - The only thing I hate is the White Supremacist Ideology and those who knowingly support it. All freedom-loving people should hate these items, and not just for themselves.

Anthony Vance - ok brah

Monday, January 1, 2018

Master of the Climate Scientists

Special Deliveries

WHITE PEOPLE'S RACISM MESSAGE #1 (Roman J. Israel, Esq): "Listen, please stop worshiping the civil rights leaders of the past. Even though they did vital, maybe even great work for the time they were in, they were still very flawed, very BLACK individuals who were not worth praising. The world has moved on, and left them FAR behind. It's better to just get over the past and move forward to a bright new post-racial world. We can't do that by idolizing racist old Black activists who no longer have a place, but only by compromise. You just have to accept that poverty and the criminal element is the unfortunate reality of being African-American. It just is, and the better we can all accept that fact -- and accept that without working for us kind-hearted and well-meaning whites -- you don't have any kind of chance of staying off the streets and sleeping in a gutter. You'll just have to understand that there is an acceptable number of Blacks who must be eaten up by the natural order of things, and that many HAVE to go to prison forever just to keep our economy going. They give up their worthless Black criminal lives so that GOOD Americans can live full and well.  Stop looking to the figures behind you and trust us whites to take over the progress from here. Here's the two-time Academy Award winning actor, and pillar of the African-American community DENZEL WASHINGTON!!! to explain it to you in your own vernacular. May White Jesus® bless you."

WHITE PEOPLE'S RACISM MESSAGE #2 (Bright): "Racism has nothing to do with us white people, and it's certainly not 'systemic' in our post-racial society.  That's absurd. The past is the past, and WE'VE moved on. When will you? When will YOU learn to move on, Black people? You see, we no longer see color since we've now embraced the fact that The Only Race is the Human Race. The only racism that exists is the racism that Blacks keep in their hearts by holding on to grudges and resentments from wrongs (were they really 'wrong' though? #AgreeToDisagree) that haven't been enacted in our society for decades or even centuries. Racism is all in your head, and as soon as YOU let the past go and learn how to forgive us whites from old naughtiness, and turn the other cheek when our precious & vulnerable mentally ill whites accidentally shoots a (probably criminal) Black person in a church or whatever, then racism can finally die, and our nation can be great once again. Here's the multiple Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated, Grammy award winning artist, and pillar of the African-American community WILL SMITH!!! to explain it to you in a way you can better relate to. May the very White Jesus® show you the way."