Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Enduring Petty Discomfort for the Greater Good

Friday, June 15, 2018

The GOP's Faux-Fairness Flimflamery

Gary McCoy - [POLL] Obama 'worst president' since World War II | USA Today

I think he finally found a legacy he can keep.

Muhammad Rasheed - The graph results for Best and Worst presidents looks like the majority of people polled were young conservatives.

Gary McCoy - @Muhammad, "looks like"? One could just as easily say that for any poll reflecting positively for Obama, that, "the majority of people polled were young liberals."

Muhammad Rasheed - It's true. That's one of the traits of opinion polls. You can tell who they talked to when soliciting "off-the-street" opinions based on what the data analysis shows.

The article headline gives the skewed impression that they polled a more evenly diverse group, but the actual results analysis shows otherwise:

"Best president? REAGAN!!! Worst president? That Kenyan Moozlem!!!"

Gary McCoy - I'm sorry, but simply saying, "... the actual results analysis shows otherwise." does not make it so. What proof do you have that it was anything but a fair survey sampling?

Muhammad Rasheed - The proof is that it was specifically a "public opinion poll" (conducted by the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, in fact), and opinion polls fall along ideological/partisan lines because that's how people's raw opinions fall. The sample of people polled reflected the same demographic bias of the results.

Gary McCoy - Uh, how do you KNOW the sample of people polled "reflected the same demographic bias of the result."? Unless you were in on the polling, you DON'T know what the sampling demographic was. And by your blanket statement, there is NO survey whose results are accurate. And that includes those reflecting favorably on Obama.

Muhammad Rasheed - Gary wrote: "Uh, how do you KNOW the sample of people polled 'reflected the same demographic bias of the result.'?"

Because that's the nature of "opinion."

Gary McCoy - Okay, then I was correct. There is no poll which you believe is accurate. The idea of a survey is to take a random sampling which based upon statistics, reflects the opinions of the greater population without asking every single person.

Muhammad Rasheed - In the case of this here random sampling, the majority of those polled happened to lean conservative with an anti-Obama bias. The USA Today article writers took that poll and wrote a headline that gave the impression that the sampling was more evenly balanced.

Muhammad Rasheed - A more accurate headline would have read, "[POLL] GOP still thinks Obama worst president ever."

Gary McCoy - The idea of a random sampling is that it inherently produces accurate results. Unless you were to ask the people at a Hillary rally if they think Trump is doing a good job.

I didn't see anywhere in the article where they reveal exactly the sampled group. Where do you get your information that "the majority of those polled happened to lean conservative with an anti-Obama bias"?

Muhammad Rasheed - lol The analysis of the polling results of the sample group's opinions revealed that the majority of them -- that thought Obama the worst president -- were conservative with an anti-Obama bias.

Muhammad Rasheed - Opinions reflect ideological, political, and cultural biases.

Gary McCoy - M. Rasheed wrote: "A true random sampling will be a toss up as to what percentage of different demographics you get. If this one was truly random then they just happened to grab a bunch of Tea partiers or whatever in the mix."

In other words, you won't accept the credibility of any poll unless it mirrors your own opinions. Sorry, you don't get to pick the sampling group.

If the survey was truly biased, as you're making out, then it would have been, "100% of those surveyed say Obama is the worst president". But it didn't. Proving you wrong.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm not saying the sampling was deliberately biased. I'm saying the results of the opinion poll, in showing the opinions of those polled, revealed their inherent ideological/political/cultural biases.

It's an opinion poll, Gary. It asks people what their opinions are regarding a specific topic. Opinions are biased by their nature. The demographic that we know fr sure who believe that Obama was the worst president were those who voted for Trump.

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Kirby Weaponizes the Hadith (poorly)

Kirb Brimstone - @Muhammad... Lol made me think of you and how you don't follow the Hadith tradition [anti-Islam Spam].

Muhammad Rasheed - I follow the Qur'an tradition, and the hadith that directly support the Qur'an's guidance. I'm not an Arab, so I'm not likely to blindly follow old traditions that old Arabs falsely assigned as hadith so they wouldn't lose them.

Kirb Brimstone - Also Why mention Arabs? 75% of Islam follows the Hadith as sacred texts. It is the earliest writings on the life of Muhammad.

Muhammad Rasheed - I mentioned the Arabs because there's a lot of fabricated hadith that were added as pro-Arab traditionalism by the various sultans, sheikhs, mullahs, etc., over the centuries. Since I'm not Arab I have no inclination to kneejerk react to protect that stuff. The Qur'an is the Word of God, and the hadith are not. When God said to follow the way of the prophet, it was because he followed the Qur'an correctly in the Best Practice way God approved of. So if the hadith list items that don't make sense in that Best Practice context because of the political manipulations of greedy men, why would I treat the hadith as infallible?

Kirb Brimstone - Which Hadith? What proof do you have that they were added as pro Arab Hadith. As you know Arabs make up a small part of Islam The majority of Islam sees the Hadith a sacred scripture. What gives you the right to exclude the ones you think are "pro-Arab"?

Muhammad Rasheed - The point of the hadith and the reason why God tells the believers to follow the way of His prophet is my proof.

Muhammad Rasheed
- If we can't reasonably match a hadith with a corresponding verse or concept expressed in the revealed scripture it's supposed to support, then I have no logical reason to take it seriously as anything more than an historical curio.

Muhammad Rasheed - Your futile dream of converting me to Western Christianity is apparently hinged upon your need to somehow trick me into believing the very man-made ahadith are the infallible Word of God that I must accept at face value.

Since I'm not that stupid, you may as well leave me alone now, right?

Kirb Brimstone - How do you "match" Hadith with corresponding verse? This answer is gibberish. Have you even read the Quran or any hadith? I have. What do you believe about the life of Muhammad?

Muhammad Rasheed
- You've never read the Qur'an, Kirb. You only skim the cherry-picked verses on your anti-Islam websites.

Kirb Brimstone - Oh I have read the Quran and it's poorly written gibberish. The only good stuff is the stuff copied from Jewish and Christian texts.

Muhammad Rasheed - No, you haven't. You've ask too many questions over the years that prove you have never read it. Or are you now trying to convince me you actually had the patience to force yourself through an entire text of incomprehensible gibberish? lol You can't even force yourself to answer my questions in these threads, so please.

Kirb Brimstone - M. Rasheed wrote: "You can't even force yourself to answer my questions in these threads"

Bwahhahaha.. You are following the example of Muhammad indeed.

I have asked no less than 6 questions and you've answered none..

Muhammad Rasheed - You asked me if I thought camel pee was good for me. I rejected any and everything about it, but you acted confused and asked the same question over and over again.

This is quality of discussion I've come to expect from you.

Kirb Brimstone - Yeah I know Muhammad You follow the Hadith you like

Muhammad Rasheed - If by "hadith I like" you mean "hadith that don't conflict with the message God revealed to the prophet" then you would be correct.

Kirb Brimstone - You need Hadith to understand the Quran. So how do you choose what you follow... answer anything that doesn't embarrass my western sensibilities.

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb wrote: "The Quran reads like gibberish."

Why do you assume I share your opinion of that? If I did I wouldn't be Muslim. I subscribe to Islam precisely because I believe what God said in the Qur'an.

btw, I'm not likely to willingly coddle western sensibilities. I suggest you NOT show me your tender underbelly.

Kirb Brimstone - Sunnis would say you are not a real Muslim. How do you follow Sunnah?

Muhammad Rasheed - I've never claimed any sects. If you've read the Qur'an then you should know why.

Kirb Brimstone - Well why don't you lay it out.

Kirb Brimstone - DO YOU FOLLOW SUNNAH?

Muhammad Rasheed - God said: "Do not break your religion up into sects."
"Sunni" or "Shia" do not belong to me. They belong to those who've gone astray. I'm not interested in any sects per my Lord's command.

I'm certainly not going to be cornered into being into sects by someone like you. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - I believe in Allah, follow the Qur'an, and follow those hadith that align to the Qur'an in verse and/or spirit.

You unrepentant hellbound may have the rest.

Kirb Brimstone - Finally an answer.

M. Rasheed wrote: "I believe in Allah, follow the Qur'an"

Okay. So then you do follow the Quran.

How do you follow Surah 33:21?

Muhammad Rasheed - By following the hadith that align to the verse and/or spirit of the Qur'an, which matches the nature of the praise God heaped upon His messenger.

Kirb Brimstone - How do you know God heaped praise on Muhammad?

Muhammad Rasheed - Because God is doing it in the 33:21 verse you literally just referenced. lol

Kirb Brimstone - lol

Muhammad Rasheed - This is the quality of discussion I have come to expect of you. Did I mention that?

Kirb Brimstone - Circle complete.

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you trying to "get me" with a circular reasoning fallacy? You know you're supposed to be a subscriber to Abrahamic Religious tradition, too, right? That's the nature of that belief system. There's no getting around it in matters of faith.

Kirb Brimstone - You admit to circular reasoning? Sad.

Not Christian faith. Christian faith is not a blind faith.

We don't have to appeal to a fallacy to defend what we believe.

You will be without excuse on judgement day. Repent of your willful ignorance.

Kirb Brimstone - I pity you I truly do.

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb wrote: "Christian faith is not a blind faith."

Then where is your definitive material scientific proof that the Christ Jesus was the literal 'son of God' and deity that died of his earthly form in a sacrifice to save humanity from their sins?

Kirb Brimstone - So I use other tools. To learn truth about the past I use the tools of history. (Something you are very confused about based on our past conversations)

To prove the existence of God I use the tools of Logic and Philosophy.

Trying prove the existence of God with science is like trying to weigh a duck with thermometer. Wrong tool.

That is why I have spent most of my life studying Christian Apologetics. (I kinda wish you would study Islamic apologetics)

But that isn't what YOU do. You argue in a circle. I believe the Quran because the Quran tells me to then you have this amazing confirmation bias that rules out anything you don't already believe.

That's isn't pious it's irrational. And being willingly (emphasis on willingly) irrational is not an excuse when you are before the LORD Jesus Christ's Judgement seat.

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb wrote: "I pity you I truly do."

I have no idea what that means when you say it. I don't even know how I should interpret it.

Kirb wrote: "Now I know you don't listen to anything I've said for teh past decade we've interacted."

Sure I have. That's how I know you are full of crap. You're the one that doesn't listen to me and my argument, hence this asinine 'hadith' angle you're taking in this thread. I've told you a hundred times what my position is about the hadith, yet you continuously try to MAKE me take on someone else's position so that your pre-packaged, canned "How to minister to a Mooslem" script will work.

Kirb Brimstone - M. Rasheed wrote: "definitive material scientific proof that the Christ Jesus was the literal 'son of God"

Now I know you don't listen to anything I've said for the past decade we've interacted. C'mon Muhammad you know I don't subscribe to scientism. I

Science isn't the only methodology to discover truth. Science can only answer questions about nature and the physical.

Your question is supernatural and metaphysical.

Let me drop some WLC on you:  Does science prove everything?

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb wrote: "(I kinda wish you would study Islamic apologetics)"

No thanks. I don't need someone else's problematic canned argument to defend my faith. That body of traditionalism literature is even more problematic than the hadith, and only gets us further and further from the revealed truth of scripture. I suggest you leave that mess alone, purge your mind of it, and study scripture for real to show yourself approved.

Kirb Brimstone - M. Rasheed wrote: "I don't need someone else's problematic canned argument to defend my faith."

Yeah you'd rather simply believe something just to believe it.

You will have no excuse when Judgement day comes You willingly follow lies.

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb wrote: "Trying prove the existence of God with science is like trying to weigh a duck with thermometer."

lol Agreed. For me I would never try to prove God's existence.

Kirb wrote: "Yeah you'd rather simply believe something just to believe it."

The requirement of Abraham's God is that we believe. That we have faith, and behave in the world according to that belief. If that is what my Lord requires in order for me to be saved, then who are you, O Pauline Christian, to seek to impotently guilt me for doing so?

Kirb Brimstone - Muhammad misquoted me... Kirb wrote: "Trying prove the existence of God with science is like trying to weigh a duck with thermometer."

M. Rasheed wrote: "lol Agreed. For me I would never try to prove God's existence."

I never said trying to prove God's existence is misguided or something I don't do. I did say trying to prove God's existence with Science is misguided and that science isn't the only way to discover truth.

SMH. People read this you know?

Kirb Brimstone - [anti-Islam Spam]

Muhammad Rasheed - I said, "For me."

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm the one saying trying to prove God is misguided based on God's requirements for those who believe.

Kirb Brimstone - M. Rasheed wrote: "I'm the one saying trying to prove God is misguided based on God's requirements for those who believe."

M. Rasheed wrote: "based on God's requirements for those who believe."

How do you know what God's requirements are?

Let me guess...

Muhammad Rasheed - You don't have to guess. As a believer in Abraham's God I use the Word of God to find out what God's requirements are for His Creation in the usual fashion.

Kirb Brimstone - How do you know what the word of God is?

Muhammad Rasheed - The scripture preached by the prophets is/was the Word of God.

Kirb Brimstone - How do you know what the word of God is?

Muhammad Rasheed - I can tell by the way you argue that you've allowed atheists to beat you up, so you've taken on their Godless argument style for yourself.

Didn't I already admit that the 'circular reasoning' fallacy is just a part of faith-based arguments? Why are you trying to corner me into one again when I already said it doesn't mean anything to me? I'm a believer who has faith that God is real, His books are real, his prophets are real and the unseen spirit is real. Those beliefs represent the definitive Truth. I can't stop making circular reasoning arguments by linking lesser truths back to them, and I really don't mind it either.

Muhammad Rasheed - Anyway, I know what the Word of God is because God said it was His Word and I am to believe in it in order to be saved.

So I do. I believe God.

Kirb Brimstone - No Answer. You have chosen to be irrational and can't defend your faith.

Not only is Islams defeat public but my God has gotten you to archive the arguments for me.

Make sure to add this to the collection. I like to send people who are on the fence to read our debates.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol I did answer your question, Kirb.

I defend my faith all the time.

Kirb Brimstone - Uh-huh.

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb wrote: "Not only is Islams defeat public..."


Kirb Brimstone - [anti-Islam Spam]

Muhammad Rasheed - I think you're at your worst when you wear the atheist argument during these discussions. It's weird.

Kirb Brimstone - [anti-Islam Spam]

Muhammad Rasheed - Question: Why are you double posting so much in this thread? Is it a glitch in your phone?

Kirb Brimstone - THe answer to you question is [anti-Islam Spam] 

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm familiar with the anti-Islam propagandist David Wood. He has no answers for me and wouldn't know truth if it tongue kissed him. No thanks.

Kirb Brimstone - Are you? Are "familiar" with David Wood?

Muhammad Rasheed - Yup.

Kirb Brimstone - If this is the best Islam has to offer Islam's days are numbered. IT will fall to the waste side.

Muhammad Rasheed - In fact, I'm more familiar with him and his claptrap than you are with Islam.

Muhammad Rasheed - If what is the best?

Kirb Brimstone - M. Rasheed wrote: "In fact, I'm more familiar with him and his claptrap than you are with Islam."

I bet you are.

Man give me a call when you are ready to talk.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't want to talk to you. Reading your foolishness is a big enough waste of time. lol

Kirb Brimstone - You afraid?

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me why are you double posting so much here? Is this strategy or a mistake?

Kirb Brimstone - Afraid.

Muhammad Rasheed - Do you believe your arguments make more sense verbally?

Based on what?

Kirb Brimstone - Okay I am done. This has been fruitful. Those reading this see what Islam has to defend their beliefs.


Muhammad Rasheed - Perhaps this mysterious audience will be astute enough to notice that you didn't have any kind of offense in this thread. lol I didn't have anything to defend against. You asked me some questions, you pretended I didn't answer them because I didn't follow the script you needed me to (mostly because of my disdain for apologetic literature), and then you started babbling.

Then as a consolation prize, you wore your atheist hat to ding me with 'circular reasoning' points for your debate club folio.

What any of that had to do with "defending Islam" is beyond me, but it is typical of the quality of discussion I've come to expect from you. Your strength is consistency, I guess.

Kirb Brimstone - Let me ask you how do you pray?

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you asking me a question from a Christian missionary script designed for those "Qur'an Only" guys? I don't reject the entire body of hadith, Kirb, just the ones that conflict with the Word of God.

Kirb Brimstone - [anti-Islam Spam]

Kirb Brimstone - What is wrong with you? Ramadan got your blood sugar low? How many times do you pray?

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't understand why you are asking me what is wrong with me.

It seems like you're asking yet another canned question you found on an anti-Islam site that doesn't have anything to do with me. The fact that you are pursuing this particular line of questioning means you believe that I think that the hadith's guidance for Salat doesn't match what Allah says. Why would you think that? Do you think praying to God MORE than the bare minimum would somehow piss God off?

Kirb Brimstone - Your answers are canned as you cannot answer my questions. I will try again.

Do you believe Camel urine is good for you? If not why?

Muhammad Rasheed - That's not what 'canned' means. 'Canned' is when I Google your question and it pops up verbatim on a hundred different anti-Islam sites.

I am not an Arab. I have no reason to be over-fond of using camel urine as a household product which is part of local Arabian traditions.

Kirb Brimstone - Why do you avoid the question like the plague. Should I assume you do not have the answer?

Muhammad Rasheed - Was my answer too coded for you?

I have never given any thought as to whether camel urine is "good for me" or not. Ever.

Is that more direct?

Muhammad Rasheed - Do you still consider that avoiding the question? lol

Kirb Brimstone - Okay... now I am asking you. Do you think Camel Urine is good for stomach aches?

Muhammad Rasheed - I wouldn't think any kind of urine would be good for stomach aches personally. Just the thought of it is turning my stomach now.

Kirb Brimstone - Okay. How does the Hadith that says Camel urine is good for your stomach contradict the Quran?

[anti-Islam Spam]

Muhammad Rasheed - "How does it support the Qur'an's message?" is the real question.

How does drinking camel piss get me closer to paradise?

Muhammad Rasheed - The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had a very specific job function, and God told the believers to follow the messenger's way of performing the religion for a very specific reason.

How does drinking camel piss (or using it as shampoo or whatever else) save me from hell?

Muhammad Rasheed - To question another type of hadith in that same vein, how would dressing like a desert-dwelling Arab, while in the winter of Detroit, Michigan, get me closer to paradise?

Muhammad Rasheed - My point is that -- even if every single ahadith really is authentic and exactly what it claims to be* as far as being the exact actions/sayings of the prophet -- they are not all relevant to my religion.

*they ain't.

Kirb Brimstone - You are in serious denial. According to you the sources about Mohammad's life can't be trusted.

You don't believe much of them. Muhammad is an obvious huckster. If you applied a 10th of the criticism you have for the Bible that the Quran affirms to the Quran you'd flee the lie that is Islam.

Kirb Brimstone - [anti-Islam Spam]

Kirb Brimstone - Paradise is far from you if you follow a false prophet.

Obviously false. Camel Urine doesn't heal your tummy. Why did Muhammad say it does?

Muhammad Rasheed - Why do you think the prophet said it did, Kirb?

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb wrote: "You are in serious denial."

You lack the ability to critically think. A vital skill in scriptural analysis, hence the piss poor quality of your argument. 

Kirb wrote: "You don't believe much of them."

I believe in the ones that matter, that perform the function they were intended to. The ones that were fabricated to further some sultan's or mullah's agenda, not so much.

Muhammad Rasheed - Why don't you believe the other things in ahadith that the prophet was said to be?

Kirb Brimstone - Such as?

Muhammad Rasheed - That he was the final messenger of Abraham's God.

Kirb Brimstone - Why did Muhammad teach THIS?

Muhammad Rasheed - Why do you believe the prophet taught that, Kirb?

Kirb Brimstone - Multiply attested early sources claim he did.

If you look at Hadith tradition (even if the earliest texts that are considered merely as historical interest then you should believe he taught that. You can't dismiss the hadith because it embarrassed you or you think it contradicts the Quran ( I don't see how it does)

If you dismiss strong Hadith like the drinking camel urine and suckling your friends wife. How in the world do you follow the Sunnah of the Prophet?

So why did he teach this?

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb, the hadith claim LOTS of things about what the prophet Muhammad said and/or did. If you're going to go on a crusade to convince me I should accept the hadith as definitively true and divinely infallible because you want to believe that, you know that makes you a Muslim, right?

The hadith say that Muhammad wasn't a false prophet, was indeed the messenger of Abraham's God, and the Qur'an is exactly what it claims to be. Do you believe all of this hadith material, too? Or do you just want to cherry-pick the parts you absorb into your anti-Islam confirmation bias?

Kirb Brimstone - M. Rasheed wrote: "Why do you believe the prophet taught that, Kirb?"

I answered: "Multiply attested early sources claim he did."

M. Rasheed wrote: "Kirb, the hadith claim LOTS of things [...] because you want to believe it, you know that makes you a Muslim, right?"

This is what I have to deal with. I answer your question and you ignore mine opting to attack a straw-man instead.

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb wrote: "If you dismiss strong Hadith like the drinking camel urine..."

What are you using to determine whether a given hadith is "strong" or not, when the scholars themselves admit that no serious vetting took place to determine which hadith were actually strong or not? This is the main source of the hadith controversy.

Kirb wrote: "( I don't see how it does)"

lol You're the same guy who kept referring to the Qur'an as incomprehensible gibberish, right? So what does your admitting that you "don't see how it does" anything supposed to mean to me? If you deliberately take the time to attempt to manipulate me into not using the Qur'an in a discussion because you proudly proclaim you are far too ignorant to use it as a reference, why then would you spin on your heel to try to use the Qur'an as a reference and expect me to take you seriously?

Once you saw early on that the Qur'an point blank says Jesus was never crucified, you never attempted to read the Book again. That's the impression you give every time you mention the Qur'an, and why you've doubled-down on your attempts to throw the very NON-divine hadith in my face as if it would be good enough.

The ahadith are not the Qur'an, Kirb, and I have never been confused about that. God told us to follow the prophet's example in how the unlettered prophet performed the commands of scripture. Since you seem to be confused on that score, please note that the Qur'an tells the believers to be clean... to purify themselves. Since literally nothing about drinking or rubbing animal piss on one's self is even remotely 'purifying,' it should be obvious to anyone with at least half a brain that these so-called ahadith contradict both the verse (there are no camel urine references in the Qur'an) and spirit (rubbing thick, greasy animal piss on yourself is the polar opposite of being clean) of the Qur'an. Therefore the camel piss hadith are fabricated nonsense.


Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb wrote: "This is what I have to deal with."

Or you COULD choose to stop tagging me in this foolishness.

Muhammad Rasheed - Kirb wrote: "I answer your question and you ignore mine opting to attack a straw-man instead."

"Strawman?" You want me to accept the camel piss hadith as real, even though they do not align to the verse nor spirit of the Word of Allah, but you dismiss the ahadith's numerous confirmations that Muhammad ibn Abdullah really was the holy prophet of God. Why doesn't your same argument for believing the camel piss hadith apply to the far more important Al-Islam 101 hadith?

Because you're just playing silly games. And you're bad at it.

Kirb Brimstone - M. Rasheed wrote: "What are you using to determine whether a given hadith is 'strong'"

Islamic scholarship. What else? Circular logic? Blind faith?

No thanks.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Islamic scholarship" is notorious for having dropped the ball on a proper quality assurance methodology for vetting the hadith. That's a YUGE/BIGLY part of the hadith controversy from within the Islamic institutions themselves.

So how are you as a dedicated outsider justifying his insistence on how he believes a Muslim should be treating that body of problematic literature?

Muhammad Rasheed - And stop pretending Christians aren't using blind faith to accept the 'Jesus is divine' narrative, please. It's embarrassing.

Kirb Brimstone - Non-sense. Controverial hadith is weak hadith.

There are hadith that aren't controversial those are called strong Hadith.

Muhammad Rasheed - All hadith are controversial based on the early 'scholars' NOT using a proper methodology to determine whether the narratives they collected from the populace over those centuries were real or not. They never even tried later either, so the whole 'scholarship' around them is a sham.

That's why I only accept the ones that align in verse and/or spirit to the divine Al Qur'an, the undisputed Word of Allah. Which is what they should have used in the first place.

Kirb Brimstone - I definitely don't use blind faith to follow Christ. I wouldn't be a Christian if that was all they had to offer. It's why I am not a Muslim. You have no evidence to support the Quran.

As Paul suggested my evidence is in the Resurrection.

Islam has no such confidences.

This dialog with you strengthen a informed and evidence based faith in the true God and I pity your blind faith in deception.

Again. Willing Ignorance and irrationality is no excuse.

Kirb Brimstone - Pathetic.

Muhammad Rasheed - You definitely use blind faith and literally nothing else, and all your claims to the contrary are just the silly babbling foolishness I've come to expect from you.

Muhammad Rasheed - Why do you keep tagging me in this stuff?

Kirb Brimstone - 99.999999999999999999% of Islam would condemn you as a heritic.

But why should I be surprised can you agree on anything? [anti-Islam Spam]

Muhammad Rasheed - Appeal to the People logical fallacy.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't give a damn what other people think. I study to show myself approved before my Lord. You may go on to hell with that 99.999999999999999999%.

Kirb Brimstone - M. Rasheed wrote: "Why do you keep tagging me in this stuff?"

I get good feedback from many who read our interaction.

You are angry and bitter. You can't be happy. I hope you abandon your folly and repent. Come to the true God.

Muhammad Rasheed - You should know that I think you are the biggest fool I've yet encountered on social media. Your own "feedback" is the metric I use to determine whether I'm on the right track or not in my research.

Stop tagging me in these, please. You are quite on my nerves.

Kirb Brimstone - Good. If it wakes you up then good.

Muhammad Rasheed - How would you "wake me up," Kirb, when everything you type is the committed babbling of the fool?

All you do is irritate me. You lack value in discourse, and are rapidly using up the last of the BSH nostalgia energy I keep you around for.

Muhammad Rasheed - Without fail, whenever a Black person calls me "angry and bitter" it means they are a white supremacy supporting coon.

Go away, please.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Packaged Kind and Well-Meaning Sabotage of Black Empowerment

Loron Brazelton - Great that your fanbase gets you. But can you get them together to get that reparations money?LOL Draw that. Then you won't have to worry about our white views.

Muhammad Rasheed - This is my first time encountering your particular point of view on that topic. Usually whites turn into infuriated, froth-mouthed beasts of pure anger when the Black Reparations topic comes up. I'm fascinated at your attempts to bait ME with it. lol You are making me think about it from a new angle now.

Loron Brazelton - We are upset. Why do you think we call police in nice neighborhoods. Why do we belittle fast food workers etc.. How can we make people feel lesser than. In Order to feel lesser than they would have to have less. And we have mastered that game well. With both ends or all rather. Asians want to be like us, spanish that come here, and other races. Why? Because to them we mean something. But we have mastered nothing more than a myth to those and they easily follow. So much to the point that we have blinded you all from wanting your own money. It's fairly easy when you think about it. Yes we have hate but more importantly our goal is for you all to not ask. So we redirect you. It's very easy. We have been doing all races like this for years.

Muhammad Rasheed - Loron wrote: "So much to the point that we have blinded you all from wanting your own money."

I'm fascinated watching you continuously present this concept to me with a straight face. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - MLK, Jr. was assassinated because he set his jaw and was determined to get that Reparations cheque for his people. It is denied because the oppressor class never stopped plundering Blacks and now use a misdirection propaganda to pretend they aren't racists anymore (it's all in Black people's heads!).

Loron Brazelton - Don't try to use psychology on We invented that. someone mentioned Black wall street in one of your other post. If whites stopped that. Then why wouldn't we stop you all from your own money whats due to you. But yet you all would rather fight in the street over chump change. It's funny and to the point where we have our own losers trying to rap and act black yet make more money than the blacks they But yet we scared you all away from your own money. This is funny and a truth you can't deny. And to my strong point it can't be denied. And so that is why i bring it up. Well because blacks don't. And i find it

Muhammad Rasheed - The interesting part of Black Wall Street to me is that it wasn't the race 'riot' that stopped it. The Black citizens regrouped and built their community back up bigger than ever. What stopped them eventually was the 'Integration Era.'

Jason Pell - How many (successful) books pander to a monolithic white conservative viewpoint? Perhaps name a few.

Muhammad Rasheed - I was referring to the political cartoonists in context, but we can toss book authors on that pile, too. I would guess it was quite a few of the lot, considering how well that group sticks together and supports one another economically. It is enviable.

The Holy Qur'an 8:73 --- "The Unbelievers are protectors, one of another: Unless ye do this, protect each other, there would be tumult and oppression on earth, and great mischief."

Jason Pell - Fair enough. Ok, so which successful political cartoonists are you thinking of?

Muhammad Rasheed - All. Including the one caricatured in this piece.

Jason Pell - All. Of course.

Muhammad Rasheed - Of course. All of the successful cartoonists who pander to their own fan base achieved that very success because they patiently cultivated their fan base. This is common knowledge in general. It shouldn't be odd that it would work within specifics like group political partisanship and cultural ideology.

Mike Beckom - just a couple from my archives to offer counter-point to your comments.

Beckom Toon 01

Beckom Toon 02

Beckom Toon 03

Mike Beckom - you just keep standing on your street corner screaming, though.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Mike... Please note that the monolithic white conservative party planned to scapegoat Mr. "Drain-the-Swamp" Corporate Outsider from the moment Ted Cruz did his song & dance on record condemnation of Trumpamania at the RNC. This is the only way they can recover their brand after the way they've behaved in the last 17 yrs or so. They are definitely going to attempt to pin every single crappy thing they've done in the last 2 decades on Trump and their base will dutifully follow along.

So you taking soft-as-cake potshots at Trump, that are every bit as impotent and harmless as taping that 'Kick me' sign on a grade school rival's back, absolutely do NOT give the impression that you don't cater to your base. Y'all knew Trump was hot dripping garbage when he showed up, but you support him anyway because that's your greatest strength: You take care of each other. Did you notice that Paul Ryan turned on Trump the second he formally severed himself from the party? lol

The GOP's post-Trump recovery plan

Mike Beckom - Ok, let's start form the end of your post and work back. Ryan has never been a fan of Trump. Never. He has tentatively gone along with the company line because he realized that to do otherwise would've been political suicide.

I took shots at Trump that were seen by THOUSANDS of readers in my home state of SC ( a traditionally RED state). While you see them as 'soft-as-cake' they were most assuredly not received as such by the folks here in SC. You and I take different paths to achieve our message. You call mine soft, I see yours as exhaustively petulant.

I was not a Trump fan. He was not my first choice. HOWEVER, given a choice between him and that batcrap crazy Hillary, that choice was easy. That woman would've been 1000 times worse for this country than anything Trump has or will do.

As to your toon, I never once suggested that you cease pandering to your base. What I suggested was that to continue on your present path would never get your message to any other group that COULD help enact change - other than the handful of folks you street corner preach to with your work. The vast majority of folks 'not in your circle of trust' will not espouse your beliefs, side with you for change, or even take the time to read most of your toons because as I've already said....they are exhaustively petulant. You come across as the most pissed off, paranoid, unhappy camper in the country. I think that point was driven home to you quite distinctly during your foray onto the Cartoonist's Cafe page. I try to see your toons for the artistic works they are. Your constant attacks on all things 'white' paint you as one of the very things you preach against...racist. I've often tried to imagine what it would be like to go out to dinner with our wives. The evening would most likely start out well but would I'm sure, devolve into political discourse where you drone on and on with your conspiracy theories until my wife and I have enough and bid you goodnight - never to revisit another dinner with you.

Mike Beckom - I'd like to be open minded and remain friends with you. I have found that the more I look at your toons, the more hate-filled, divisive and racist they appear. While we agree to disagree on most things and try NOT to change one another's minds, I am truly taxed to remain understanding of where you're coming from. Lots of folks 'unfriend' folks on here and the other rarely knows. I'll be more forthcoming.....I'm going to unfriend you. Not because I oppose your views (you're entitled to your opinions as am I), not because of your religion, the color of your skin, your job, status in the community, etc. I'm going to unfriend you because it's become too tiresome to see the same ol hate spewed forth in every single thing you write, draw or tag on FB.

Bakkah Rasheed-Shabazz - @Mike... Just imagine how exhausting the use of excessive force against Indigenous Americas of African descent, whose great grandmothers were raped and forced to give birth to Englishmen’s, Irishmen’s, Frenchmen’s, German, and other colonialist’s offspring. That past history that’s been referred to by the “Demander and Chief” is called “America’s Greatness.” I have included a newspaper clip from February, 1988, to show our family’s experiences with the colorblind perceptive that you believe Muhammed must adapt to convince a “broader audience” to show empathy. I am sure you have noticed by now that Trump and the left are not capable of any normal human sentiments towards any people condemned to suffer discrimination based on xenophobic ideologies.

Mike Beckom - @Bakkah... my ancestors were Cherokee Indian. Not 'Native Americans'.....Cherokee Indian. They had their lands stolen, their property seized, their families separated - killed - and relocated . . . and they were killed for sport....or because they had the audacity to breathe. People of African descent can't really tell me bupkus about how badly their ancestors were treated. So were mine. I grow tired of Muhammad's droning on and on with everything he creates or posts because it is just that.....tiresome. If any of us were to have reason to be disenfranchised, pissed off or in want of seeing long overdue is MY people. And yet, I do not put that into every thing that I post. I enjoy my friendship with Muhammad. I would like to continue it.I am not disposed to do so and remain a target of his hostility or a practice audience for one of his unending slew of tirades.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "I took shots at Trump that were seen by THOUSANDS of readers in my home state of SC ( a traditional RED state). White you see them as 'soft-as-cake' they were most assuredly not received as such by the folks here in SC."
The GOP's Undying Loyalty,
with a Tiny Pinch of Snark

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "I never once suggested that you cease pandering to your base. What I suggested was that to continue on your present path would never get your message to any other group that COULD help enact change [...] I think that point was driven home to you quite distinctly during your foray onto the Cartoonist's Cafe page."
The Dubious Argument Against Black Empowerment

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "I'm going to unfriend you. Not because I oppose your views (you're entitled to your opinions as am I) [...] I'm going to unfriend you because it's become too tiresome to see the same ol hate spewed forth in every single thing you write, draw or tag on FB."
"I'm Not, But I Am": The Sabotage of Black Empowerment

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm genuinely curious what you mean when you say "hate-filled, divisive and racist." Could you point out examples of these in my work so that we are on the same page?

Muhammad Rasheed - It seems like you think the very act of protesting against racism is somehow "hate-filled, divisive and racist." This doesn't make sense to me yet considering it's hate-filled, divisive racism I'm protesting against. Does the very act of protesting against racism make you feel defensive?

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Sabotaging Black Empowerment

Aaron Trudgeon - The truth is we tend to be our own worse enemy

Darryl Wade - No we are not stop trying to spread that BS, when so called blacks did build towns and businesses, the were destroyed by racist white people and the authorities did nothing. Have you heard of black wall St. , The massacre in tusa, rosewood, and other incidents that happen in america. American schools keep these terrorist attacks out of the school books.

Kevin Birge - Most of what goes into the school books is useless. You can add the Great Society and Urban Renewal to the list of scams that got ran.I don't know what the answer is, but I can tell you it isn't more government.

Loron Brazelton - As a white male i have an issue with this picture. One with the bags full of money there's no reason that those two African americans can't build their own towns and business. The problem is that they don't stick together like Asians,Spanish, and European groups. No one can blame that on us white guys. They would have to place blame on themselves. I mean look at you all. Always complaining about Slavery. Yet you can't come together to get your reparation money.LOL It's sad you all would rather argue amongst yourselves and complain than fix your own issues. And if you all would work together actually the time is now to ask and complain about your reparations money while Trump is in office. Since you say he's a racist bigot. What would you all do if he actually paid the money out to you? Sometimes you fight for the wrong reasons. Would kill another one of your own race for $5 or a pair of shoes, drugs etc.. And complain about small time money that's not even worth one persons life. Yet won't even speak up to fight for your million dollars + per african descendant reparations to truly help your own race out.LOL SAD! When are you guys and gals going to realize? Do we have you all that distracted?

Muhammad Rasheed - Loron wrote: “One with the bags full of money there's no reason that those two African americans can't build their own towns and business.”

Systemic racism is all about theft of Black wealth. It plunders the Black community to build up the racist aristocracy of the west, widening the infamous wealth gap by design. During the breaking/seasoning phase of Reconstruction and later into jim crow, it was marked by the destruction of Black businesses and towns by a resentful proto white middle class, that didn’t tone down the barbarity of the lynching era until the wealth gap had increased sufficiently to give whites peace of mind that Blacks weren’t going to rule over them.

Loron wrote: “The problem is that they don't stick together like Asians,Spanish, and European groups.”

This phenomenon happened during the post-civil rights era when the “integrationalist assimilated tokenism” era began. Before that, sticking together in the way you describe is exactly how Black Americans survived, and even thrived, during the heights of both jim crow and as free people during the slavery era.

Loron wrote: “No one can blame that on us white guys. They would have to place blame on themselves.”

Considering I owe the rudimentary freedoms I possess today to the rivers of white pro-slavery blood that flowed during the Civil War, I am forced to agree with you.

Loron wrote: “What would you all do if [Trump] actually paid the [Reparations] money out to you?”

Watch stunned as his own people assassinate him for it on camera as an example to the rest of you.

Loron wrote: “Would kill another one of your own race for $5 or a pair of shoes, drugs etc.”

This is just nonsense partisan political rhetoric here. Criminals among every group are opportunistic by their nature, and obviously the opportunities among the striving poor would fuel the lifestyle of the petty criminal. On the other side of the tracks where the big money flows, the opportunistic criminals create nation-wide and even global Recessions that rock and destroy whole economies. Your habit of treating the criminal element among the Black poor as if they are somehow unusual – vilifying them as the foreign “other” to justify your abuse and plunder – is just the propaganda campaign of the mass incarceration industry.

Loron wrote: “Do we have you all that distracted?”

Yes, and it’s by design. I hope that by decoding that calculated distraction in my art I can aid in waking my people up and making the very changes that you are ranting about here.

Billy Kinder - What’s a black town ?

Craig Pitts - Ghettos and predominately black citys

Billy Kinder - Oh okay now I understand

Muhammad Rasheed - Black Town or Neighborhood 01

Black Town or Neighborhood 02

Black Town or Neighborhood 03

Black Town or Neighborhood 04

Black Town or Neighborhood 05

Black Town or Neighborhood 06

Black Town or Neighborhood 07

Black Town or Neighborhood 08

Muhammad Rasheed - The current "Ghettos and predominately black citys" [sic] is what's left in the aftermath.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Protecting the Narrative

Muhammad Rasheed - I watched fascinated as the real life superhero Mamoudou Gassama made it look easy as he climbed several floors of this building to rescue a French baby. Then I fucked around and read the comments underneath one of the articles. smh  One day I may learn my lesson, but it didn't happen THAT day. All the white supremacists came out to talk trash on the Malian hero, lamely attempting to cast doubt on whether the incident really happened or not based on the fact that Gassama is Black, Muslim, and an immigrant in Europe.

Then some incident involving the Cumberbatch actor started circulating. So I'm looking at that fresh off of reading the claptrap spread by the white supremacists, and my question is this: Who between us has the greater cause to doubt the presented hero story?  On the one hand, everything publicly proclaimed by whites about Black people is a lie designed to support the White Supremacist Ideology and the anti-Black systemic racism for which it stands. Plus the fact that your guy is a professional actor. lol I can't take anything you say at face value, and whenever I do, I end up looking like the naive trusting fool. On the other hand, everything you are using to cast faux-doubt on Gassama comes directly out of your anti-Black propaganda racism bag.

Clearly the scenario that my cartoon is showing has an objectively far more reasonable chance of being true than the typical nonsense you lot are spreading to slander Gassama.

See Also:

Notes While Observing #11: Driving the Narrative of 'Whiteness'

Saturday, June 2, 2018

True to Type

Q: How would you distinguish between the racism of the Atlantic Slave Trade and the quality of the slavery experienced by the Jewish people during their time as slaves in Egypt?

Muhammad Rasheed - The poor treatment the children of Israel received by the Egyptians was born from jealousy. When their ancestor, the prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) was elevated to a high-rank by the Pharaoh of his day, remember that Joseph used his position to send for his entire family and had them living like lords, including his knucklehead brothers. Their descendants enjoyed their new quality of life at the Egyptians’ expense and obviously weren't shy about it. The new Pharaoh of the Exodus period obviously echoed the resentments of his people, and punished the children of Israel for it.

By contrast, the victims of the Atlantic Slave Trade had been reduced to product/livestock because of the obscenely huge profits made from that system. The Dutch East India Company and its immediate rivals functioned as the prototypes of the modern ultra-greedy mega-corporations, and they quickly stopped looking at the trafficked Africans as humans at all in order to keep that gravy-train of money rolling in. The dictionary definition of what "racism" means developed as the justification for why it was acceptable to do this to people.

Kirb Brimstone - I don't get it. explain.

Michael Daniels - I honestly don't get what you're saying here.

Muhammad Rasheed - This scene represents the source of the Egyptian resentment that led to the children of Israel's persecution and abuse that Moses had to save them from later. I thought it was obvious. No?

Michael Daniels - I don't want to argue with you but my understanding is that the Egyptians, specifically the new Pharoah was concerned that the Israelites were multiplying at a faster rate than them and were blessed by Yaweh while the Egyptian pantheon was not blessing the Egyptians at all.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't see the conflict. The Hebrews were blessed, enjoying the best of Egypt that the prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) provided for them, and they certainly weren't shy about how they enjoyed it. How that was interpreted by the Egyptians, and the resentments it built in them, led directly to the type of decisions made regarding how they were going to deal with them. The One God saw the socio-political tension as a direct threat to the "your descendants will be more numerous than the stars in the sky" covenant, and anointed Moses (pbuh) to get the children of Israel out of there.

I don't see what there is to argue about, or why you and Kirb even got triggered over it.

Michael Daniels - Your explanation is fine for the most part but your cartoon is plays on the stereotype that Jews are greedy when all Biblical account says is they had a lot of children....The Israelites were in Egypt for three reasons A) Joseph saved the lives of most of the Egyptians and he directed his family to come...B) God told them to go C) The Pharoah invited them to stay.

Michael Daniels - Also, you have the greedy guy dressed in priestly trappings when the Aaronic priesthood wouldn't even be established until way in the future.

Michael Daniels - There's nothing in scripture that even implies the Israelites were fixated on gold or that they "weren't shy about how they enjoyed it" that's a complete fiction and smacks of blaming the victims. It was the Egyptians who were paranoid...enslaved a whole race of people and started killing their children right out of the womb.

Muhammad Rasheed - Deacon wrote: “…but your cartoon is antisemitic…”

No, it’s not. You’re just uncritically trying to read something into it because you’re either bored, don’t like that I made it full of Black people, or you’re triggered because a Muslim addressed a topic you felt your clique held a monopoly over.

Deacon wrote: “…it plays on the stereotype that Jews are greedy…”

No, it doesn’t. It works from the very spoiled position that the children of Israel were described in during the events of the Exodus. They were gifted with the very best that Egypt had to offer even though no more than three of them were worth a damn when the gifting took place. The descendants of spoiled entitled assholes – who first schemed to kill the prophet of God then changed their minds to trafficking him – who obviously learned nothing at all during the next 420 yrs, demonstrated not only greed, but paganism, ungratefulness, and numerous other negative traits besides. This has nothing to do with modern stereotypes used to insult the so-called Jews of today, and everything to do with illustrating traits chronicled in the Hebrews own scripture about their own patriarchal ancestry.

Muhammad Rasheed - Deacon wrote: “The Israelites were in Egypt for three reasons…”

I agree this is all true, yet none of that nullifies the fact that they behaved abominably before, during and after the chronicled events. The patience displayed by Joseph and even Moses was legendary based on what they famously had to put up with.

Muhammad Rasheed - Deacon wrote: “Also, you have the greedy guy dressed in priestly trappings…” 

That was an artistic decision. I needed the difference between the Egyptians and the Hebrews to be obvious at a glance, but realistically the latter probably dressed in the same outfits as that of the Egyptian aristocracy.

Deacon wrote: “There's nothing in scripture that even implies the Israelites were fixated on gold…”

Compare the OT’s telling of Joseph’s story with that of the Qur’an. You will find that the Qur’an’s description focuses on how righteous Joseph was, while the children of Israel’s account over-focuses on how much money Joseph made. Study to show yourself approved, pleased, and don’t just say it. Do it.

Deacon wrote: “… or that they ‘weren't shy about how they enjoyed it’ that's a complete fiction…”

That’s not fiction, that’s called scriptural analysis based on the context of events and the descriptions of deeds by the personages mentioned. I have no idea what you do when you read the book. Obviously it is far from analyzing the material.

Deacon wrote: “It was the Egyptians who were paranoid...” 

The Egyptians were wrong, but their over-the-top reactions didn’t spring up out of nowhere. They were triggered by their guests’ jackass behavior. Did you forget that when we met that particular group they were scheming to kill their brother, the prophet of God, and didn’t care that it would devastate their father, another prophet of God? You’re defending the undefendable.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Racial Contract: Pact of the Managerial Class

Joe Tolliver - Trump supporters are racist!!! So clever.

Muhammad Rasheed - (pssst. one of them is wearing Democrat blue)

Joe Tolliver - I'd love to see u produce something about racism from other groups. Now that would be thought provoking. Other then that every group has bad people in it. Trump voters are good people and it is getting old hearing everyone spread silly lies that undercut a good movement meant to build a better country.

Muhammad Rasheed - Why do you need to see me do art that's outside of my scope? I'm positive there are legions of alt-right cartoonists producing the art you want to see, Joe.

Joe Tolliver - I want to see fairness that has an opportunity to destroy racism everywhere. If everything is one sided u simply breed more racism. That's why.

Muhammad Rasheed - You don't want to see racism destroyed, Joe. That's why you're getting triggered whenever you see it called out.

The West is built upon anti-Black racism. That's the reason for the white/Black wealth gap and the fundamental inequality of our society. Whites somehow believe that the fight to topple that evil goliath -- which will remove the system that supports their special favors -- is "reverse racism."

The fight against racism is justice and it is a worthy fight. This is the mission of my work. I'm not interested in the complaints of the oppressor class when they contemplate what it would be like if the anti-racism activist actually win and the two races stand as equals. This concept terrifies you, obviously, and why you respond at these cartoons the way you do.

Naturally, I'm open to hearing your rational response that would prove me wrong.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm positive there are more alt-right 'Charlottesville Marcher' cartoonists making the cartoons from the angle you enjoy. You don't need me to do it, too. You just want me to stop.

Joe Tolliver - So how do we fix it. Rather then calling an entire race out for being racist?

Joe Tolliver - Lol. My ? And . Should be switched.

Joe Tolliver - Pay gap isn't going to change overnight. Obviously African Americans are two to three generations behind. But not all whites have any built up wealth regardless. So what is stopping the black community from building wealth?

Muhammad Rasheed - There are many white people who are as offended by the anti-Black systemic racism as I. At no point have I called all whites racist.

We fix it by stopping the plunder of Black communities, stop politically disenfranchising the Black communities, and stand out of Black people's way so they may fairly achieve economic inclusion as a group politic...

...everything that systemic racism prevents.

Muhammad Rasheed - Wealth Gap =/= pay gap

Joe Tolliver - I believe there is an organized and well controlled mechanism with education. school districts based on zip code to control class and race mobility is in my opinion the first step in fixing opportunities for all Americans.

Muhammad Rasheed - That is definitely one of the aspects of systemic racism.

If you recognize that as a truth, tell me your justification for asking me to stop attacking it in my art. Do you think NOT shining a spotlight on evil will somehow make evil stop? History reveals the exact opposite to be true.

Joe Tolliver - But minorities are the only groups that actual get special support with colleges and job opportunities. I don't think any specific job opportunity is being held from any group.

Muhammad Rasheed - No special support comes to the Black people. All the special support goes to the whites (they are the gate keepers of those systems, right?) while whites and their Black cronies have sabotaged those social programs over and over and over again to prevent Blacks from catching up politically and economically.

Muhammad Rasheed - Black business districts were dismantled throughout the last 60 yrs or so, which started the modern "integration era." Without their own business support structure, Blacks are forced to compete with each other to get very limited seats within white-owned companies. Everyone knows that entrepreneurship is how you get rich, not "getting a job." This was done to Blacks on purpose.

Joe Tolliver - I agree. Sorry I'm at work and can't give u the appropriate attention.

Muhammad Rasheed - I am amused that you are unaware of this information, yet your first response was to try to convince me to stop expressing myself from an angle you are unaware of to get me to create more cartoons that support your knowledge void.

People do that to me a lot btw. You need these cartoons of mine, Joe. Perhaps they may inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and research the side of history you've been actively avoiding all these years.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Classical Delusions of the Racist Aristocracy

Brendon Templin - spicy, but direct

Victoria Chapman - This is nonsense.

Brendon Templin - @Victoria... ?

Kaspar Michael Wolfe - @Victoria... this is how white people act don't even try to deny it

Kocoa Scott Winbush - Love it!

Sandra Gilmore - Dito

Keith Jackson - WTF

Lynn Olejniczak - Ugh! Haven't those people died off yet?

Simon Magus - They are teaching there kids the same thing

Saturday, May 26, 2018

BREAKING: Whites Outraged at Responses to Their Evil, Demand Forgiveness From Victims

Joe Tolliver - Way to push racism. Good for u buddy.

Muhammad Rasheed - @Joe... Do you believe talking about racism is "pushing it"? Why?

Joe Tolliver - I'm sorry u are a racist. Moving on. I hope u don't pass it to the next generation.

Muhammad Rasheed - Why do you believe I'm a racist?

Roosevelt Pitt - You will not receive a answer. Whenever blacks point out the hypocrisy of anti black white supremacists, you’ll hear a hit dog holler. And btw, black people can’t be racists. What a weak response but typical.

Joe Tolliver - Lol. Blacks can't be racist. That's cute.

Roosevelt Pitt - 'Cute' or not it’s true. Prove otherwise. 😏

Roosevelt Pitt - I’ll help you out... [VIDEO] Black People Cannot Be Racist | Dr. Claud Anderson

Joe Tolliver - Sorry. Just because u don't believe in Gravity or the earth being round doesn't mean I have to take u seriously enough to explain fact.

Roosevelt Pitt - But I know you already know this. White people as a group created anti- black racism.

Dustin Olson - Satire about racism is obviously too much for Joe to take... He's offended by the topic, and cartoon, because he feels he has the moral high ground over others because he isn't a racist and thinks that ignoring that racism exists, because he doesn't partake in it, is how we rid our society of it. Which is easy to think when you dont have to deal with it on a regular basis in your own life... But saying this cartoon is 'pushing racism' is ridiculous. Putting the issue in font of ppl, through a cartoon, can help with understanding the problem. Pointing out our deficiencies in social progress, or the current rampant hypocrisy and irony connnected with it, is not 'pushing racism'. It's giving insight into our problems. Dealing with and understanding racism isn't pushing it forward, it's a way to drive it back. To help fight against it when our current political and ideological climate is increasingly volitile due to current leadership and resistance to social progress.

Roosevelt Pitt - Nice try Joe. But that is a false equivalence. And the reason you can’t explain or prove it is because it isn’t true.

Joe Tolliver - @Dustin... my family is Puerto Rican Irish. My mom is super dark don't make assumptions.

Dustin Olson - way to not understand what I said... Good job.

Joe Tolliver - Roosevelt... maybe you should just look up the definition of racism and move on. Also feel free to look up gravity in the dictionary. I assure u both are correct. Then have the moral courage to question that u may be wrong.

Dustin Olson - The only assumptions I made were that you don't partake in racism, and feel that bringing up the topic is less effective than ignoring it. Am I wrong?

Joe Tolliver - @Dustin... u pushed that I know nothing about racism. The fact is I do.

Roosevelt Pitt - Ha! And there it is. Classic white anti-black racists reply. You should of just said “I have a black friend, so I can’t be racist.” Stop while you are behind Joe. I’m done here. You proved my point for me. Peace all.

Joe Tolliver - @Roosevelt... bye. Obviously u weren't up to the task.

Dustin Olson - Joe... I don't think you have had it too rough concerning dealing with racism, becuase if that profile pic is you, you are a square jawed white male with light hair. Seeing your mom be discriminated against or at the receiving end of racism is different than walking around in life as the poster child for privilage... But you're dodging my original points by deflecting that your mom is brown...

Dustin Olson - Joe... I don't think you have had it too rough concerning dealing with racism, becuase if that profile pic is you, you are a square jawed white male with light hair. Seeing your mom be discriminated against or at the receiving end of racism is different than walking around in life as the poster child for privilage... But you're dodging my original points by deflecting that your mom is brown...

Dustin Olson - But, anyway, your outrage at a cartoon tells all...

Joe Tolliver - @Dustin... lol. Sure. Not Hispanic enough but definitely white enough to be treated differently because O wait my skin color. Feel free to continue pushing racist points of view.

Dustin Olson - dont flip the script... Deal with your own problems about having the topic of racism brought up in cartoons...

Joe Tolliver - @Dustin... you are missing my complaint. But please continue to be misguided and Misinformed. But that's par for the corse for someone who goes off skin color to make snap judgments about another.

Dustin Olson - I'm sorry. I guess the possibility of being pulled over and beaten by police for being white and making eye contact with an officer is very scary for you... Being a tall, masculine, white male with light hair is a hard thing to endure in our society....See More

Dustin Olson - But really, just deal with the cartoon for what it is; A commentary on modern race relations and social problems...

Kevin Birge - Unless you fuck up with me on the street, you are not my victim. Hit the road, fool.

Scott Wampler - Thank you Muhammad this is hilarious, and the artwork is funny too. Lolz

You are exactly correct about the white reaction to being called out for hypocrisy. I see it constantly in conservative media and in all the unwoke white people I interact with daily.  They are very quick to call "snowflake" in justifying their tremendously offensive implied racism and they also just as quickly flip to a victim narrative when cornered by logic.

I like the art and the message is poignant honest and valid. Congrats

Dedicated Keepers of the Gates

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Stringing Along the Blind

Muhammad Rasheed - [TOON] The Dream of a Consequence-Free Moon

Mike Beckom - I ain't intimidated. I'll pick a fight in a minute. Where I live, most everybody has at least 2-3 guns within arms reach at any given time. If mine don't do the trick, one of my neighbors will......

Beckom Toon01

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Being intimidated isn't the message of the toon, Mike.

Is spamming people with every cartoon in your entire archive folio part of your marketing campaign? I'm going to start doing it to you.

Muhammad Rasheed - I notice that the message of all these toons is composed of the strawmen effigies and partial truths the conservatives believe about these topics. I think I'll spend the next few days or so dissecting them to fuel my own counter message political cartoons.  😏

Thanks, bud!

Mike Beckom - @Muhammad... Pray tell what IS the message if not intimidation? You drew an isis member with a gun and bombs menacingly glaring at the hapless white cartoonists. As for your dissecting my toons....good luck with that. I always enjoy our back-and-forth sparring matches. I await your responses with gleeful anticipation.

Mike BeckomBeckom Toon04

I have lots more......

Muhammad Rasheed - How is the 'mocking cartoonist' hand in this one any less "hapless" than the two jokers in my cartoon, since your 'terrorist' figure is also wielding a weapon?

Mike Beckom - my cartoon was directed precisely AT the cowards who murdered some other cartoonists. They thought they could silence all by killing a few. The opposite happened. Cartoonists worldwide joined the collective nose thumbing at these pathetic animals. Correct me if I'm misreading you but it almost appears that you're somehow or for some reason - supporting the crazies who commit murder against innocents. Please tell me I'm wrong.....

Muhammad Rasheed - Go ahead and click on the link included with the cartoon to see the point I was actually arguing with those same cartoonists, Mike.

Mike Beckom - Read the link stuff. You still seem to be defending the crazies. I never once even hinted anything untoward about the religion of Islam. My pen was pointed directly at the cowards who murdered in the name of Islam. I have Muslim friends. I often have them look over my toons and ask if they are in any way insulted by them. To insult a fringe few who commit heinous crimes in the name of religion is nowhere near the same as insulting a religion.On a side note - I HAVE dome cartoons about the pope.He's a little bit cra-cra.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "You still seem to be defending the crazies."

Copy/paste me an example, please.

Muhammad Rasheed - it may be just a miscommunication twist.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "I never once even hinted anything untoward about the religion of Islam."

I'm Muslim. I don't eat pork and I honor the Arab prophet founder of Al-Islam. I'm not a terrorist, and don't do the anti-Islamic things the terrorists do.

In their supposed "anti-terrorist art" they are going after the pork and prophet targets instead of the terrorist trait targets that separate me from them.

Do you see the source of my questioning to them yet?

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "On a side note - I HAVE dome cartoons about the pope.He's a little bit cra-cra."

All I know about him is that he leans left. So your "cra-cra" talk is just partisan-flavored rhetoric. lol

Mike Beckom - @Muhammad... I re-read some of the comments further down in the blog. It appeared they were directed more at you and your beliefs. I don't condone that. I never berate anyone for their beliefs nor do I attempt to force my beliefs on anyone else. I WILL make fun of crazies.......and there are some of those in every religion.

Mike Beckom - had no idea you are such a conspiracy theorist........

Muhammad Rasheed - *tacks this comment to my gag idea board*

Muhammad Rasheed - Keep 'em comin.'

You're a goldmine. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - Your gag messages on this topic are way more 'conspiracy theory' (your definition) than mine btw.

Douglas E Pendleton - A master cartoonist at work. Great job man. I am loving these.

Mike Beckom - you remind me of the pessimist in the old joke.

seems a mother had 2 twin sons. The boys were identical in every way except one was a complete optimist and the other a total pessimist. She tried in vain to help them become more 'leveled out' and finally called in a psychiatrist. The shrink suggested that she take the pessimist and place him in a room full of the most expensive, most wonderful, most interesting toys and leave him for an hour. She also was to place the optimist in a room stacked to the ceiling with horse manure and leave him for an hour. She agreed to give it a try.

A couple of days later, the doc received a call from the mom who was sobbing her eyes out. The mom explained that neither son was changed. The doc had to see for himself. When he arrived at the home, he went in first to see the pessimist. There in the middle of the room sat the malcontent, whimpering and crying.....'this toy is broke, this one is the wrong color, this one isn't popular',on and on he wailed. The doc was flabbergasted but sure the other son must surely have changed.

He opens the door to the optimists room and finds the child sitting atop the pile of crap happily shoveling away. The doc was stunned. He goes over to the child and inquires....'son, don't realize you're sitting on a pile of crap?' The optimist replies....'yessir, and with all this horse crap, there's bound to be a pony under here somewhere'.

YOU, my new friend, remind me of the pessimist. Nothing will ever please you or be good enough. I, on the other hand....choose to keep looking for that pony. In fact, my mom likes to tell the story that when she was pregnant with my little sister, Mom asked me one day which I'd prefer...a baby brother or baby sister. After a second or 2 of contemplation, I turned to her and replied....'well Mom, if it wouldn't put you too outta shape, I'd rather have a pony'.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "Nothing will ever please you or be good enough."

Not so. I would be quite pleased at the dismantling of systemic racism in the land of my birth, and for the Black American to achieve full citizenship, political enfranchisement, and economic inclusion. True and practical equality between our peoples would indeed be 'good enough' for me as far as the secular aspect of our society.

These are things worth fighting for and worth dedicating my art to making a stink over to me. Not to say or do anything only encourages the dominant oppressor class to continue as they are, which of course is unacceptable.
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~Edmund Burke
Mike Beckom - let's take this one at a time......dismantling systematic racism.....racism is no respecter of persons. No one race is totally immune or guilt-free. We as humans can only affect change to those around us.....realizing full well that we will never change all.

Black American to achieve full citizenship - umm...I think that matter was resolved a LONG, LONG time ago. There's documentation and everything.
Political enfranchisement - umm...huh? I vote, you vote, he, she, they vote. When we vote and or run for political office, we have done what we can to be 'enfranchised'.

Economic inclusion - same answer. How are any of us NOT included? True, the top 1% call the shots and have all the money. It is what it is. Rich get richer, poor get poorer.

True equality between our peoples - never gonna happen. I do not believe everyone WANTS to be equal. There are some who want more for their lives, some who are content with their lives and some who are miserable. Can't please everyone. I personally see the content of a person's character, the way they take care of their family (or don't in some cases), their work ethic, honesty, integrity, loyalty. These are the things that matter to me and the scale I measure people by.

As long as we're sharing quotes - there's one I like, thought I'm not sure of the goes....'you can please all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you will never please all of the people all of the time'.

We are not so different, you and I. Not as much as you might think. We both love our family, work to take care of them, use our God given talents to try to affect change or to influence opinions, try to do no harm but good. We just see things differently. You see the world as a dark place, intent on destroying you and all those who look like you. I see this as a wonderful and amazing place....a place given to us by our creator for just a little while...a time that zips by at an incredibly quick pace. We are here for a visit. We should do what we can to help each other, encourage each other, teach each other and care for each other. Not everybody thinks that way, and it's ok. Our lives are but a puff of smoke...gone in an instant. You go on crying over all the toys....I'll keep looking for my pony.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "No one race is totally immune or guilt-free."

The specific systemic racist system of western civilization is of the "White Supremacist Ideology" form in which a white racist aristocracy was built and maintained into the modern day by the subjugation and exploitation of Black people. The Trumpian "on both sides" angle is a gaslighting grifter scheme.

Mike Beckom - ok, I'm not hip on all the lingo. Explain to me, if you will....exactly how it is you came to be subjugated and you, I mean YOU personally.

Muhammad Rasheed - The attempt to find one individual among the masses of exploited to prove a false narrative is a logical fallacy, Mike. There were financially successful Black people during the height of the slave era. Did that magically mean slavery wasn't real?

Mike Beckom - @Muhammad... no, but it certainly disproves your narrative that all black people were exploited and sunjugated

Muhammad Rasheed - Your idea of "proof" is ridiculously flawed. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "Political enfranchisement - umm...huh? I vote, you vote..."

Your casual dismissal of the ample evidence of anti-Black voter suppression I posted the other day is offensive, Mike.

Mike Beckom - requiring proof of citizenship is not voter suppression.

Mike Beckom - and do you actually believe that some voting districts are not constructed in such a way as to yield the desired candidates (of all colors) are elected? Happens in every city on the country.

Muhammad Rasheed - Redlining & gerrymandering are part of the voter suppression technique package listed in the article I linked to the other day that you casually dismissed.

Muhammad Rasheed - smh

Mike Beckom - @Muhammad... explain then, the likes of Maxine Waters and the hat lady. Do you think the average white guy voted for them?

Mike Beckom - like I happens all over.....the votes and districts are constructed to favor certain candidates. Period.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "like I said..."

lol dude...

Muhammad Rasheed - What are you using exactly to support your opinion on these topics we're discussing, please? Bearing in mind you casually dismissed the hard-won evidence compiled and reported by a dedicated investigative journalist.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "Period."

hahahaha wth....? hahahaha

Mike Beckom - @Muhammad... I refer to personal experience. Right here in my hometown. There are black voting districts - same as white voting districts. In the black districts, a white candidate has never and most likely will never win election.Same for majority white districts. In one district in particular, a certain black candidate has won election after election, year after year....based on their skin color. There have been more qualified candidates.....but they weren't black.....same for certain areas where white candidates win year after remind me of the fable of Sisyphus. You drone on and on, day in and day out.....same thing, every day............and it isn't gonna change anything. Keep pushing that rock, though. I may not respect the message but I respect your dedication to it.

Muhammad Rasheed - You were better off continuing the "When life hands you lemons make lemonade!" angle you started with. I have no respect for the "These are not the droids you're looking for" gaslighting technique from the criminally uninformed. It's genuinely offensive. I'm letting you know that for the sake of our new friendship, please.

Mike Beckom - @Muhammad... for the sake of our friendship, I'll ask you to speak in language I understand. I have no comprehension of gaslighting, caping, or any of the other words you casually toss about. Might as well be speaking french. If the things I say offend you, the best I can offer is to say I'm sorry you're offended. You've said things that I find offensive as well. It's part of who you are. Ironically, it's also part of what I find interesting about you. I'd rather be friend with someone who isn't afraid to speak their mind than with someone who only told me what I wanted to hear.

Muhammad Rasheed - 'Caping' isn't a term directed towards you, but for those specifically using that term for the sake of previous arguments. lol

"Gaslighting" is something you and your specific demographic uses to casually dismiss systemic racism. "What??? You liberals and your silly conspiracies! That's not true because [insert nonsense pulled out of butt]"

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "You've said things that I find offensive as well"

Tell me.

Mike Beckom - no sir. not my style. were I to be upset enough to mention, I'd send you a PM. I prefer to speak man to man rather than FB to FB. The things you've said that were offensive were not enough to cause me to not be friends with you. I had a boss once who, after I told her I was offended by something someone had said, told me...oh grow some hair on your ass. I took it to heart. As I said, the things you say or speak out on are what makes you, you. I may not agree with the message but I respect the dedication.

Muhammad Rasheed - Did we magically stop being men because we're expressing our views electronically? Is that a thing?  🤔

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me what I said that offended so I may have the opportunity to reflect on them to see my error. My goal is to speak truth, not to attack. If I am doing the latter and not the former, I'd appreciate the feedback.

Mike Beckom - Muhammad... your truth is not my truth no more than mine is yours. Your speaking the truth may seem to you to be just that. To me, it is an attack on my beliefs, convictions and sometimes my race. You make generalizations in the name of 'speaking the truth' while imitating the same racism you claim to eschew. None of it is enough for me to get bent outta shape about. On the contrary, I find your enthusiasm to be inspiring - even while I think your message may be off base. As I told you before, it's part of what makes you, you. I tell you this not for you to reflect on or change. I am merely pointing this out because you asked. In fact, others pointed out the same things on that first post in the Cartoonists Cafe. They were just more direct and attacking about how they said it. I would never belittle or attack you for your beliefs - whether I espoused them or not. I'm not sure you can truthfully say the same.

Muhammad Rasheed - Mike wrote: "...even while I think your message may be off base."

I'm genuinely interested in what metric you are using to determine what is "truth" and how you know my message is "off base."

Tell me.

Muhammad Rasheed - So far you've demonstrated an enthusiastic penchant for dismissing facts/evidence as a prerequisite for formulating your "truths." A trait associated with partisan political rhetoric.

Mike Beckom  - and you have zeroed in on a couple of incidents and painted a large number of folks with the same brush. Not all cops are racist or out to get you. Not all politicians are corrupt. Not all people who disagree with you are bigots, racists, ignorant or any of the other adjectives you've used verbally or in your imagery. Your generalizations are your truth. They are not mine. Have there been truly horrific acts committed by cops, politicians, etc that have been documented? Sure.There are terrible people in this world who do terrible things. Some are documented and brought to light, some are not. The difference between you and I, my friend is you zero in on and focus on the negative actions of a few. Your glass must be perpetually half empty. Mine is half full. I've told you that I respect your opinions even when I don't espouse them. I respect your dedication to wanting to be a social justice warrior. Frankly though, your incessant lumping all together in one group is kinda tiring. I'm not arguing politics with you. You will never change my mind and I have no desire to change yours. I appreciate your art and business acumen. I consider you to be a peer. I enjoy talking shop with fellow artists. Could not help but notice that you focused in one 1-2 key sentences in my last few posts, rather than address the rest of it. No worries. As with other things, we'll agree to disagree.

Beckom Toon

Muhammad Rasheed  - Mike wrote: "and you have zeroed in on a couple of incidents..."

No, I didn't. "Systemic racism" is more than "a couple of incidents," Mike. It means the evidence shows that the entire system is slanted in a pro-Eurocentric/white supremacist direction because the gatekeepers are doing that to the populace as culture (see: DoJ report on Ferguson, MO PD). The "zeroed in on a couple of incidents" line is how people think when they list "experience" as their metric for determining that their subjective opinion trumps the body of factual evidence they casually dismissed (see: "confirmation bias").

Mike wrote: "Could not help but notice that you focused in one 1-2 key sentences in my last few posts, rather than address the rest of it."

I like to get to the heart/root cause of the point early since that's where the insights lay. I don't always have the leisure time to pick apart the fluff of you all's submitted storytime tales (not that I don't appreciate the read). For example, the majority of this latest post of yours consisted of strawman effigies (I know that not all people XYZ) and appeals to 'turn the other cheek' type talk that lacked value to me within this particular topic. I called myself zeroing in on your post's core message.

Mike wrote: "Your generalizations are your truth."

Inside of the problems of the system, you will find people of all demographics with varying levels of dedication to doing the right thing and not willingly going along with our tradition of anti-Black systemic racism. I never said that there weren't "good white people" in the world, fighting the good fight at whatever level they stand in it. Showcasing those individuals is not my focus.

Mike wrote: "Your glass must be perpetually half empty."

lol You remember Burke's quote I posted earlier? How will the bad guys ever be checked if everyone is deliberately looking the other way because of some foolish LaLa Land philosophy that is 100% divorced from reality? If we never address the wrongs of society, how will we ever be cured of them? Naturally, I will expect your response to be something like: "What 'wrongs?' That's all in your head!"