Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Confused Eurocentrists Confuse Themselves with Confused Double-Talk

Anonymous - If Adam and Eve were the first people on Earth (assuming they were Arabs or Caucasians), how come there are Africans, Chinese, Indians, Malays, etc.?

Muhammad Rasheed - Why in the world would I assume Adam & Eve were Caucasians when it is physically, scientifically impossible for Caucasians to birth darker races?

Why in the world would I assume Adam & Eve were Arabs, when the Arab nation were the children of Ishmael, who was born aeons later?

Does Eurocentrism ever attempt to make sense? Asking for a friend.

Anonymous - Sorry. Let me be clear, the assumption that Adam and Eve is Caucasian/Arab/others is based on what is said in the Quran/Bible, if I understand correctly. I'm not saying that this is true. I'm just saying that, if these claims were true, how can people of other ethnicity emerge? If two married Caucasians gave birth to an African/black baby today, would you think it's possible, or would you think that the wife is a dirty whore? There are many studies that show that there were humans who lived before Adam and Eve, so, with these evidence, suggests that the holy scriptures are wrong or inaccurate about the creation of mankind (I'm saying this with all respect for all religions, and despite being a Muslim myself, I've been skeptical ever since my teacher couldn't answer this question when I was 9 y/o).

Hence, if the theory of creation in the scriptures does not match scientific findings, it would raise doubts on the whole teachings of religions; in that, they were not words from God, and that they were just an accumulation of knowledge/guidelines compiled by Humans, adjusted to suit their own needs. For example, we know that the Abraham religion all have one root, even in the Quran it was mentioned that the Gospel, Book of Psalms, and Torah precedes the Quran and were revealed to Jesus, David, and Moses respectively, and all these people are recognised in the Quran as Prophets. Now, if this is true, does it not make more sense that religion started from one person/tribe who evolved as per Theory of Evolution and not created from clay, and as time passes and the earlier teachings spread to many, certain powerful people/groups started to ‘change’ the teachings to suit their own personal/political needs? Take ISIS for example, they changed the interpretation of Quran to suit their own political views and needs. If this could happen in the modern world where knowledge is easily accessible and people actually buy into it (ISIS, not Islam), who's to say it didn't happen thousands of years ago? If God exists as per religion, do we really think He would call for His followers to act in such barbaric ways?

Now, let me reiterate, I'm not saying that the scriptures are wrong and God does not exist as I can't prove it, but so far, the evidence I read so far suggests that scientific theories makes more sense, plus no one can prove that God exists, except in the scriptures. It is quite convenient that ‘miracles’, if they actually happened, only happened thousands of years ago with no concrete evidence, but not today when we need it more than ever?

P/S I know this is a sensitive topic, but please let's be civil and have a friendly discussion/debate.

Muhammad Rasheed -  Anonymous wrote: Let me be clear, the assumption that Adam and Eve is Caucasian/Arab/others is based on what is said in the Quran/Bible, if I understand correctly.”

Then you do NOT understand correctly, and you are NOT clear.

Being “created from clay” means the same substances that are found within the earth are found within you. As De Grasse said we’re all made of “star stuff.” God didn’t literally fashion you from ‘clay’ like a potter.

The two Semite nations under Abraham were but the last of all those who preached God’s message, a message that is far older than the roughly 6,000 yrs of the time of Abraham to Muhammad (peace be upon the messengers). The last time there was a global cataclysm that matched the description of the biblical flood within the existence of modern homo sapiens, it was 12,800 yrs ago. So the time between Noah (pbuh) and Abraham was approximately 6,800 yrs. The earliest homo sapien fossils found to date are estimated to be 160,000 yrs old, and if we wanted to play stupid and be scientifically irresponsible and proclaim that those remains were THE oldest homo sapiens, then that would make 150,000+ yrs between Adam and Noah, but realistically, homo sapiens are probably far older than even that time frame, since we have no idea how long Adam was hanging around before Eve showed up, and how much time those two were hanging out before the fall. Allah did say that He rose up a prophet among EVERY people, some He told us about, many He did not. As you see there is a ton of interesting data missing from your 9 yr old levels of speculation. I suggest you study more.


Paul Coomber - We cannot be sure what Adams skin colour was. It is quite reasonable to assume that he had within his genes the ability to pass on to his children many different types of features and skin colours.

We can’t even be sure that Eve had the same skin colour as Adam. Added to that, we can’t be sure whether their numerous sons and daughters shared the same skin colour.

Until the flood it’s probable that the colour differences were less extreme and thus seldom referred to. Noahs son Ham appears to have been of a darker complexion than Shem and Japheth, but it is clear that it was of little consequence to the family.

It seems that the extremely different racial features first began to make themselves more apparent only after the flood when the various family groups began to separate from one another and live in more isolated groups after their languages were confused.

But, in answer to this question, the various shades of skin colour were all encoded in the original DNA contained in the cells of Adam and Eve. It was just a matter of time before these differences began to make themselves apparent.

Muhammad Rasheed - Since the Black race has within its genes “the ability to pass on to his children many different types of features and skin colours,” and the Caucasian does not have this ability, then we can absolutely be sure what color Adam’s skin was. He was a Black man.

Paul Coomber - Does it really matter what colour his skin was? We have no way of being sure. What we do know is that at the time of the flood all of the humans in existence were wiped out and only Noah, his three sons, and their four wives survived. What their skin colours were is a little easier to determine when we look at the races that later came from each of their family lines. Still, we cannot be dogmatic about any of this, so why make a fuss of it?

A more important question than the one about Adam’s bodily features is why and how Adam lost God’s approval, and what meaning this has for us today.—Rom. 5:12.

Muhammad Rasheed - You’re asking a member of the race who has been continuously attacked with White Supremacist propaganda to break his spirit in order to make him easier to exploit, if it matters whether everything the White Supremacist has told him for the last 500 years was a lie.

Was that really a question?

Paul Coomber - Are you here to have a discussion? Or are you just looking for a fighter?

If the latter then this discussion is over.

I enjoy discussing these biblical questions, but I have no intention of getting involved in a political debate, which is where these racial discussions generally end up.

Muhammad Rasheed - It sounds like you are implying that it isn’t a discussion unless I agree with you. Or is the 'discussion' you prefer having some kind of semi-formal game to see who can most creatively plug the holes within the extremely problematic Eurocentric explanation of history?

Paul Coomber - Muhammad, this started out as a discussion about Adam and Eve, and nothing else. That is all I am willing to comment on. So let’s just leave it there now.

Muhammad Rasheed - Specifically, this started out as a speculative discussion about Adam & Eve’s race, which of course is a topic pregnant with historical, socio-political baggage and tension. If that baggage and tension is too intense for you to deal with, then perhaps you should withdraw from the discussion, Paul.

Paul Coomber - I will do just that Muhammad.

Muhammad Rasheed - Peace.

William Rundle - Adam & Eve were a mixture of all ethnical groups before any of these groups even existed; they had the DNA within them capable of producing all of them. All people and ethnic groups descended from Adam & Eve.

Muhammad Rasheed - By definition, “a mixture of all ethnical groups” describes the Black race, who are capable of birthing every racial phenotype.

Geoff Cutler - Firstly Adam and Eve were here about 37,000 years ago, and we already had races by that time. On the other hand, the “first parents” arrived about 993,500 years ago. (Yeah that’s the Urantia Book. Maybe it is really accurate, I don’t know, but it has a habit of specifying exact dates like that.)

Muhammad Rasheed - Since the earliest modern human fossils (‘homo sapien idaltu’) is estimated to be 160,000 yrs old, how do you possibly justify a 37,000 years ago date for the patriarch’s family?

Steve James - Adam and Eve would have been proto-racial. They are the father and mother of all, thus all races would trace back to them. Therefore, they would have to be all races or rather, proto-racial.

Muhammad Rasheed - All races trace back to the Black race, therefore the Black race is that very “proto-race” you are describing.

Michael Pfister - Adam and Eve carried the genes for EVERY type of human alive today, plus the types that are now extinct, such as the so-called “Neanderthal” men and some very wide varieties of pygmies and giants that lived in antiquity. That’s a lot of diversity.

It comes about the same way we get dog breeds today from a fairly common ancient dog: natural selection. Add in the fact that humans tend to like other humans that look like them in terms of sexual attraction and we mate with people we have a cultural connection to, and you have a powerful natural selection tool to split out different races. Especially when you factor in the language division at the Tower of Babel, which split people into groups and separated them by a language barrier.

Muhammad Rasheed - Does the notoriously recessive gene Caucasian race “carry the genes for EVERY type of human alive today”? lol Then what does your answer have to do with the baffling and confused assumption that Adam & Eve were Caucasian?

Margarita Mazina - Edit: Arabs are Caucasians.

Caucasoid race includes people in Europe, North Africa, Middle East and South Asia. They share similar skull characteristics differing from other races.

Muhammad Rasheed - 1.) "Arab" is not a race. The Arabs contain all racial groups with the most abundant being the Black race.

2.) The House of Saud has partnered with the Western-European governments to push forward that 'light-skinned euro-look' as the standard of beauty, which gives the illusion that "Arabs are Caucasians." They are NOT.

3.) Abraham's father was a Black man... an aristocrat from a highly-influential Cushite family. The Arab was always predominantly Black/brown-skinned as the tribes reflect today.

4.) It is common knowledge that the human skull is very malleable during the birthing event, and people shape the skull however way they like, often to cultural or even just familial preference. The Eurocentric insistence that the skull shape "of the different races" of the same species means anything, is only a reflection of stubbornness, not a propensity for science.

Margarita Mazina - Caucasoid race is an anthropoloical term, look it up. What people call “Caucasian” in U.S. (with its fucked up Racial Census that has nothing to do with science) is simply European.

I never said Arabs are a “race".

I don't keep track of conspiracy theories, so I am not interested in listening to another one. “Big races” are determined by skull structure, then there are sub-races or ethnicities (depends which classification you look up), that's all what modern anthropology has proven. Ethnicities are hard to determine, as certain genetic clusters canbe shared by different random groups of people in different parts of the world.

Muhammad Rasheed - “Arabs are Caucasians” is definitely a “conspiracy theory” since these predominantly Black people certainly don’t have Caucasus mountains origin. You just don’t keep track of non-Eurocentric conspiracy theories, which receive artificial legitimacy from the systemic racist institutions that birthed the Anthropology fields.

But to each his/her own.

Margarita Mazina - I don't understand what is so “racist” in my statement, honestly. It's not the end of the world that people's skulls look different. Racist would be to presume they are somehow inferior of superior because of their build.

Muhammad Rasheed - Margarita, considering I’ve recently had experiences in which White people who were actually supposed to be actively in the anti-racism fight turn around and become racists — and 100% didn’t see that they were doing it! — I honestly have zero faith that you will EVER understand. But it is all one.

Please return to your regularly scheduled whatever-you-do.

Margarita Mazina - What do you mean by “black"? Arabs are anthropoloically Caucasoid, not Negroid.

Modern Europeans don't live in Caucasus, either, but somehow you don't have a problem with calling them Caucasian.

Obviously, Arabs aren't white (European Caucasians). But it's strange to presume they are black. The only group that is sometimes classified as “black" are aboriginal Australians as their skull structure is similar to Sub-Saharian Africans. Scholars still argue about that.

Muhammad Rasheed - "Arabs are anthropoloically Caucasoid, not Negroid."


" don't have a problem with calling them Caucasian..."

You call yourselves "Caucasians," remember? lol  I didn't make it up, genius. I actually prefer "wypipo" for you, quiet as it's kept.

"But it's strange to presume they are black."


" their skull structure is similar to..."

Their "skull structure" is whatever the hell their people shaped their newborns' heads into.  Will you please stop with your bs quackery?  What, did you minor in chiropractic, too?  Your "education" is garbage, Margarita.  Please STOP.  jesus...!

*Margarita blocked me from commenting on her posts*

Fight for the Greatest Love of All

Tyreese Jackson - Is it weird for me, as a black man, to despise black women?

Toni Colley-Lee - Historically, it was planned that way and apparently you have bought into the hype. Reeducate yourself as to the reasons and see if that helps with the emotions. I’d start with Dr. Joel Williamson’s book The Crucible of Race. Good luck with your journey of discovery.

Muhammad Rasheed - As Toni Colley-Lee pointed out, this attitude has been normalized in our socially-damaged, fundamentally racist society. One of the traits of such a society is an attack on the Black Family, which includes the following symptoms:

  1. The Black American male dates outside of his ethnic group more than any other demographic.
  2. The Black American woman is the most disrespected figure in the world.

Neither of these items are accidental, nor are they coincidental. I think it's brave that you asked such a question publicly, Tyreese, and I choose to consider that a cry for help. It is absolutely very weird to hate the child-bearing member of your own ethnic group, and it was indoctrinated into you by an evil outside force that hates both the Black male and the Black female. It's not your fault that you feel this way, but it will be your fault to not seek to reverse the psychological damage that your cry for help proves you are aware of.

"It's not only your right to be free, but it's your DUTY to be free." ~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Please learn more about the history of Black/White racial relationships in America to aid you in pinpointing what is wrong. In addition to Toni's book recommendation, please peruse the reading list below to help further your journey towards wholeness.

I’ll begin my book list by showing you what right looks like. Tera Hunter reveals within her ‘Bound in Wedlock’ book that during the worst time period in the nation’s history, the Black man did any and everything he could to make sure his woman knew that he loved her, and would do everything in his power to make sure she knew that she was wanted by HIM. Conspicuously the evidence displayed loudly in Hunter’s book contradicts the oft-repeated nonsense spewed from the non-discerning filth holes of those who are fond of proclaiming that the modern breakup of the Black Family began during slavery. This book proves that the facts are nothing like that, but instead show that the rock solid Black Family not only remained intact during the brutality of the middle passage, it was also a vital tool that got Blacks through the generations-long psychological terror assault of America’s ‘peculiar’ version of chattel slavery. It didn’t stop there either, but it helped carry us through the jim crow era, actually making us stronger together as interconnected families and as a community. These dupes, agents, and fiends want you to believe it happened during slavery because – if you are under the impression that the diabolical programming was hoary with age – it may make you believe it is hopeless to fight it. Meanwhile this assault on the Black Family is no older than the toxic ‘Integration Era’ which is barely 50 yrs old.

The illusion of “progress” is killing you; the indoctrination of it is destroying you from within, as the heart-breaking neuroses of your cry-for-help question demonstrates. Remember that during jim crow, even the false charge of you whistling at a white woman would be enough to incite a furious mob of average White people to lynch you. Today they allow you to marry white women. This isn’t social progress at all, but a more efficient domestic terrorism. Your dedicated enemy discovered that seeing you publicly hold hands with beckie is far more damaging to the Black Family than the same audience watching you dangle from the tree. The latter brought the Black Family closer together and made you powerful, while the former resulted in this question I’m answering here.

"But we can't control LOVE!"

"But you can't help who you fall in LOVE with!"

Sure you can. Don't be silly. You fall in love with the people in the circles you find yourself in. The 'Integration Era' is marked with the abandonment of Black Business and the Black Community; with the growing Black middle class rushing to enter the White "mainstream" as a permanent support class within his system. Another mark of the 'Integration Era' is the "Token Black" as you now find yourself the only Black face within a sea of White people (or within a sea of artificially hand-picked, fake "diversity" as the office is guided to become full of plastic dolls, some with brown faces). You are continuously encouraged to spend all of your time with beckie while you are equally encouraged to help your enemy malign and degrade your own woman. So clearly this "you can't help who you fall in love with" tripe is a blatant lie.

It's more profitable for him to train his racist staff to tolerate your physical presence (while admonishing you for displaying any non-white cultural/racial identity traits like natural hair), than it is to allow you to grow wealthy by circulating your money 16x within the Black community before he sees it. It's more profitable for him if he allows your best and brightest to use your talents & skills to support the White community, than for him to directly compete with you as a powerful independent entity. So the best way for him to redirect your Black Power for his usage is to destroy the Black Family, give the Black male all the beckies you can handle, and assimilate you into the Whiteness Cube like the Borg.

Step one in reversing this evil program is education... KNOW THY SELF!

Bound in Wedlock:
Slave and Free Black Marriage in the Nineteenth Century

by Tera W. Hunter

The Strange Career of Jim Crow
by C. Vann Woodward

The New Jim Crow:
Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

by Michelle Alexander

Black Rights/White Wrongs:
The Critique of Racial Liberalism
(Transgressing Boundaries: Studies in Black Politics and Black Communities)

by Charles W. Mills

Stamped from the Beginning:
The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America

by Ibram X. Kendi

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Mayweather versus McGregor Fight

Muhammad Rasheed - Here's my opinion of the upcoming super crossover event:
  1. The Great White Hope
    McGregor is the latest in a long line of ‘Great White Hopes.’ That’s why his rise to popularity in the UFC spurred the White combat sport fans to speculate about him being able to take down the African-American Floyd Mayweather, Jr., who infuriated them for daring to match Marciano’s 49–0 record.
  2. Tale of the Tape
    The raw stat numbers predict a Floyd Mayweather, Jr. win 99.99% of the time. What do we know?

    a) - Floyd is a boxing prodigy who's been trained in the sport since he was a small child, similar to Tiger Woods' upbringing except Floyd had TWO master-level boxing close relatives training him (in two OPPOSING boxing styles!) instead of Tiger's one.
    b) - McGregor has only ever dabbled a bit in amateur boxing as a lad, and carried none of those skills over with him when he entered the MMA world. In training for this match with the undefeated, pound-for-pound world champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr., he's literally starting all over from scratch.
    c) - Despite the skewed opinions of the casuals, McGregor is only the aggressor on the mic. In the octagon, he's actually a counter-puncher similar to Floyd, and baits/allows you to make a move so he can throw a shot behind it. McGregor will never out counter-punch Floyd.
    d) - If his corner actually trains him into being the aggressor, and actually has him pressing forward to pressure Floyd, then McGregor will only mimic the style that 100% favors Floyd's core defensive style. In such a case, you may realistically see a repeat of the Mayweather vs Hatton fight, except condensed into less than a minute long.
    e) - In some of his fights against notoriously powerful, but relatively inexperienced opponents with huge punching power (like Canelo specifically), Floyd has shocked the fight fans by actually staying in the pocket and mixing it up with them. He did this after a brief feeling out stage to see if the other fighter was fast/good enough to penetrate his defense and score with any reliability to concern Floyd. After satisfying himself that he was still well ahead of his opponent's skill level, he took more ‘risks’ and actually stayed within range to deliver his unnervingly accurate right hand leads over and over again. McGregor's rudimentary level boxing skills will not be a threat to Floyd in any way, and the pound-for-pound champ will probably be able to assess exactly how McGregor will match up just by looking at his fighting stance and how his hands are being held alone. McGregor will NOT be able to keep Floyd from hitting him at will, while the famous shoulder-roll move all by itself would frustrate McGregor, that is IF Floyd even allowed him to have an offense.
  3. A Puncher’s Chance
    Even though the ‘Tale of the Tape’ predicts a horrendously humiliating beating for McGregor at the hands of the pound-for-pound boxing champ, boxing is exciting because you can’t 100% predict what will happen; if the stats were THAT accurate, then there wouldn’t be any Vegas gambling odds. McGregor is in great shape, is half Floyd’s age, is very confident, and could get to be the single luckiest human being on earth for just that brief amount of time he needs to be. Fights always have that li’l tinge of the unknown that makes them very exciting. You just never know.
  4. Let’s Get It Over With Already
    I really don’t care about the little fight promo tour. I’m tired of the talking; if I could fast-forward to the main event then I definitely would. A big part of why I feel that way is because I know that Floyd isn’t a match for the quick-witted McGregor on the mic (who probably has a little stand-up comedy talent), so I’m not interested in seeing the champ get bested in that way. All I’m interested in is celebrating Floyd’s new 50–0 (final!) retirement record. The other reason why I want to hurry and get this thing over with, is because I’m sick and tired of the retarded, uninformed opinions of the casual fans who somehow believe that the only two possible outcomes are Floyd getting knocked out, or going the 12 round distance with an opponent who learned how to box YESTERDAY!!! wtf…?!
  5. Kellerman’s Prediction
    Expert boxing analyst and long-time fight fan Max Kellerman is all about the ‘Tale of the Tape’ stats, and predicts that horrendously humiliating beating for McGregor. I want Kellerman to be 100% correct with every fiber in my soul. I want Floyd to beat the crap out of McGregor for the first half of round one, and then knock him out for an incredibly embarrassing stumble-around-the-ring before he falls to the canvass in a red-faced, swollen, lumpy-headed, bloody heap after one more good, definitive 3-shot combo from Floyd. Then I want Floyd to run across the ring, fall to his knees, and act like he’s giving thanks to God for a hard won victory like it was the hardest fight of his life, with fake crying, etc.
  6. McGregor Earned this Super-Fight
    I disagree with the butthurt complaints of all the boxing purists (Dela Hoya, Teddy Atlas, etc.) who’ve whined about whether McGregor has earned this shot at Mayweather’s crown since this will be his first professional boxing match. No matter how I feel about totally wanting this latest Irish ‘Great White Hope’ to get demolished on 26 Aug, I cannot deny that McGregor has worked extremely hard in his chosen profession, and rose to the top into the arms of his well-earned glory. He did what he had to do to reach the top of his personal game, and he has reaped the rewards of it. He’s received the respect (and dollars) of the racist White fans who pin all their ‘Great White Hope’ dreams on him, of Floyd who has decided to take him seriously as the threat he pretends to be, of the media who are more than happy to ride the hype machine, and of the UFC and boxing suits who helped Floyd make the fight happen. It doesn’t matter whether the event will actually be competitive or not, what matters is that McGregor performed the way he needed to perform to capture the attention of the public to become as rich and famous as he dreamed of becoming. In that sense alone, he has definitely earned all of this money, as well as his little asterix-footnote in combat sport history.
  7. “Will this be Good for Boxing?”
    This is actually a dumb question. Casual fan outsiders who ask this seem to be under the impression that the only boxing matches that happen are the ones they hear about, and of course that's ridiculous. This thing doesn't have anything to do with "boxing." There's "boxing matches" that happen all the time, and then there are the "big events" that happen a whole lot less frequently. When they DO happen – Johnson vs Jeffries, Tunney vs Dempsey II, Ali vs Frazier I, that time when Felix Trinidad was trying to beat up the top dog in EVERY weight division, Jones vs Tarver II, Mayweather vs Pacquiao – then casual fans show up to hang out at the bar and eat Cheetoes® and pizza and it's a party, and they rarely even know what they are looking at. This question is stupid because if there isn’t an over-hyped PARTY around the match then the casuals are NOT GOING TO WATCH IT! Casual fans have never enjoyed boxing. Ever. They just show up for the event, and the lights, and pray that there's an ignorant, throw-caution-to-the-wind slug match. If it's a technical chess match of high-level skill then they actually get mad(!), so who cares what the casuals think? The "sport" isn't for them anyway. If you ask a casual what is the purpose of the ‘jab,’ they can’t tell you. So how is the opinion of someone like that going to be good for boxing? That's why Butterbean's 'Toughman Competition' show was invented, and as soon as those guys started actually learning how to REALLY fight so they’d have a better chance at winning the prize money, the casuals got bored and stopped watching that, too (then they promptly switched to ‘drunken hobo fights’ on YouTube where their REAL interests lie). Even in the UFC, the casuals hate really technical, high-level skilled matches, and just want to see the flash and gore (‘ground-n-pound’). The ‘casual fan’ is the very definition of the ‘fair weather friend.’ What prevents him from upgrading into true fandom? Why it is no less than an appreciation for the body of training, skills, rules, and fight strategies that make boxing what it is! The casual fan hates everything that enabled the talented and superbly-trained Floyd to accomplish what he has accomplished, but they sure enjoy showing up for the big event parties. lol It’s an insult to refer to them as “fans” at all! So you think that getting these folk to show up for the party – that they use to project their emotional fantasies about what they imagine boxing should be about – is actually good for the sport that they actually have zero interest in otherwise. GTFOOH!

    Sports don't suffer or grow at the whims of the people who really don't care what they are looking at, and the opinions of the casual fans are literally garbage. All they are good for is when the marketing department manipulates them into buying tickets for the next event. I guarantee the Mayweather vs McGregor *EVENT!* is the best thing that ever happened to the casual boxing/MMA fans since the hype machine leading up to the Jack Johnson versus Jim Jeffries “fight”, because they don't really care about the skills involved and obviously neither does the event itself.  Trust that this is 100% all emotion-driven fantasy for the casual fans, and the ‘sport of boxing’ will be just fine with or without it.
Gonçalo Megos - Why did you make this about race? Absurd dude

Muhammad Rasheed - It was already about race, son. I merely commented on it.

Mario Kurac - I’m not sure about this race thing. I know as much white people supporting Mayweather than black people supporting Mcgregor.

Muhammad Rasheed - How do you know?

Mario Kurac - Because I see it in my social circle. All my white friends hate Mcgregor because he is an arrogant prick, and prefer Mayweather because at least he has results to back up his mouth.And I have tons of black friends who like Mcgregor because they like the way he doesn’t care what anyone think of him ….

Muhammad Rasheed - So within your own social circle, you estimate that the white/black ratio is about even, so you think that translates across the entire national population of fight fans?

Jim Yelly - Excellent take on the fight, I agree with everything you said except to white hope part. I don't think that is what is going on.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol The “Great White Hope” dream is never late, Jim, and it defines all the unreasonable hate Floyd has received. Racism is 70% of the boxing industry.

Jim Yelly - I would argue that much more of the hate is due to “Money” Mayweather’s lack of humility and how boring non boxers find his fights.

Muhammad Rasheed - Meanwhile, Whites adore McGregor for his vulgar lack of humility, while Floyd has been notably calmer, more thoughtful, and more humble in his public appearances since his “Pretty Boy” days, and especially compared to Conor’s performance now. This of course showcases the obscene double standard and hypocrisy that crawls along the surface film of the very racism you seek to deny here.

btw, the “Money” moniker reflects a lack of creativity more than any perceived lack of humility, since his former slave owner/handler refused to allow him to take the “Pretty Boy” brand with him when Floyd broke loose from the contract.

Hey, don’t you think it odd that Floyd flaunting his wealth generates so much pure hatred from Whites considering that it is the White race that controls the vast majority of wealth and resources in Western society? Why do you think that is? Why do you think Floyd’s textbook American Dream success story actually makes his fellow Americans *HATE* him this way? Tell me.

Rudi De Villiers - lots of white hate this and that. justify it. some very broad brush strokes you have there. perhaps you should not throw stones from a glass house

Muhammad Rasheed - There happens to be a lot of "Whites hate this and that" going on in the world. Please control your people. Thanks, buddy.

Rudi De Villiers - go McGregor!!!!

Muhammad Rasheed - Do you think witnessing yet another over-confident Great White Hope get humiliated will control your people? Curious.

Rudi De Villiers - no... actually I was rooting for Floyd as I am a boxing fan. the whole fight actually stinks as it is insulting for the sport of boxing and imho just another showboating money draw fight with antics closer related to WWE than boxing. I weighed up skill. you made it about race.

Muhammad Rasheed - It was always about race. I merely pointed it out.

Why do Whites behave as if not mentioning “racism” in conversation magically means they don’t afflict it upon the world? This is literally as immature as when a child thinks he’s invisible by closing his eyes. Please control your people. Thanks, buddy.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Notes While Observing: The Descendants of Yakub

Muhammad Rasheed - One of the mythical tales that W.D. Fard and Elijah Muhammad would tell the initiates into The Lost-Found Nation of Islam in the Wilderness of North America organization, was the story of Yakub, the big-headed scientist. In ancient times past, when the Black Man was at the height of his powers and ruled the world using wisdom, righteousness, and his mastery of the Sciences, Yakub was the renegade trickster figure. Within the tale it was he, with his unusually large head and a penchant for equally large wrong-headed mischief, who created  the albinoid White race in his laboratories.  If you're even a little familiar with the general ideology of Elijah's Nation of Islam, then you know it was all down hill from there. Created from the beginning to be literal 'devils,' the Caucasian ethnic groups would eventually spread around the world their violent and exploitative savagery under the banner of White Supremacy.

Taught to the 'lost' Black American during the worst of jim crow's lynching era, it shouldn't be too difficult to see why such a tale would make 100% sense to the incoming recruits. And as referenced within other Notes of this series, equally attractive was the fact that the European's Western Civilization was built upon the lore inherited from the previous Black Civilization, that the Whites have taken pains to cover up as part of their justification for chattel slavery and jim crow subjugation of Blacks.

For myself, growing up in a society that insisted the Black race was nothing, the discovery that it was the Blacks that taught Whites all their plagiarized lore was always a source of bittersweet pride. Far from thinking that the Yakub story was literally true, I did recognize that the NOI founders painted the mythical figure as a bad guy based solely on how Whites have behaved towards their ethnic rivals. In real life, I casually assumed that the groups of civilizing Blacks that so generously taught the Europeans the Sciences and civilizing arts thoughout the ages did so from a purely altruistic motive, and had no idea that Whites would use their new powers to spread their death cult around the globe.

But what if they did?  What if the ancient Blacks DID know?

What if that's exactly what they wanted? What if -- just as Fard and Elijah had empowered the early 20th century Blacks with their NOI ideologies -- the ancient Black missionary scientists previously had empowered the savage, cave dwelling Whites with the indoctrination that taught them to conquer the world? What if civilizing figures like the Blackamoors, and before them the ancient Blacks that so enamored the Greeks that they worshiped the Africans as man-gods, were playing some kind of grand chess game, and had deliberately weaponized the Europeans against an ancient rival-enemy? In other words, Yakub represented the ultimate secret society of an ages old group of powerful Blacks who are playing war games with another mysterious group?

With this concept whipping back and forth in my mind like a fish struggling in a net, I compared it to the actions and attitudes of the modern, mainstream group of African-Americans.

The suspicious rhetoric, decisions and actions of this dominant Black Tribe that holds themselves up as the 'face' of the Black American ethnic group don't exactly align with the stated goals of our slain Black leaders in the struggle. In fact, they often give the impression that they hate the goals of those leaders (and the modern day acolytes of those leaders), even while pretending to celebrate them during Black History Month.  At every step we turn, it is this tribe that tells us not to "rock the boat," not to demand Reparations, not to come together in a self-empowered community...

...basically they always talk us down from doing exactly what we need to do to succeed as a special interest group.

It reminds me of that not-so-cryptic Zora Neale Hurston quote: “All my skinfolk ain't kinfolk." In order to be truly free, socio-economically successful, economically-included, full citizens of this nation we helped build, the African-American is going to have to do so without the help of the dominant tribe that pretends to speak for all of us.  This one that abandoned his communities to 'integrate' into the White's as a permanent support class.  This one that partnered with the predatory Whites against his own poor.  This is the Black tribe that the Whites drew from when they needed assassins for our leaders. In order to be free, it's clear we're going to have to go around or through these agents who are resentful that they were born wearing our Black face.

The modern dominant Black tribe, like the ancient Yakubian missionaries before them, remain over-eager to turn all their Black Excellence talents, skills, and intellect over to the Whites for their use. For some reason they seem to fear and hate the idea of using their power to build up themselves.

The dominant tribe of Black Americans are the 'mainstream' face of the African-American ethnic group, and they are the ones that sold us all out after the civil rights era, and sabotaged the noble efforts of the 1972 Black Political Convention in Gary, IN. It is they who sacrificed the Black poor and our group independence and freedoms, so that they could share in a piece of the hoarded spoils amassed by the White oppressor.

The dominant Black tribe is the one that admonishes us for being 'divisive' when we call Whites out on their evils, and who fears 'rocking the boat' because Whites may fire them from the "good jobs" as a permanent support class. It's the tribe that demonstrably hates the idea of "Black-owned" anything, and will conspicuously withhold support from it gleefully hoping it will fail. That's the tribe that partners with Whites in calling the poor 'lazy & wasteful' while blaming them for their plight. It's the tribe that moans whenever Whites kill a random Black because they hate the feeling of cowardice at the certainty that they will do nothing about it. The dominant Black tribe is the one that agreed, in exchange for the signing of the Civil Rights Act, that they would look away as our leaders were assassinated, and promised they would not demand Reparations and/or Economic Inclusion during the toxic & coonish 'Integration Era' that was baptized in the slain leaders' blood.

Why? Who ARE you that you so continuously betray your own? You cannot blame the mindset on American slavery, because you were ALWAYS like that!  Who are you really?

Keep a Healthy Gut!

Muhammad Rasheed - I love watching big summer blockbuster films on the silver screen, especially the superhero ones. That's the format they were made for! One of the best parts of getting to watch a movie in the theater to me is the trailers. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to see a lot of trailers lately since I usually watch movies in the AFES theater, and they rarely show trailers before the main feature, which sucks.  I saw Spider-man: Homecoming recently, and to my surprise there was ONE trailer that played.  Was it Black Panther? No. Was it the one for Thor? No. What about the next Avengers where Thanos shows up? No.

It was the trailer for Malcolm D. Lee's Girls Trip movie, starring Jada Pinkett Smith and Queen Latifah. It looked silly and fun, but it was also very raunchy and over-the-top just in the trailer alone. At first I was trippin' like "Really? You put this in front of a kid's movie?" but then I remembered I was in AFES, so there weren't going to be any kids in there anyway. I don't know what trailers they are showing in front of it in the regular theaters. While I was still trippin' though, the trailer ended with the line: "Girl, you can't get no infection in your booty hole. It's a booty hole!" which should give some idea of the levels of raunch I was trippin' over (Okay, I know you've seen worse. Whatever.).

So, later as I was thinking about just how scientifically WRONG that final line was, I wondered if they would have bothered to address it in the story so people would know that it wasn't true.  You absolutely can get infection in the rectum, and for all the same reasons you get infection normally. But what if they just played it up for laughs, and left it alone? Using a surface-level, uninformed logic it may seem to make sense... the rectal tract is full of feces, so the rectal tract should be 100% impervious to feces-derived infection, right?

Wrong.  10,000% Wrong-O.

The tissue lining of the rectal walls is very sensitive, and it tears easily.  Any type of abusive rough-handling will tear a wound in that lining, which absolutely will become infected when the feces gets in there. This actually happens often enough to be tracked as a pattern of different related rectal and colon diseases grouped together under the "syndrome" umbrella. They sometimes refer to it as "gay bowel syndrome," but there's nothing happy or gleeful about it. It's VERY serious, and people die from it all the time. It's odd how people don't really talk about it anymore since the 1970s though since the diseases in the syndrome are more prevalent than EVER. Curious.

Anyway, to help lessen the chance of you ripping through your own rectal lining, make sure you bulk load a lot of soluble and insoluble fiber in your diet, and drink plenty of water.  Don't be shy about eating regular organic yogurt either, as this will keep 'good' bacteria and enzymes cooking in there, too.  Do this regularly and your bowels should stay consistently soft and unlikely to rough up your 'booty hole.'

You may consider this Your Friendly Neighborhood Public Service Announcement.  You're welcome.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

BOOK REVIEW - The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

Muhammad Rasheed - During the 2000 presidential election, members of Team Bush out of Florida seized approximately 90,000 ballots belonging to African-American male Democrats and threw them all away. The GOP claimed the flagged ballots all belonged to felons (none of them were), and that felons weren’t allowed to vote (they are). This voter suppression political grifting technique known as “purging” is what enabled Team Bush to steal the White House for the Republican Party.

Everyone was upset by it at the time (oddly, except for Al Gore), and demanded a recount, but in the end, a “compromise” of sorts was reached. The GOP would indeed keep the coveted United States presidency, but they would restore faith in our democratic tradition by taking on the enormous and sacred responsibility of reforming our broken election process. For some butt-fucked retarded reason the nation agreed to this, and pretended George W. Bush really was the POTUS for the next four years. Bush turned over the promised election reform duties to Karl Rove, who promptly used his ‘Federal Election Assistance Commission’ ghoul to set up a GOP-owned voter suppression apparatus in all 50 states, which as its first order of business used another vote suppression technique known as “caging” to steal the 2004 presidential election for Team Bush. Who knows if the ‘election reform’ contract was awarded to Rove forever, or just a limited time period, but they have since used over ten different voter suppression tactics in every single election since.

Interestingly, they also used it in both 2008 and in 2012, but the combination of Barack Obama’s immense popularity, along with his brilliant voter registration and community organizing skills actually overwhelmed Rove’s cheating. A lot of the “Whites are no longer the majority! Waaaaah!!” butthurt that was expressed during those elections was based on the Democrats’ ability to come out in such mega-force, that they were able to push in their candidate despite the cheating measures put in place, yet as Palast points out, the 2012 election was still close. The GOP performed their cheating a lot more blatantly and were genuinely surprised when Obama won anyway. For the 2016 election campaign, with Obama determined to use his rockstar status in an unprecedented move to campaign just as hard for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as he had for his own campaigns, the GOP decided not to play around anymore (“This means WAR!!”). The first order of business was to destroy one of Obama’s biggest weapons… the ability to speak to the people and get tremendous numbers out to vote, Vote, VOTE!! The GOP conjured the demon they named “The American Center for Voting Rights” from the pit of hell, and under the false and ironic battle cry of “WE MUST STOP VOTER FRAUD!” demolished the country’s number one voter registration organization known as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). They then unleashed a new voter suppression technique, the ‘Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program’ and secured the POTUS seat for Russian agent Donald “Babyhands” Trump.

Obama’s efforts to campaign so hard for Hillary proved to me that his administration knew all about the voter suppression machine. Since the time that Bush bestowed the exclusive ‘election reform’ contract upon the GOP contractor Karl Rove, it does explain why the Democrat political elite act like there’s really nothing they can do about it and “let’s just move on.” However, what about BEFORE the contract was awarded to the GOP? How do explain Al Gore and the other White liberals' severely inappropriate “let’s just move on” attitude? Well, there’s no real mystery there since the Dems had been using voter suppression techniques themselves during their savage and cutthroat primary battles.


The essence of the very evil and un-American vote suppression is to block the poor from their right to leverage the political machine in their favor, which would cause a dip in profits for the moneyed class (or at least the rich believe it would as detailed in their risk management plans). Prevent the poor from electing what they need in order for the rich to continue their power & wealth-hoarding trends. On the Democrat side, the class warfare aspect of vote suppression is much more pure, as Palast documents the many instances in which rich Hispanics (D) disenfranchise poor Hispanics (D).

In the White conservative run Republican side, however, the GOP unashamedly target their Democrat rivals along racial and ethnic lines, no different than how their own Democrat political ancestors did back in the 1870s when they sabotaged the gains of Reconstruction.

With apparently unlimited reign to vote suppress all they wished, the GOP experimented with different ways to fully take advantage of their racist, anti-poor people program. My personal favorite – which left me staring, mouth agape at Palast’s pages in trembling fury – was how they married it to the mortgage-crisis fueled Great Recession of 2007. As if THAT scam wasn’t bad enough, the GOP’s vultures very cleverly pointed out that, “Hey, if these poor saps can’t afford the fucked up balloon mortgage payments we’ve tricked them into, then can’t we now make the case that they can’t vote because they no longer have a valid legal residence?” Somewhere they must have heard that the scheme wouldn’t work as long as the poor were determined to squat in the property and thus, continue to collect their mail. So Rove hired a sub-contractor whose job was to force the poor out of their homes, and then promptly call The Federal Election Assistance Commission agents so they could make sure the names of the newly-homeless were struck from the voter rolls.

Amazingly, my summary above barely scratches the service of Greg Palast’s findings in The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. Combined with Ava DuVernay’s documentary 13th, it is an absolute gem revealing the wide open full force of the enemy’s evil plans, in how he thinks, and what his real goals are in his efforts to disenfranchise and exploit the poor minority for his own selfish ends. Palast is thorough enough to end the book with numerous action plan solutions and resources to help those swayed by his fact-based arguments to take the country away from the demons that control it. Highly recommended.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Re: whites giggling over rap "jokes"

Muhammad Rasheed
- Not that I'm the world's biggest rap fan or anything close, but what's this regular crapping on a whole music genre that you don't even listen to whenever the subject of popular music comes up? Honestly, it looks weird.

My music critiques attack the crappy popular music WITHIN the genres I actually listen to, I don't waste all my uninformed 'zingers' on polka, country-western and whatever else that are never, EVER found within my playlist.

Y'all are a trip. Is this some kind of residual freakout from when you were under the impression that disco was going to take over and be the only music allowed, or from before that when Black music was appropriated and mimicked by White teens as "rock"? Going out of your way to attack a music genre that everyone knows is yet another signature Black item THAT YOU DON'T EVEN LISTEN TO ANYWAY is just yet another piece of your schizophrenic "Adventures in Whiteness" racism shtick.

Please improve.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Measure of a 'Good Man'

Otis Farnhill - Is Floyd Mayweather a good man?

Muhammad Rasheed - This is an interesting question to ask, considering the climate we find ourselves in. Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s name is typically maligned in the media, and among the majority of serious and casual boxing fans as well. In a sport that is already notorious for being racially divided, the pure vitriol regularly spewed towards Floyd is much more than it seems. This is especially telling considering the long-time, pound-for-pound champ left his efforts to play the heel behind way back in his youthful “Pretty Boy” days. Floyd is a BOSS, and a very successful one (in a sport traditionally dominated by infamously corrupt and exploitative White men) and it’s his ability to dominate both inside and outside of the ring — with the flair, cockiness and bravado of a typical dominant African-American alpha — that brings out droves of ‘haters’ right on cue.

But is Floyd Mayweather, Jr. a good man?

Well, does his dominance in the sport and business ends of boxing determine such a thing? No. Does the public flashiness of his wealthy athlete lifestyle determine whether he is a good man or not? No. What about his very public past domestic abuse scandals? Maybe. But if none of the most discussed items we think we really know about this figure determine whether he is a ‘good man’ or not, then what does?

To do this fairly and objectively, we'll need a metric to measure ‘goodness’ by, as it provides zero value to simply invent a definition for it on the fly based only on our biased and subjective opinions. As a subscriber to one of the Abrahamic religions, I always use the One God’s criteria. As the Author of morality, and the Determiner of what is right and what is wrong, what does God consider “good”? What checklist does the All-Powerful Master of the Day of Judgment use to determine which of His creation has met the requirements to enter paradise and know eternal bliss?

First, in order to be a good person to God, one must believe in God. Floyd demonstrates this, and gives God thanks and praise at every opportunity. In fact, he makes it a point to do so at the start of every interview, and is never ashamed to admit he is a servant of The Most High.

Second, in order to be a good person in God’s sight, one must perform righteous deeds in the earth as proof of that belief in Him. God revealed in His Word that the top good deeds we can perform are acts of charity… the spending of a portion of the bounty He has provided us on those who are less fortunate. The New Testament makes it clear (Floyd is a Christian btw) that good deeds should be done in secret lest men should boast. This is interesting considering the anti-Floyd media prefers to show Floyd in a negative light to feed into the hater audience’s needs, and thus rarely point out Floyd’s establishment of regular charity, because this propaganda inadvertently and ironically helps Floyd spiritually. Floyd has been very consistently charitable with his wealth over the years, despite the many horse-blinder hater comments to the contrary that falsely proclaim he only spends on himself.

Mayweather: “Giving back matters to me”

Floyd Mayweather Feeding the Homeless

Mayweather Charity Blitz Continues…

Third, in order to be a good person in God’s sight, one must never be obstinate in doing wrong, but one must repent and do it no more. Floyd’s very public domestic violence scandals have a legitimate pedigree, in that his father also had a history of such sin on his record, so this is a very real ‘genetic-level’ temptation for him. Floyd has not only ceased performing as the bad guy heel to promote fights, has become noticeably more calm, mature, and thoughtful in his on-camera appearances since the days of his youth, but also notably hasn’t had a domestic abuse scandal in almost a decade. In other words, it is clear that he repented of his past sin, and made the disciplined effort not to do it anymore, per his Lord’s requirements. Oh, and this is in addition to him having paid his debts to the secular court.

So by this fair and objective measurement from the sacred scripture of Abraham’s God, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. can reasonably be considered a good man.

“Reasonable” being the operative word here, since you may certainly count on the anti-Floyd haters to maintain their very unreasonable stance of continuous vilification of the ever-impressive “TBE.”

This Quoran boxing fan for one hopes to see Floyd make short work of Conor McGregor in their upcoming 26 Aug fight, in a humiliating, one-sided beating, to end in McGregor’s head bouncing off the ring floor, with the undefeated champ securing his 50–0.

See AlsoMuhammad Ali versus Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

ENEMY LEFT: An Adventure Among the Hostile White Liberal

Danny Hellman - It Wasn’t the Russians: Hillary Lost Because She Blew Off Sanders and His Voters

Danny Hellman - Dave Lindorff: "Leaving aside the reality that there is no evidence that Russian government hackers did obtain those emails and handed them over to Wikileaks to release during the last weeks of the campaign (the evidence is really that they were obtained by insider leaks, not by Russian hackers, the truth is that mounting evidence of Clinton corruption and of cheating in the primaries led millions of furious Sanders backers to decide they would never vote for Clinton.

"The 'false news' about Russians hacking US democracy, pushed by the Clinton campaign, sclerotic Democratic Party leadership, elements within the intelligence establishment and the Obama administration and parroted endlessly by the corporate media and by normally sentient liberals usually quick to condemn “conspiracy thinking,” doesn’t bode well for any real effort to wrench the Democratic Party away from its thoroughly discredited corporatist political stance, and raises the prospect of further Republican gains in the coming off-year Congressional elections in 2018."

Bryan Leggo - So what the emails contained mattered more to some people than who provided them? There's no place in American politics for people like that. They are a disgrace to robotic, reflexive blind partisanship.

Kathleen Flannery - So true: "It’s becoming increasingly clear that the only way forward is going to have to be an abandonment of the Democratic Party by progressives and its replacement by a genuine progressive socialist party that is clearly of and for working people, and for those who cannot find work in this increasingly dystopic America."

Daniel T. Ballard - Ladies and gentlemen "DUH!"

Danny Hellman - What's weird is that some people knew this a year ago, while others still refuse to accept it.

Steven Robles - I think that the DNC hustled Bernie. There was no way he could win against a "true politician". I think they'd hoped to attract more young voters to the Dem side with Bernie, then just absorb them once he was out of the race. Talk about your all time backfires! Their horrible campaign strategies and dismissal of Bernie supporters (in their basements) blew it for them. The populists went to Trump and a lot of the others just didn't vote in the general. Hubris.

Reuben Ames Avery - just watch them shove hillary down our throat again in 2020. fucking hell.

Danny Hellman - Nah, that would be suicide. 2016 was the DNC's best shot at shoving Hillary down our throats, and it backfired on them.

Colin Jorgensen - Don't underestimate the stupidity.

Danny Hellman - I guess if Charley Manson manages to stay alive until 2020, and the media can secure him the GOP nomination, maybe Hillary will get another shot. ;)

Reuben Ames Avery - "that would be suicide, they'd never do that".. seem to recall hearing alot of this in the leadup to the last primary

Peter S. Conrad - @Danny Hellman... Jeez stop flogging this

Beth Moore-Love - Why should he? When the msm wont stop flogging us all into a WWIII with Russia?

Chris Wozniak - I predicted that would happen, for that reason, before the election even happened. No one listens to me.

Danny Hellman - I'm sorry, what?

Chris Wozniak - When Hillary was running against Sanders, I told everyone that they needed to get behind Bernie because Hillary didn't stand a chance against Trump. Bernie supporters won't support her and Trump will wind up crushing her. No one listened.

Kurt Beaulieu - She still won the popular vote...

Raff Fahqu Hall - Half the country didn't vote because she was so "popular" as a cheat

Danny Hellman - She won the popular vote by three million in a country of 320 million. Voters stayed home in droves.

Muhammad Rasheed - *Ahem*

Investigative Reporter Greg Palast Breaks Down Voter Suppression, Rigging and Fraud

Danny Hellman - Fuck Greg Palast.

Cops Gun Down un-Armed Journalist’s Career LA Times fires Ted Rall – evidence blows up in newspaper’s face

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't get it. What is this article saying that makes you hate Palast?

Danny Hellman - I'll try to make this as brief as possible: ted Rall, (a shitty cartoonist with whom I have some history) got fired by LA Times for lying about the details of a jaywalking ticket he received in 2001. Rall is presently suing LA Times for wrongful termination, libel etc, and has concocted a far-fetched fairy tale about the Times and LAPD colluding to silence him. I've been following the story closely, and as far as I'm concerned, it's clear that Rall's lying. The fact that Greg Palastwent to bat for this notorious bullshit artist makes me suspicious of Palast's journalism.

Muhammad Rasheed - I read the article, and the hard facts that have Palast supporting Rall in this incident are linked to an actual police tape that reveals the cops were the ones lying.

By contrast, I don't understand what you are using to make your case that Rall is the one who is lying, when the professional investigative journalist admits he has actual evidence that swayed him.

Muhammad Rasheed - Hillary "lost" because the GOP cheated using that 'Crosscheck" voter suppression scam to target and throw away millions of minority Democrat ballots. Period.

Bryan Leggo - "Period" never wins an argument. Period.

And no, that's not why she lost the rust belt. That kind of voter suppression, especially in the south, was in place for Obama, too, and he won over those same rust belt voters. Her campaign sucked, she's untrustworthy and she deserved to lose.

Muhammad Rasheed - The facts of history are on my side of the topic, hence the "Period." lol

Empty but passionate rhetoric doesn't win the argument when up against facts. Obama's rockstar numbers enabled him to overcome the voter suppression scam (barely) so they simply increased the force of the scam by 2016.

Reuben Ames Avery - that's absurd. you need to back way up, way back to the state governments and get yourself familiar with voter districts and how meticulously these have been (re)defined over the past few decades. Then there's the Electoral College and how that whole fuckery works. Followed by calculated disenfranchisement, no "vote fraud" is even needed.. Indeed, it would be a very hard ruse to pull off without being promptly discovered and having to deal with all that mess.

Muhammad Rasheed - "That's absurd" means nothing when you aren't read up on the facts of the case. Nothing you typed aligns to what they actually pulled off.

Go read up on it, then come back and try again.

Reuben Ames Avery - uh ok whatever bruh keep believing what you want to believe

Bryan Leggo - Muhammad wrote: "Obama's rockstar numbers enabled him to overcome the voter suppression scam (barely)"

Good fanboy. But no, after 8 years of no significant improvement in their lives they lost faith in BHO (as we all should) and didn't want HRC who ran as his legacy. IOr are you not aware of what a hugfe failure he was?

"so they simply increased the force of the scam by 2016."

Sure, why not. No evidence of that buty let' just say it anyway.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol smh. Doubling down on the part that means nothing, huh? Fascinating.

What else do you have?

Bryan Leggo - lol and "go read up"... more persuasive arguments.

Reuben Ames Avery - well, we have a fool who'd rather believe he's so special and important that there would be forces lined up against him to "suppress his vote"

Muhammad Rasheed - Bryan's "But no" versus the GOP's Interstate Crosscheck scam = lol

Reuben Ames Avery - because your name is muhammed, "help me i'm being oppressed"?

Muhammad Rasheed - I am special and important, hence the conservatives pulling out the old voter suppression tactics from the 1870s. Apparently I never stopped being special & important, amirite?

Muhammad Rasheed - Empty but passionate rhetoric does not defeat the facts, gents.

Try harder. What else do you have?

Reuben Ames Avery - it's incredible to me how so many are in such a state of shock and outrage over trump's rise to presidency. haven't any of you dickheads been paying the slightest amount of attention for the past 10-15 years?

Muhammad Rasheed - "Rise to presidency?" Is that how you interpret "blatant cheating?"


Reuben Ames Avery - @Muhammad Rasheed... what facts?

Muhammad Rasheed - The ones you ignored. See the link I posted for Danny above.

Muhammad Rasheed - *waits for you to pretend you watched the clip*

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Youse guys...

Reuben Ames Avery - @Muhammad Rasheed... sorry but you sound alot like Karl Rove/Josh Bolton in your argument

Muhammad Rasheed - I love it when people literally step over supporting evidence links to ask "what facts" and say I "have no evidence."


Muhammad Rasheed - It's so cute when they pretend to be smart debaters! awww...

Reuben Ames Avery - You're somewhere around 25-28 I'm guessing, Muhammed. By the time you hit puberty, Rush Limbaugh was well established. Got a few more miles on me than you do young man, why all the anger?

Muhammad Rasheed - Making stereotypical flip comments about my [misspelled] name while oddly accusing me of being angry? I think it may be time for some 'alt-right' bingo!  :D

Muhammad Rasheed - YAAAAY!!!

Reuben Ames Avery - eh screw you you're just a dumb fuck reactionary "my feels" kind of kid

Muhammad Rasheed - Cussing at me and oddly accusing me of emotional reactions while you do it, eh? Is that a yes for 'alt-right' bingo then? You sound like you want to win a game of it so badly! lol

Muhammad Rasheed - smh @ youse guys

Bryan Leggo - No need to debate him. He made a claim that unprecedented voter suppression caused her loss. He has no proof of that and not even Palast claims that. Crosscheck was in place in FL in 2000 and Palast wrote about it then. It wasn't in use in the rust belt, where the Clintons were too stupid to even bother campaigning,.

Rasheed's a lightweight - not worth your time. Or mine.

Muhammad Rasheed - The proof is in the investigative reporter's link that you keep ignoring, Mr. 'alt-right' #2. hahahahahaha

Muhammad Rasheed - lol @ youse guys

Muhammad Rasheed - #Adorbs Please don't ever change.  :)

Muhammad Rasheed - I swear I can set my watch by youse guys. *glee*

Reuben Ames Avery - well, this country is chock full of fools like you, and that's why it keeps on churning just as designed

Reuben Ames Avery - go on and be mad and rave on about voter suppression and how everyone's racist because you're named Muhammad. the system. won't. give. a. flying. fuck.

Muhammad Rasheed - Ah. So in the 'alt-right' universe, I'm the fool despite you deliberately ignoring evidence links while saying I don't have any evidence.

Curious. lol

I do believe that's B-I-N-G-O!!! Congrats, Reub!!

Muhammad Rasheed - (or is it "rube...?)

Muhammad Rasheed - Rube-O, if the system didn't give a F*ck, then they wouldn't have pulled out those 1870 voter suppression scams again, would they?

Try harder, please. There's a lad.

Reuben Ames Avery - why do we have Trump in the white house? Because the signal to noise ratio of fuckheads like this guy going on about voter suppresion, racism, and LGBQT+ issues. Meanwhile, in reality, it was pretty much a slam dunk for Trump.

Reuben Ames Avery - and now "impeach! impeach! impeach!"... and what do any of you know about then your next president Mike Pence

Muhammad Rasheed - It's weird how you sound angrier than I do, but I'm the one that had his vote suppressed. Why is that?

Are you mad because your scam is revealed and you're not clever enough to cover it up on your own to support your cheating team? awww... #adorbs

Reuben Ames Avery - you're so special, just such a special snowflake, what the fuck do you know

Bryan Leggo - Only a simpleton could think I'm alt-right.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol It sure didn't take you two long to display it.

Bryan Leggo - If we WERE to take Palast seriously and literally, he said the same thing about Bernie in the primaries, that voting irregularities allowed her to steal it from him so I guess she didn't deserve to be the candidate in the general in the first place. I guess losing to Trump is just karma then and we shouldn't care WHY she lost at all.

Muhammad Rasheed - Sanders was an outsider that tried to usurp the Demo party for his own agenda (the way Ron Paul tried to do the GOP in '08), and the real Dems fought back. He deserved it.

Bryan Leggo - Ah.. a brainless Hilbot. That explains a lot. So Palast is a great source for you when he says HRC was robbed but not when he says Bernie was. That's a pretty impressive display of hypocrisy.

BTW, Bernie is one of only 2 or 3 REAL Democrats, i.e. FDR style Dems. HRC is the corporate DLC sell-out who loves war. She's exactly the kind of reason why Dems have steadily lost seats at every level for Obama's 8 inept years in office, Bill ruined the party and BHO was a nothingburger who expanded the wars and internal spying. Some Dem.,

Muhammad Rasheed - Palast wanted Sanders to win, so he leaned that way. The Dems did use the same tactics to fight his usurpation attempt though. They were just right to do it. The GOP were throwing away minority Demo ballots, and that's evil.

Bryan Leggo - Votes WERE suppressed in NC in 2016 just as they were in 2012, 2008, 2004 and 2000. Too bad her losing because of the rust belt makes that less relevant.

Bryan Leggo - Time to make the pro corruption pro-war hypocritical Hilbot go away. Since he thinks a return to FDR is "usurpation" (no doubt a very big word for him) I see he'll have nothing to offer in the future, either. Buh bye.

Bryan Leggo - One final comment: The ONLY candidate who consistently spoke out multiple times about voter suppression and gerrymandering was Bernie Sanders. He still is - in fact just the other day. HRC was AWOL on that, although she had dozens of other excuses for her loss including Russians.

Beth Moore-Love - Sanders tried to usurp the real democrats? What, you mean the ones who voted to get us into the Iraq war and bailed out the banks instead of us? The real democrats who remove leftist presidents and replace them with brutal right wing dictators?

Muhammad Rasheed - The banks were bailed out because the Federal Reserve Act says that we HAVE to bail them out. That contract, signed in 1913, says that they get to do whatever they want with our money, and we must bail them out when they overextend and create a bubble/recession/depression.

It will take a war in DC itself to stop that monster.

Beth Moore-Love - You mean the way FDR did in 1933? Geez! Another "his hands were tied" excuse. Were his hands also tied when he placed Monsanto lobbyists all over the FDA and DOA?

Muhammad Rasheed - The last POTUS that tried to unplug the Fed monster was shot in the head in Dallas. No one is trying to mess with that trillion dollar gravy train.

Beth Moore-Love - My father was a goddamn gunnery sargeant in Vietnam. I didnt vote for a fucking coward to hide behind the drapes of the oval office and hand this country over to corporate fascists as he has done.

Muhammad Rasheed - Every single Federal Gov Admin since JFK has been that coward then.

Muhammad Rasheed - Why only get mad about it now?

Bryan Leggo - Blaming the GOP for Obama's numerous failures is boilerplate excuse making.

Besides Monsanto - there was Summerites running the economy, letting off Bush war criminals and Wall Street criminals who crashed the economy, and expanding to 7 war fronts, vastly expanded droning, NSA expansion and intrusion, destroying Libya, prosecuting whistleblowers and diminishing transparency - all things he did UNILATERALLY without any GOP involvement, not that they would have objected to any of it. Most of that was THEIR agenda, too. He's GOP Lite, something that narrow Dem loyalists simply can't process. Too much cognitive dissonance to face those facts.

They also had the votes for single payer. BHO undercut it. He never really supported after 2003 when it was easy for him to claim it.

Not even dignifying the JFK excuse.

Muhammad Rasheed - Why are you skipping over Bush's failure to single out the faux-failures of Obama?

Bryan Leggo - Because I'm not talking to a Bush fanboy. I'm talking to an Obot/Hilbot. And none of what I listed was "faux". You just can't handle it. I worked against Bush, too.

Muhammad Rasheed - No, not a single thing you typed was real. GOP talking points are always idiotic. The one thing you said that was interesting that we potentially COULD agree on, you suddenly pretended wasn't a thing.

Muhammad Rasheed - Are you pro-fed reserve now magically because you saw I'm against it? lol

But you call ME the 'bot.'

Bryan Leggo - If you think Monsanto there was Summerites running the economy, letting off Bush war criminals and Wall Street criminals who crashed the economy, and expanding to 7 war fronts, vastly expanded droning, NSA expansion and intrusion, destroying Libya, prosecuting whistleblowers and diminishing transparency weren't real then you're too big of an idiot to engage further. None of those are GOP talking points. They're things the GOP LIKE, you moron.

GOP talking point would be Benghazi and Fast and Furious and too many Golf trips and Muslim foreign born.

I didn't mention the Fed at all. I just dismissed your silly conspiracy theory.

Muhammad Rasheed - Did you think copy/pasting your idiotic GOP talking points would somehow make them real this time? #adorbs just like a 2 yr old! awww...

Muhammad Rasheed - Look up "political talking point" and come back. lol

Muhammad Rasheed - Then re-read that idiotic nonsense you have on speed dial & compare. ;)

Bryan Leggo - @Muhammad Rasheed... Not one of which you could refute. And you';re over-using the shallow adorbs. Find a new deflection.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're the one that refused to refute my Palast points and started cussing at me while saying I was emotional, right?


#adorbs #awwww #HeThinksHesPeople

Bryan Leggo - I dealt with Palast and your hypocrisy in using him HALF of the time.

Muhammad Rasheed - You literally ignored everything he actually found in favor of your empty but hella passionate rhetoric about it. #adorbs lol

Beth Moore-Love - Mr. Rasheed, you fail to remember what the GOP talking points were. And werent.

Bryan Leggo - I also dealt with NC suppression vs the rust belt states. Perhaps you have severe reading comprehension problems.

Muhammad Rasheed - Hold my spot, knucklehead. i'll be back.

Don't break anything or get the thread deleted.

Bryan Leggo - I'm going to delete you since you've managed to out-idiot even Dennis Worden.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'll deal with your dumb points one-by-one if you've got the GUTS to read them. :P

Muhammad Rasheed - I'll be back.

Bryan Leggo - BTW, I worked in the NC primaries, especially in Charlotte. I saw how they were run.

Muhammad Rasheed - Oh, good. Then you can confirm all of the GOP voter suppression stuff, and you were just being disingenuous. #IntegrityCheckFailure #NotSurprised

*Bryan & Reuben blocked me from seeing their posts*

Muhammad Rasheed - lol

Terrence Nowicki - Muhammad wrote: "I read the article, and the hard facts that have Palast supporting Rall in this incident are linked to an actual police tape that reveals the cops were the ones lying."

No, this is the opposite of the what the tape reveals. You obviously haven't listened to it.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol

Should I believe the report of one of the few investigative journalists with that rare combination of courage + integrity, or your lying @ss ears? hmmmmm...

Terrence Nowicki - Maybe you could listen to the tape yourself, jerkwad?

Muhammad Rasheed - You listened to it and still walked away with the biased opinion you walked in with, so I'm just gong to go with the report of the professional investigative journalist who is actually trained not to be sloppily subjective like you.

That way I won't have to waste any time listening to a tape that has zero bearing on my life in any way. #Efficiency

Terrence Nowicki - "That way I won't have to waste any time listening to a tape that has zero bearing on my life in any way."

You seem to have wasted quite a bit of time mouthing off despite being relatively ignorant of the topic.

Terrence Nowicki - How about you stick to what you actually know, and shut up when it comes to things you're too lazy to research despite the ready availability of the source material?

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm pretty sure that citing the readily available work of an award-winning, professional investigative journalist, who is known by his peers for being a man of integrity, counts as research. ;)

How about you just continue to believe in the biased subjectivity that you and your buds accept as gospel truth in your self-reinforced circle jerks? As you see, it turns out we're BOTH advocates of sticking to what you know. lol

You have anything real for me there, Terry-O? Or nah?

Steven Ben-Off Abrams - I live in LA, which is as Democratic as get-all, but I met a number of people out here, both young and old, who were turned off by Hillary and the DNC's treatment of Bernie. Kind of fucked up that the Dems fought so hard to shut down Bernie the Left populist, so they could further the career interests of Clinton apparatchiks, and the only real pitch they had was "She's not Donald Trump."

Steven Ben-Off Abrams - I don't know ANY Republicans here in LA (one or two Rand Paul-style Libertarians maybe) - a significant number of liberal Democrats I talked to told me they were seriously tired of the Clintons, and felt Bernie got a raw deal. Not a helpful perception for Democratic leadership to give to their base.

Muhammad Rasheed - I think the leadership had the right to protect the party from an opportunistic outsider attempting to usurp their platform for his own agenda, just as GOP leadership had the right to keep well-known Libertarian-pretending-to-be-a-Republican Ron Paul from doing the same. The wishy-washy Demo fence-sitters who somehow thought the counter-attack was unfair shouldn't count.

Danny Hellman - Yeah, the leadership also has the right to lose catastrophically and fail to learn from their mistakes because piles of cash.

Beth Moore-Love - @Muhammad Rasheed, sounds to me like you've been under the impression that both parties have been doing a fine job, then.

Christoph Knerr - @Muhammad Rasheed... the democratic party is the people in it, not the leadership. If registered democrats want to elect an independent they should be able to. That's what democracy is.

Danny Hellman - Says so in their charter.

Beth Moore-Love - You prefer Trump, Ben Carson or Ted Cruz to Ron Paul, I guess?

Muhammad Rasheed - @Beth & Christoph... The wishy-washy, fence-sitting, uncommitted "members" of the parties, who are jerked around like puppets whenever an outsider tries to take over the parties, shouldn't count. Case in point: All the bitter and pouting Bernie acolytes that ran off to vote for Trump out of spite. That phenomenon by itself means the fence-sitter opinions are not to be trusted.

Christoph Knerr - @Muhammad Rasheed... I see where you stand on democracy. That's fine. Just be more straight forward about it. Your Idea of what the Democratic Party is, maybe the leaderships too is why many true liberals don't come out to vote for democrats unless it's for nostalgia or the lesser of two evils.

Muhammad Rasheed - That post doesn't mean overmuch to me in light of all the voter suppression that's infesting the last several presidential elections, tilting towards GOP interests. Take that evil off the table then the finer points of your message would be worth serious contemplating. As it is, is comes across more like naivete, sprinkled with horse-blinders, and a side of clueless idealism.

Muhammad Rasheed - The Democrats HAVE been coming out, and in enough numbers for the GOP to never win another election again. Voter suppression is the tool that destroyed our democracy. And it's an old tool.

Christoph Knerr - You don't even believe in democracy in your own parties primaries!

Muhammad Rasheed - The voter suppression used to destroy the democratic process is far older than the 2016 Dem primary. Nice horse blinders btw. What is that? Velvet?


Beth Moore-Love - The democrats have been coming out? REALLY?

Muhammad Rasheed - "Really."

What does "voter suppression" mean to you, Beth?

Beth Moore-Love - What do you propose? Hillary 2020?

Muhammad Rasheed - The GOP has been throwing away MILLIONS of minority Demo ballots in every election. The elections wouldn't even be close otherwise.

Muhammad Rasheed - Beth Moore-Love wrote: "You prefer Trump, Ben Carson or Ted Cruz to Ron Paul, I guess?"

That newsletter scandal revealed to me that these gents are all the same. I would vote for none of them.

Beth Moore-Love - Did you forget that DWS resigned for it? And that exit polls were off by as much as 15% in some states, each time in Hillarys favor? Or that entire blocks in NYC were scrubbed from the voter rolls?

Muhammad Rasheed - Did "I" forget...?

I'm the only one in here bringing up voter suppression. Why isn't it FIRST in every single political discussion?

Beth Moore-Love - You believe the democratic party wouldnt cheat us, dont you?

Beth Moore-Love - I mean, only nasty republicans would cheat an election, right?

Muhammad Rasheed - When it comes to the very narrow point of the two parties' leadership refusing to allow outsiders to take over -- a take over based 100% on the momentum generated from the manipulation of the ignorant, wishy-washy fence-sitter masses -- then I agree that they should do what they can to prevent it. If the outsiders were TRUE "shake 'em up" figures dedicated to TRUE progress towards our ideals, then that would be a different story, and I'd be mad, too.

Neither Sanders nor Paul had my own best interests at heart. Even the feel of this thread discussion from so-called fellow liberals makes me feel like an ostracized outsider, which of course makes me even more suspicious about Sanders.

Beth Moore-Love - Are you suggesting that cheating an election is okay, as long as your candidate benefits?

Muhammad Rasheed - Should I be concerned that the willful, systemic targeting of minority Democrat ballots by your supposed political rivals, and my active racist enemy, is never brought up by you lot as a serious concern? You want me to be all in my feels over this Sanders thing, but that other item doesn't come up in conversation among you at ALL. lol

How SHOULD that make me feel?

Muhammad Rasheed - The two outsiders were trying to cheat the election, the party leaders also cheated to counter. You only vilify the RESPONSE to the first cheating attempt because the other was what you wanted.


Beth Moore-Love - You think the republicans cheated the democratic primaries to get Hillary nominated?

Beth Moore-Love - Oh, now Sanders cheated?

Beth Moore-Love - Is that why he lost? Because he cheated? Lmfao!

Muhammad Rasheed - Beth Moore-Love wrote: "You think the republicans cheated the democratic primaries to get Hillary nominated?"

I said, "...the party leaders also cheated to counter."

Muhammad Rasheed - Meaning the Dem leaders cheated to prevent Sanders from cheating to usurp their party for his agenda.

Muhammad Rasheed - "All's fair in love & war."

Beth Moore-Love - So Sanders was plotting to cheat, so your party beat him to the punch, right?

Muhammad Rasheed - I really don't care about that issue, despite all the super over-hype trying to distract me from the honestly FAR more serious voter suppression that compromised our democratic traditions long, long before.

Odd how you don't care about that though. Are you going to bring up Bernie again... yup. There you go.

Muhammad Rasheed - Sanders cheated by pretending to be a Democrat and running like one, as Ron Paul did before him on the other side of the aisle.

Beth Moore-Love - I mean, he might have cheated them, but actually didnt, so its fine they cheated, eh?

Muhammad Rasheed - You're babbling, Beth.

Beth Moore-Love - You are a moron. Plain as day.

Muhammad Rasheed - You're a racist. Take a bow.

Muhammad Rasheed - That's why you and your cohorts have zero interest in exploring the very race-based voter suppression scam.

Muhammad Rasheed - Thank you for your time. I've collected enough data here.


Beth Moore-Love - Yeah, I like peace. Thats why I refused to vote for Hillary or Trump.

Beth Moore-Love - Racist...misogynist...lmfao!

Beth Moore-Love - Im that racist who built a yurt for Standing Rock, delivered it and stayed two weeks in 50 below temps without showers, getting ripe with a bunch of N8tvs and BLM peeps. Truly, thats what racists do, ya know!

Muhammad Rasheed - Right. Because your hippie photo-ops so you can brag about fake credentials on social media is the REAL WORK. lol

You cringe, hide and get defensive when it comes to the active (and very, VERY dangerous) battle to stop the voter suppression scam that has been used to politically disenfranchise Blacks since the 1870s. We'll NEVER see a FB photo-op with Beth Moore-Love fighting THAT monster, amirite? Too scary? It's MUCH safer to stick to the faux-activism and yurt building that you're used to.

Danny Hellman - Everyone who didn't vote for Hillary "They Must Be Brought To Heel" Clinton is a racist.

Danny Hellman - "The Dem leaders cheated to prevent Sanders from cheating to usurp their party for his agenda." What agenda was that? Single payer? $15 minimum wage? Free higher education? An end to endless war?

Muhammad Rasheed - To be clear, ignoring the voter suppression scam, and faux-vilifying the investigative reporter who is busting it open, reveals the racists in your midst. Vote for Sanders as you like, but there are other items on the table that reveal character.

Danny Hellman - "Faux-vilifying?" Palast has repeatedly gone to bat for Ted Rall, who I know FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE to be a liar. For me, that throws the rest of Palast's journalism into doubt.

Muhammad Rasheed - Your embarrassingly biased and clouded personal experience is lying to you, Hellman. Grow up.

Danny Hellman - What's "clouded" about my personal experience?

Muhammad Rasheed - Your beef with Rall does not trump the seriousness of the voter suppression findings. It's INSANE for you to imply as much. Stop it.

Danny Hellman - Funny how a guy who's just called me "insane," "clouded," and "embarrassingly-biased" is telling me to "grow up." First, learn how to argue without clumsily insulting your opponent, THEN I'll consider taking you seriously.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol

You shoved the extremely racist voter suppression under the rug because of your high school beef with some guy, and you think I am concerned whether someone that thinks like that "takes me seriously."


Danny Hellman - You know what suppresses voting? An uninspiring campaign.

Muhammad Rasheed - ...and you're still doing it.

"Voter suppression? Meh. BERNIE 4 LIFE!!!"

Muhammad Rasheed - Now I really, REALLY have enough data on you yahoos. I'm OUT!


Danny Hellman - Take that data you've collected, mix it with some of that high school beef, and fry yourself up another dumburger.

Beth Moore-Love - I went to jail defending a guy who was racially profiled by cops and almost got roughed up myself, and i would do the same for you, Muhammad Rasheed. No matter who you vote for.

Muhammad Rasheed - I would be more impressed if you had a record of "almost getting roughed up" while actively working to stop voter suppression.

Muhammad Rasheed - With photo documentation.

Muhammad Rasheed - Voter suppression is a major component of systemic racism, while racial profiling is just low-level maintenance of an already corrupt-with-racism system.

Ignoring the one while throwing your efforts behind the other, is the equivalent to ignoring the compound fracture while choosing to instead wipe off the blood with a damp cloth.

Beth Moore-Love - Im not trying to impress anyone. Do you remember Obamas' silence when Troy Davis was murdered by Georgia for a crime he didnt commit? His refusal to pardon Peltier even when the prosecuting attorney recommended him to?

Beth Moore-Love - Do you remember when the mainstream media congratulated white people for rescuing PETS a week after hurricane Katrina, as human bodies still floated in the toxic stew? I DO.

Muhammad Rasheed - What's "PETS?"

Muhammad Rasheed - Obama was by no means silent on the Troy Davis issue, but was working to reform the policies that helped contribute to the tragedy. Of course Jeff Sessions is frantically working to sabotage/destroy all such efforts.

Beth Moore-Love - Pets. Puppers and kitties. Pets. I threw up.

Beth Moore-Love - Mind you, I love animals, but after seeing people dehydrate on rooftops waiting for helicopters that never came...fuck that shit. Pets!

Muhammad Rasheed - No, I don't remember the 'PETS' thing. I just remember how all the Black poor people were being treated as if they deserved the tragedy, and the local whites and the US gov didn't want to help them.

Muhammad Rasheed - I remember that part quite a bit.

I also remember how a Senator Obama was one of the very few people that came to listen to the people themselves to see what could be done to get them what they needed.

Muhammad Rasheed - But, yeah. "PETS."

Beth Moore-Love - Listen, fucking sick of it too. Im 53 years old and tired of the stupid war bucks and the gestapo cops. And its been going on all my life, and all my mother's life. And no matter who sits in the oval office, its the same shit. Same agenda, different faces. My house is a safe house. I dont tolerate fascism, or racist shit in my presence. Im sorry I stooped to insults. Facebook is like a fence between snarling dogs, we say shit we would never say face to face. But I guarantee you, I am working my ass off every day to make a better world in my community, and to put an end to racism. Every day.

Muhammad Rasheed - Thanks. I look forward to the photo documentation.

Beth Moore-Love - No. I am not being manipulated here. I think it should be obvious that I have a strong mind. At a certain point it becomes more intelligent to foster unity rather than continue to enable the divisions that our sham elections cement every four years. And also I am doing my anti racist work as always.

Beth Moore-Love - See how quickly a person can end an acrimonious, nasty debate and turn it around to finding common ground? This is where women excel, as long as they arent just another dick in a dress, like Mags Thatcher and HRC.

Beth Moore-Love - This right here, is what we better learn to get real good at doing, and fast.

Muhammad Rasheed - Voter suppression is a major component of systemic racism, while racial profiling is just low-level maintenance of an already corrupt with racism system.

Ignoring the one while throwing your efforts behind the other, is the equivalent to ignoring the compound fracture while choosing to instead wipe off the blood with a damp cloth.

Beth Moore-Love - Im not going to agree with you just because youre black. If I think youre argument is stupid im going to say so. The same I would say to anyone else.

Muhammad Rasheed - I'm not going to agree with you just because you are a White woman.

I guess we're at an impasse. lol

Beth Moore-Love - Fair enough.

Muhammad Rasheed - Of course you can pick and choose which battles in the greater war you would like to help at, but you don't get to call the people stupid for pointing out that the bigger battles that you didn't choose need more resources.

At this point I'm looking forward to demonstrations of this celebrated "strong mind" you said you have.

Fake Activism versus Real Activism

Opinion: Why I Confronted White Progressive Figures For Racism In Their Commentary

Beth Moore-Love - Confront the Clintons, then.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol Clinton is powerless since the GOP's voter suppression, that White liberals demonstrably (and suspiciously) have zero interest in, made sure she didn't win the presidency.

Muhammad Rasheed - Note that she apologized to the African-American community for her family's past mistakes, and vowed that she would aid in reversing the mass incarceration trend... building upon Obama's crime reformation efforts. Obviously the GOP took that promise personally.

Beth Moore-Love - You believed what a politician said during a campaign?

Muhammad Rasheed - Please note that Obama used his campaign promises as a literal checklist and did everything he could to make them happen. I would rather trust her expressed sincerity to repair wrongs than I do any statements from your idol Sanders.

Beth Moore-Love - I dont idolize politicians. It isnt smart.

Muhammad Rasheed - Did you believe what Sanders said on his campaign trail? Or do I have you confused with one of these others?

Beth Moore-Love - Every single word out of a candidates mouth on the campaign trail is bullshit and not worth listening to. You have to look at their actions. Just as teenage girls are taught to pay no attention to boys promising love when they just want to get laid.

Muhammad Rasheed - Aye. Obama's actions for the past 8 yrs were quite revealing.

Now I want Michelle in office for 2020.