Thursday, September 14, 2017

Who is REALLY African-American?

LaTonya Rosetta Reed - When African Americans advocate 4 their own Civil Rights, some people (even some Black ppl) assert that we are being "divisive," rather than promoting "unity. In REALITY, however, it's just politics; meaning that if U want the support of our communities (Barack Obama, Kamala Harris,, the A.American community needs 2 see, & EXPERIENCE Ur support of our economic advancement. No more "freebies." THAT's Black Politics, not "divisiveness," just like with the LBGT's or any group of people.

Tanya Lamphier - Kamala Harris didn't do anything for the state of CA as AG and I dealt with her office (whilst she was AG and now that no AG has really been named in title least that I know of) while she held the title and it was (and still is) a mess. Many people I know (fellow survivors of homicide and victims advocates alike) couldn't believe the horrible things she advocated for.

What I don't get is I never hear any black people mention Condie Rice. I think she did a fabulous job as Secretary of State and is qualified for position as First Lady POTUS.

LaTonya Rosetta Reed - Yes, Condie is fab. DK 'bout Kamala; I, also dealt w/her Office in Callie, & didn't leave feeling warm & fuzzy. Guess she's currently advocating 4 some bail/prison reform, which is good. We'll see. 😒

Tanya Lamphier
- Prisoners get better medical attention than our military on taxpayers dime. She also advocated AGAINST the death penalty. Prison reform is not her job to advocate for as AG. Her job as AG was to defend the law and interests of the state, no more no less.

LaTonya Rosetta Reed - Yeah, I know, but her sights are on the White House, so ... She's trying 2 set herself up 2 secure the African American vote --- even though, like Prez O., she's not African American. That's the game that they play, but people are wising up. 😉Not being "divisive," but people who were not raised by African Americans, in African American communities, especially, are less likely 2 fight 4 these communities. We saw this with Prez O, & hope 2 not make the same mistake with Ms. Harris.

Muhammad Rasheed
- LaTonya wrote: "even though, like Prez O., she's not African American."

How is a native born US citizen, who is the descendant of an African, who self-identifies with the African-American culture, who physically passes for an African-American, not an African-American?

LaTonya Rosetta Reed
- Her mother was East Indian & her father, Jamaican. Additionally, she was raised by her mother; barely spent time with the father, so basically, she was raised Indian. Because she's half Black (father), she opted to attend Howard U, & pledge AKA, prob because she intended political pursuits.

LaTonya Rosetta Reed - She was not raised by people who endured Jim Crow, segregation, redlining, lynching, civil rights, & others struggles specific 2 African Americans. She identifies as Black, because she IS (like Obama), half Black, but she IS NOT African American (like Obama). ☺

Muhammad Rasheed
- There are quite a few people who have made up the African-American Experience in the last several centuries, and they all did not directly experience all of the Black tropes in their lives. All combined, their experiences make up the Black Experience -- from the bourgeoisie to the striving poor, from the Black militant, to the passing Black Republican. They are all African-American, with no one more authentically Black than another based on some arbitrary, subjective measure -- especially considering the history of items like the "One-Drop Rule."

Please stop. Both Obama and Harris are African-Americans.

LaTonya Rosetta Reed
- They are Black, yes. But, their ancestors were not enslaved in America. THAT is what defines African Americans. The "one drop rule" has nothing to do with it. Yes, they are Black, no question, but being African American is not a "subjective opinion." Either your ancestors were Africans enslaved in America, or they were not. This is not a "subjective opinion, but rather, a very precise fact. ☺

Muhammad Rasheed - Not all African-Americans experienced slavery, and some -- for a variety of reasons -- were even slave owners themselves. Some African-Americans were wealthy business owners DURING the height of the slave era. None of these are what we immediately think of when we hear "African-American" yet they are true, real, and authentically part of the Black Experience.

The LAST thing we need is someone propagating subjective, arbitrary reasons why some are magically less African-American than some others. Those are no less than tactics of my active enemy as a Black American when #BlackUnity is what I need to be a fully free US citizen.

Please stop.

LaTonya Rosetta Reed - No one is "debating" the Black experience. The definition of African Americans is specific. Even if "some Africans in America were not enslaved," THEIR ancestors WERE, there4, ALL are descendents. This is not a debate about "the Black experience". You are correct; the Black experience is vast. But AfricanAmericans, whether they be upper, middle or poorer classes are ALL descendents of Africans enslaved in America. Kamala, & our beloved former POTUS DO NOT fall into this category, which is largely why Obama's focus was "global," rather than advocating 4 the specific needs of African Americans.

Muhammad Rasheed - No, not all African-Americans are descendants of slaves. That is not true. Some were actually contemporaries of the original founders, and benefited from legacy wealth, or even the indentured servitude program. There are actually legacy family Black families here who never knew the shackles of chattel in their line.

Your artificially strict definition of the ever-controversial term "African-American" is a political fiction.

Please stop.

Muhammad Rasheed - How are you supposed to be "promoting unity," while spreading misinformation that only nitpicks along lines that the African-American didn't do among themselves during the worst eras of American history? Our unity was our strength in those days, and here you are on a soap box specifically designed to split the African-American apart along nit-picky irrelevances while making like it's an important big deal. What's the point of doing this, LaTonya, if not to spread a toxic divisiveness?

LaTonya Rosetta Reed - This is not "my definition," but rather that of those well versed, & active in Black politics. I am not just "making this up" off the top of my head. Also, of those U reference who "did not experience slavery in America," do Obama, & Kamala hail from those people? No. Also, while they might not have endured chattle slavery, I GUARANTEE they eexperiencd the other discriminations against African Americans. I guarantee it. There4, their experiences, & that of their descendents is specific, & unique. Question: what exactly is Ur issue with admitting that the African American experience is unique, & like no other? What about that truth bothers you?

Muhammad Rasheed - "Well versed, and active in Black politics" that still doesn't agree it's even a term we should be using, yet you want to artificially chisel it into granite as if there is some universal consensus. lol You're not making it up all by yourself, but you are taking a stance that pretends something about the topic that isn't real.

The point is that there are numerous micro-experiences within the greater Black Experience, and NO ONE has the authority to determine who among us is African-American or not. In a fundamentally racism society in which #BlackUnity was our greatest tool to enable us to survive through it, such talk is only the toxic divisive tactic of my active enemy.

Please stop.

LaTonya Rosetta Reed - The reasons 4 making these dilineations are long & detailed: much longer that can be shared in a Facebook thread. If U're REALLY interested, & not just being emotional, I can refer U 2 some resources where U can begin to become educated. This is not "misinformation" that I am sharing. The goal is to educate, so that as a race, African Americans can elevate, & yes, there are specific & sound reasons 4 making these distinctions, so stop being so emotional.

Muhammad Rasheed - LaTonya wrote: "Question: what exactly is Ur issue with admitting that the African American experience is unique, & like no other?"

This is a straw man effigy, since I have no such issue. My issue is with your attempts to dissect the African-American experience into divided sections, isolate one particular chunk and uphold it as the only legitimate African-American experience of the lot. That's evil.

Please stop. Please stop spreading this divisive, partisan talking point flavored misinformation in the guise of resourced knowledge. Pretty please? Thanks.

LaTonya Rosetta Reed
- Also, U are the only one who is being "toxic" & angry on this thread. I am simply sharing information. The fact that it is upsetting 2 U is a clear indication that U are operation from "emotion," rather than education. Once U TRUELY become educated about these matters, then U will not be so emotional, but will simply relay facts that U have studied. If I am so toxic, then why do U bother visiting my Page? I see MANY things on FB, & I just pass right on by. Why did U stop, here, 2 comment? Why not just keep it moving, if U don't like what's being said?

Muhammad Rasheed - It always upsets me when people are promoting divisive misinformation that adds to the pool of toxic materials that make the Black American more vulnerable to their enemies, while pretending they are helping.

Should I not be upset about that? I thought my response was perfectly reasonable considering. lol

btw, I think you're just using that "emotional" line because, as an intelligent Black Woman, you probably get attacked by guys who use it on you all the time, so you call yourself doing it to me first. Well, you can quit because I'm not that guy. I love my Black Women, and celebrate her powerful mind and world-smashing force.

Muhammad Rasheed
- lol I stopped here to comment because that's my duty when I see toxic nonsense being spread by those pretending it is nutritious food. It's my job as a socio-political commentator to push-back against that stuff and challenge you on it.

You can either support it and prove it is real or you can not. Telling me I'm emotional just because I challenge you on it isn't how you prove it's real, you know?

Throw Down Your Rod. Let's see what you have.

LaTonya Rosetta Reed
- I have no idea what U're saying Muhammad Rasheed. It's late; I'm tired; and I've said as much as I can say. If U would like referrals 2 some of my resources, I am happy 2 provide. Nothing I've said is fabricated, made up, nor intended to divide, but rather 2 educate. Personally, I hope Kamala gets wind of some of these threads; perhaps she will alter her approach. This would probably garner more support for her then she thinks. Nothing I've Posted here are lies or fabrications. It's all simply Black politics.

Muhammad Rasheed - I agree the argument itself is a part of the body of Black politics, which in itself is an aspect of the Black Experience. Here in the 'integration' era, on the other side of the time when it was common sense knowledge that we HAD to stick together in order to survive, live and even thrive as an African-American community, we now found ourselves in the illusion of "progress" where we are under the impression that toxic, divisive talk is somehow educational and empowering to us as African-Americans.

Education into what we are dealing with is the key for throwing off these new mental shackles, and I have faith that eventually this too we shall overcome.

Have a good night, LaTonya.

LaTonya Rosetta Reed - I am not bothered by being "challenged," but rather these emotional accusations. Resources can be provided 4 all that I've shared, but until this final Post of Urs, U didndidn't ask 4 it. U simply proceeded 2 accuse me of being "divisive." THAT, my friend, is an emotional response. It's not Ur duty 2 do anything, except live, & laugh , & love, so I don't buy that line about why U stopped here. I think, deep down, U, like everyone else, wants 2 know the truth. No one is saying Kamala can't run 4 Office, but it will benefit us all when these Politicians begin being more truthful. ☺

Muhammad Rasheed
- Let the record show that -- not only are your claims that the proudly African-American Barack Obama is somehow not an African-American based on subjective, arbitrary partisan talking point nonsense -- but at any time along the way you could've provided the proofs of your claims, and if strong, would have stopped me dead in my tracks. Instead I find you talking about it a lot though, when the proof is actually within the pudding itself.

Consequently, at this point I'm finding you all hot air & empty bluster, with no rod to actually throw, while accusing me of emotion. And here I thought you were better than that.

A pity.

LaTonya Rosetta Reed
- Lol, U're funny. I am too tired too engage further, & like I said, there are numerous resources, since we have touched on several issues. It's late, so I am not prepared to pull out resources right now, but I will provide. I just can't right now. I have an early morning, & I am tired. To be continued? I promise 2 "show U what I've got" once I'm rested. LOL. I promise.

LaTonya Rosetta Reed - Good night.

Muhammad Rasheed
- Have a good night.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Adventures in Free Speech: Personalized Self-Censorship

U.S. cartoonists self-censor themselves all the time. Sure they do. Everyone has a line they won’t cross, even when the bulk of their work is in a genre traditionally considered risqué or hardcore raunchy.

Cartoonists spend a great deal of time mining their brains for ideas to wrap their art around, and they spend the majority of that time discarding concepts they personally consider ‘bad’ or ‘no way.’ This vetting is highly subjective, of course, as a cartoonist like R. Crumb would probably consider the hastily discarded ideas of a Jim Davis to be a gold mine.

The Actions of Belief

David Baldwin - Is it my fault I don't believe in God?

Muhammad Rasheed - According to scripture, "Belief in God" is a body of actions, a deliberate lifestyle choice that requires continuous maintenance throughout your lifespan. The actions that prove belief per God's criteria include continuous re-affirmations that you agree that God is indeed the Creator Supreme of reality, rejection of the temptations and sin that God commanded the believer to avoid, and the performing of righteous deeds per God's checklist. Scripture explains that "faith without works is dead," with the message that merely saying one believes will not be counted as belief on your record if such a thought is not joined by the Actions of Belief as described above. Even if one harbors secret doubts, and yet still faithfully performs the actions in one's life until death, one will still be rewarded by the Creator as a believer. You'll have everything to gain if you give God the benefit of the doubt that God's message is true, and you'll have everything to lose -- beyond your wildest imaginings -- if you reject the truth of God's existence.

Based on this understanding of the message of sacred scripture, it's your record of actions in life that will reveal that you did not believe. Belief in God is 100% choice, and to not use your Free Will to make the choice to commit to the lifestyle of that belief will absolutely be all your fault.

David Baldwin - This is a scary answer because it's not like I actively pursue disbelief. It just happened over time. I'm still basically a good person. Scripture is a big part of why I reject God. It's so contrived to me. What you've written just sounds like Pascal’s wager recycled. Ugh.

Muhammad Rasheed - Once you’ve become aware of the message of scripture, not actively pursuing belief is active pursuit of disbelief by default, David. You have to work to guard your believing lifestyle, and reject the temptations that attack it, even when they come from the depths of your own treacherous mind. On Judgment Day you will certainly be asked if you heard the message, and what you did once you heard it.

Rejecting God’s Call once heard is the very wrong answer.

David Baldwin - If there is a god, I choose to believe I will be judged as a good man. If that is not enough - if I will be damned to eternal suffering because of my disbelief - then I choose to also believe that god is not just nor good. Thank you for your answer and response to my question / comment.

Omg I just watched that video it was beyond corny.

Muhammad Rasheed - During the Judgment Event of the All-Knowing God — the One truly unique Being in all of existence — your deeds will be evaluated according to the parameters set by God, not the subjective, significantly less all-knowing whims of any members of the creation. You are not God’s peer, David; God doesn’t require your input into how things will/should be done.

Take heed.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol I was trying to find a clip composed ONLY of the hands dragging her down into the pit. hahaha I didn’t really want all the corny parts in it.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Racism by Gaslight

JRE Clips - Comedian Theo Von used to work out with David Duke. When asked what he was like, Theo said, "Honestly, he seemed like a nice guy, dude."

Muhammad Rasheed - "Honestly, he seemed like a nice guy, dude."

That's everything I need to know about white people, right there. smh lol wow...

Kincaid Beach - M. Rasheed wrote: "that's everything i need to know about white people, right there."

That's everything i need to know about black people, right there.

See how dumb that sounds? You probably don't.

Muhammad Rasheed - lol You lack the authority to say what is dumb sounding or not, klansman. Beat it.

Kincaid Beach - did you delete my comment too? what a little pussy. lol And just because someone says he doesn't seem like a bad guy in person, doesn't mean he agrees with his perception on other things in life, you narrow minded half wit.

alright. he didn't delete it. shit youtube didn't load up the entire thread. Apologies. You're still a dumb ass though.

Muhammad Rasheed - The problem is that we're talking about a professional white supremacist. Even though you and Theo seem to have a VERY loose definition of what constitutes "niceness" ("He didn't lynch any Blacks or Jews while I was working out with him that day") I'm the one from the group that Duke directs his evil. So while you are ignorantly calling me a 'dumb ass' while lacking the ability to empathize with anyone that isn't white, I find both Theo's matter-of-fact comment, and your triggered response to mine, quite telling.

But please keep on adding references that back up my "everything I need to know about white people" file folder. Thanks. ;)

max callero - what did you want him to do lie about it? its clear he understands hes a horrible person and he wouldnt have been lice if he was black

Muhammad Rasheed - What's clear to you through your #SupportTeamRahRah lens is opaque through mine. What's clear to me is he was saying that as long as the guy was nice to him then he didn't care about that other stuff, since it didn't affect him personally. That's what every other human in the universe means when they use "Honestly, he seemed like a nice guy, dude" in context.

But please keep trying your smoke-blowing, gaslighting procedures. I'm riveted.


hair ledoux - @M. Rasheed... so stupid you cant tell max was on your side. You just see the boogeyman wherever you turn. Pathetic

Muhammad Rasheed - @hair ledoux... So you think "he understands hes a horrible person" is synonymous with "he seemed like a nice guy," huh? lol Because those are literally the polar opposite, chief.

Your gaslighting skills are really shitty, hair. You may wish to take an Udemy class or something.

max callero - your right dude this man is a total racist and that means all white guys are racist. that makes so much more sense than assuming that he doesnt understand that one of the most hated guys in america is a bad person. makes total sense. thank you for enlightening me

Muhammad Rasheed
- +max callero... EXHIBIT A - Trump is the POTUS. You have no argument.

Take a seat, racist.

Kincaid Beach - you're literally labeling an entire race based off of individuals. if you don't see how you are PART OF THE PROBLEM then there's nothing less to call you than a dumb ass.

His statement was matter of face in the sense of his experience with the guy. He doesn't speak on behalf everyone else that's had to deal with him or anything about his shortcomings to all perspectives. He's talking about HIS experience with the individual. So, yes, you are a racist piece of shit like Duke. Good job.

Muhammad Rasheed - Kincaid, I'm not part of the problem at all. I'm of the group that is abused by the problem. Theo sees nothing wrong with David Duke, the professional white supremacist ("He seemed nice to ME, bro!"), and you got triggered at my hyperbolic quasi-joke and unleashed a butthurt stream of name-calling at me. hahahaha That gave you away as a racist, bud. You probably have Duke's poster up in your bedroom, don't you? smh

His "experience with the guy" as a white guy, right? hahahahaa OF COURSE Duke seemed nice to another white guy because that's how white supremacy works. hahahaha But you keep calling ME the dumb ass/nit-wit, right? You're doing a poor job representing for your klan btw.

Stop using the word "racist" wrong because it's not helping you. Hyperbole is a normal and accepted part of human discourse and I can use it all I want. The fact that you think my using it magically makes me a racist means you need to go study for that GED you've been putting off.

Kincaid Beach - That string of nonsense was a painful expression of mental gymnastics and backpedaling I've ever witnessed. So now you were just joking, but somehow I'm a klan member because i stated to the literal point of now what you claim to be a joke as you filing an entire race after witnessing one person's view point on someone else.

It's like you don't even understand implied statements and basic reading and comprehension because you're so fixated on your narrative. That was the point of me explicitly and repetitively stating HIS INDIVIDUAL POINT OF VIEW OF THE PERSON. So no, only you still are the dumb ass in this shit poor excuse of a conversation.

And now I'm supposedly "triggered" because I call you on your bull shit? lol These buzz words are even more pathetic when poorly used. And no, I'm using racist by the literal definition of the word. You're making a general statement for an entire group of individuals based on a few. That is the epitome of being racist, you racist dumb ass.

So keep on telling yourself that you were "hyperbolizing the situation" to make yourself not seem like such a racist POS; and I'll keep telling myself that the majority of the world isn't as dumb as you so I can still hold hope for this world, but we both know that's as much bull shit as what you're saying.

And i know you're not going to understand any of this and you're, again, going to twist this into whatever skewed perspective you're fucked mind with conjure, but it's worth at least trying one more time to show you how dumb you really are.

I'll file this under "another racist dumb ass". It's getting pretty full.

Muhammad Rasheed - I said "quasi-joking." Meaning it was a joke in its presentation, but we both know it was real based on the nature of western society.

To be clear, you outed yourself as a white supremacist because you got triggered at my original post, yes. Triggered because you don't like to think about the whole evil racist thing and it makes you defensive. Apparently this reaction is normal for your kind. lol And it's not just "one person's viewpoint." Stop. You're the one that put Trump in office. lol Please note that just because you type lies while using caps-lock, it doesn't turn them into truths. Caps-lock is not a magic spell, Kincaid. Santa Claus isn't real either btw.

Stop pretending you know what 'racist' means. Thanks.

All racists call people dumb when they witness racist behavior getting called out. Take a bow for outing yourself as a racist. You've earned it.

All references to my "twisting" anything is you trying your weak-willed gaslighting on me. You can quit that now since I don't respect you enough for it to work. You have a healthy respect for your own white privilege powers, I see. ;)

rpr kjj - Von was only being honest. It doesn't surprise me that David Duke can be a pleasant person considering he was a politician and got many people to follow him. He probably did seem like a nice guy to Theo, that doesn't mean he's endorsing David duke, it just means he's not willing to lie for the sake of virtue signaling. you act like all racists are aggressive and anti-social.

Muhammad Rasheed - @rpr kjj…That's missing the point all together, and demonstrates a joining together to support your race tribe. That’s what all these justification comments from you and Kincaid are doing for me, that whole 'stick together no matter what/rah rah, team!' stuff. Look at it this way: Of course a blond blue-eyed 'aryan' white guy would say that the lunch he had with ole Adolph was pleasant and civilized. Would he represent the group that Adolph couldn't stand? Then why are you two acting like this is even a valid response in any way? A white guy says to another white guy that a blatantly evil pro-white white guy was nice to him as a fellow white guy. Of course he was being honest. All Duke saw was a white kid he could mold and "instruct." Come on, are you really not trying to see my point, or is this just a gaslighting technique disguised as something else? At least TRY to meet me halfway here.

hair ledoux - Dude honestly someone saying that a psychopath seemed nice is mostly cliche anymore. The btk killer seemed nice to people. Jeffery Dahmer had a quiet and nice demeanor. Its quite common. Also, theo von is a comedian with a dry sense of humor. It almost sounded like there was a hint of sarcasm. Anyway. Its racist to say that all white people align this way. Particularly when a whole pile of retarded white people go march with blm. Just my two cents. Black people are mostly lower iq though so it doesn't surprise me that you are too slow to understand

Muhammad Rasheed - @hair ledoux... I'm affiliated with the BLM leadership through my support dollars and agreement with their mission, and I'm quite aware of the large network of financial support and warm body support the group gets from the well-meaning white crowd. Please see my "hyperbole" comment to Kincaid (that his triggered-ness caused him to dismiss in his klan rage).

Muhammad Rasheed - @hair ledoux... So what makes the whites that support BLM "retarded" exactly? I want to hear you say it.

Bearing in mind that the whole point of the group is to pressure the government into stopping police brutality in the African-American community. Why do you believe that whites are "retarded" for agreeing with their mission? Tell me.

hair ledoux - because your narrative is incorrect. Whether you are wilfully ignorant or running a scam is what is in question

Muhammad Rasheed
- Tell me why you believe that whites who support BLM are "retarded." That has nothing to do with my narrative. Tell me.

rpr kjj - @M. Rasheed… You're not wrong but your response of "that tells me all I need to know about white people," is inherently racist and not helping. Maybe be more specific with your criticism, because a line like that tells me nothing other than "damn wypipo!"

Muhammad Rasheed - @rpr kjj... I appreciate your response, but I disagree that my hyperbole is contributing to any kind of problem whatsoever. If I check my "damn wypipo" attitude, will that magically make the racist police brutality numbers drop? The historical record has shown that MLK's signature non-violence/peaceful protest tactics were a complete failure, and it actually empowered the bad guys to get worse. So I'm intrigued at your philosophy that members of the disenfranchised group shouldn't express any kind of frustrated attitude at the west's culture of systemic racism that negatively affects my ethnic group in general while supporting yours.

Recently I found a white racist talking head named Rod Dreher, who believes that racism is the fault of "Black resentments." He said that if Blacks would just ignore racist attacks and just forgive them and get over it, we wouldn't have a race problem at all. In other words, whites interpret "racism" to be Black complaining about bad treatment by whites. "If they would just shut up, the racism would be solved."

Naturally this insanity triggered my "damn wypipo" attitude you mentioned earlier.

These comments from you all only support the batshit crazy philosophy of Dreher, and of course I must reject this as a weak attempt to solve the race problem. To say the least.

rpr kjj - @M. Rasheed... Never once did I say you shouldn't be frustrated and stop speaking about oppression, like you said that's how we fix the problem. But, assuming you are an adult and not a child, that doesn't excuse racism. "All black people are criminals" is also hyperbole, don't snake out of responsibility for what you said which was racist, simple as that. You also ignored the part where I asked clarification on your issue, because I still don't know and I imagine it's not simply "damn wypipo," which is pretty much what you wrote.

Muhammad Rasheed - @rpr kjj... Well, hyperbole is one of the tools I use to speak out about racism, and it isn't causing any problems in the world whatsoever. Are a disproportionate number of whites being profiled by cops, brutalized, imprisoned on trumped-up and/or false charges and killed because of "all whites are criminals?" My hyperbole is 100% harmless, and doesn't double as a mentality of systemic racism. So your pet false equivalency logical fallacy that you are wielding so confidently is only wasting both our time.

I fleshed out my original post criticism while chatting with Kincaid and hair. i'll wait for you to catch up.

hair ledoux - @M. Rasheed... im with him. Your group is just somewhat annoying. Not worth too much of my time. Try to become an individual. Its just a suggestion. You can do what you want with your life.

Muhammad Rasheed - +hair ledoux... I find your "Try to become an individual" comment ironic since no one functions as a group hive-mind more than the white conservative. I'll assume that's what you want to you with your life, amirite?

hair ledoux - @M. Rasheed… are you asking if i want to be a conservative? That doesnt even make sense. Political leaning is not something you work for. If you are asking if i want to be in politics then the answer is no. I would do it if we could start from scratch but both sides are way to fucked up for my taste

Muhammad Rasheed - @hair ledoux... No, I'm asking if you deciding to join the big white identity conservative politik was something you actually deliberately signed onto as an individual's choice.

hair ledoux - Honestly the problem is black. White people would really love it if we could get along. I find blacks to be hilarious. Talented in so many ways. But this multicultural experiment seems not to be working. Cant say we didnt try though. Sidenote. Systematic racism is a fantasy blacks have designed to answer any problems they face. Its really kind of sad

Muhammad Rasheed - hair ledoux wrote: "White people would really love it if we could get along."

What does "get along" mean exactly when you say it? "Get along" in what way specifically? Bear in mind that the two races have a long history in this country together, and we definitely haven't seen eye to eye on what that means. American History is kind of famous for the discrepancy actually, so I'll need you to be more precise in meaning so we'll be sure to be on the same page.

hair ledoux - M. Rasheed again. Ones politics are not deliberate. Did you choose to be liberal or are you just liberal. Get it?

Muhammad Rasheed - @+hair ledoux... "One" definitely deliberately chooses a political orientation, and can even flip from liberal to conservative as the climate dictates. For example, I know several people who originally pulled for Bernie Sanders, and were so enraged at Hillary's DNC nomination, switched to Republican to vote for Trump, who they saw as the OTHER "outsider." So I reject your nonsensical and unsophisticated point of view on that item. As an orthodox Muslim, I'm a lot more conservative than you seem to believe. As a Black man I am naturally pro-Black. Does pro-Black equal liberal to you by default? If so, do you think Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, Condoleezza and Omarossa are race traitors?

hair ledoux - @M. Rasheed nope. You questioning me about conservatism made me believe you were a liberal. Also, anybody who was going to vote for bernie certainly is a liberal. Just because they voted for the conservative this time doesnt change that. Having a conservative outlook on politics is not chosen anymore than eye color. It is who you are. Take the issues one by one. Abortion. I dont want your answer but if you are for or against it was that feeling a choice? Do you also choose when you are cold? If you dont understand then i cant help you. Off topic a little but now that i know you are a muslim...please stop raping people. That is a choice and you should choose to stop it

Muhammad Rasheed - @hair ledoux... If by "nope" you actually mean "yup" then I agree. Otherwise you are spewing an ideology that doesn't align to reality. Political talking points aren't "who you are," they are either what you deliberately chose, or what you were indoctrinated in. Either way you can always change your mind and opt out.

"Raping people" isn't linked to Islam, that's a cultural thing from a people who traditionally subscribed to Islam. I can see why someone who hasn't taken the time to understand what the religion is really about would be confused by that though, considering certain cultures have become synonymous with the religion itself. I'm an African-American Muslim, and haven't raped anyone. Considering that white men statistically can't seem to stop raping Black women, please stop raping them. That is a choice and you should choose to stop it.

hair ledoux - @M. Rasheed... what do you mean what do i mean about get along? You yourself are a member of the group that has decided it is not possible. Whites have done everything we can to appease you. More. The united states made it the cool new thing to not have slavery. More. Ok we did away with segregation. More. Ok do you want section 8 housing. More. Does food stamps work. More. How about an easier path through college. More. How about a president. More. Well reparations isnt happening. One of your leaders made a list asking for our houses. Why if we are opressors and you are equals or even better than us do you keep asking us for shit. Go get it on your own!!

Muhammad Rasheed - @hair ledoux... What?

So BLM telling your cops to stop brutalizing us means we've decided that it's not possible for the two races to get along? Does that make sense? If that were true, what would be the point of working towards that change? Make sense, please.

hair ledoux wrote: "Whites have done everything we can to appease you."

I don't think "appease" means what you think it means. You know, back during slavery, the running Black stereotype was that Blacks were happy & content to be enslaved, and we were always singing and dancing because we were so content. That was the conservative slave owner's political talking point to justify the chattel economic system. When the 13th Amendment was passed to abolish slavery, the slave owner class immediately took advantage of the 13th amendment's loophole ("unless as punishment for a crime"), and overnight the Black stereotype changed from the "happy singing & dancing people" to the inherently criminal. In the 150 yrs since slavery legally ended, whites have self-indoctrinated themselves into thinking we are all bad apples, until it has eventually led to the current mass incarceration Prison Industrial Complex era, where "the over-incarceration of adults has severely damaged generations of black and minority families and their children." These conditions were made much worse when the old Black business communities were  destroyed by deliberately running the new expressway systems through them. That combined with the fact that the vast majority of American citizens benefiting from the socialized programs you listed are the wealthy who scam the system (Section 8 voucher hoarding) and the nation's poor white communities.

Everything you think you know about race relations is wrong.

rpr kjj - M. Rasheed M. Rasheed

It delegitimizes your cause. What your racism tells me is that if the roles were reversed, black people would be equally oppressive to white people. You carry the same hate in your heart as any white racist, difference is you're losing. That's not a pretty picture when you want to sell BLM as a path to equality and not black supremacy. There's one problem.

Another problem is that your idea that normal people can be evil to each other in private or in conversation and it has no effect on the world at large thus it is not a problem. If police brutality is the only thing you think can be considered a racial issue than you're missing the point of why racism is why bad. That's a ridiculously stupid mindset. I mean really, if I called you a nigger, what effect would that have on the world at large? Nothing, you would just be mad. That's it. By your logic, that's not a problem.

And I'm not reading through that whole wall of text just to hear you tell me what your actual problem is. It shouldn't be that complicated.

hair ledoux
- @M. Rasheed... oh and david duke would have to be one crafty fucker to turn blacks against themselves. Because you know statistically a black police officer is more likely to kill a black man than a white officer is. Kinda blows your whole faggot argument up doesnt it. And before you say thats a bullshit story why dont you look it up. Washington post

hair ledoux - @M. Rasheed... no no. You are wrong. The prison industrial complex is one of the dumbest things i have ever heard. Stop committing crimes. Why is it somebody else's fault that blacks make up a large percentage of the criminal population? You have all the rights and more opportunity than anybody else. Im done with this. We will never find common ground. And you will never find the answers you seek because they dont exist

hair ledoux - @M. Rasheed... i know there are white people using handouts as well. You dont hear them crying foul either though do you? For what its worth i find those people unbearable too. Entitlements should stop except for for those who truly cant take care of themselves

Muhammad Rasheed - rpr kjj wrote: "And I'm not reading through that whole wall of text just to hear you tell me what your actual problem is."

This is the bottom line of your own "whole wall of text." You have no interest in knowing the truth about the nation's most enduring problem, you'd much rather rant & spew your ideological justifications for why you uphold white supremacy. It comes down to "We HAVE to do this to Blacks! if we don't, then they'll just turn around and do it to us!" Of course this is unacceptable, and I will continue to call out your savage evil however way I see fit.

We are done here. I have all the data I need.

Muhammad Rasheed - hair ledoux wrote: "M. Rasheed no no. You are wrong."

No, I'm not. You are merely willfully ignorant on the topic, using that wall to protect your white supremacist ideology. You're not 'listening' and prefer to believe the evil that your folk cooked up about me that the elite use to exploit me. We can NEVER get along because you are committed to this evil the white race used to attack, subjugate and exploit the world in the first place. We are at war. That's the truth of it. A 500 year old race war, and you are crazy.

hair ledoux wrote: "Why is it somebody else's fault that blacks make up a large percentage of the criminal population?"

lol Because white supremacists are the cops and it's their job to terrorize me, invent fake charges, and push me through the for-profit prison machine, idiot.

hair ledoux wrote: "is it ok if i am 'pro-white'?"

Sure. There's nothing inherently wrong with being a descendant of the Euro-ethnic tribes. Be white. It's "pro-white supremacy" that's the problem. "Weaponized whiteness" is the source of all my ills, and of your spoiled, heroin-addicted entitlement.

hair ledoux wrote: "You dont hear them crying foul either..."

Really? Because no one whines more than your entitled folk. Remember, the poor whites were infuriated when the Black slaves were freed, and it's their whining specifically that tore down the gains of Reconstruction. It's their whining that created the New Deal social programs (that Blacks were excluded from), and it's their whining that led to their heroin epidemic of white entitlement-induced depression.

I'm not seeking any answers from you lot because I'm educated on the topic. I know the subject. You're the one that dodges the race-relations topic like Neo dodging bullets, and proudly admits ignorance regarding the moving parts involved ("The prison industrial complex is one of the dumbest things i have ever heard.").

I'm done. I can't take reading anymore of your comments. I'll get cancer or some shit.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Should We Give McGregor "Credit" for His Reckless Greed?

Muhammad Rasheed - You want me to give Conor McGregor "credit" for agreeing to become a multi-millionaire? Because that's all that happened here. Remember when people would ask if you'd fight Iron Mike Tyson for a million dollars? Of COURSE you would do it, while praying you didn't die. That's all this fight represented.

Conor proved he was willing to risk his health for mega-wealth, in a high-stakes episode of "Jackass." That's all. Since he was already a professional prize fighter anyway, this risk was less brave for him than it would've been for you as a non-pro fighter, but the basic principle was still the same when you pit a 0-0 novice boxer against the 49-0 future hall-of-fame, long-time pound-for-pound, boxing prodigy, multi-world champion. I'm not giving Conor "credit" to be a reckless daredevil for big money when we ALL would've jumped at the chance to make $100 million in less than an hour. That's why Quora is all of a sudden full of "How can I challenge Floyd, too???" questions. lol

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The False Friend

Muhammad Rasheed - So Michael Rapaport admits that he's never rooted for Floyd Mayweather, Jr. before, but he did for the McGregor fight.  He hasn't rooted for him in the previous 49 fights for all the usual reasons, including the "I just don't like him" one.

That makes me wonder why he decided to root for Floyd for his 50th fight. What changed? Well, what changed was the enormous amounts of attention drawn in the direction of the super-event, a super-event that has the force of two big sport fan audiences converging on it, as well as the HUGE energy typically generated by such a racially-charged spectacle.

It's clear to me that Rapaport is merely taking advantage of that giant audience to position himself better in his career. That's fine. That's what you're supposed to do as a capitalist if you have the attention of that many people -- you push your product or service. That's good business, and by itself there's nothing wrong with that.

That's not all that's involved here though.

Despite the fact that Rapaport has never rooted for Floyd -- for all the typical reasons white men haven't rooted for Floyd -- he's suddenly campaigning on this anti-racism shtick. "They've accused me of being a n*99er lover for my beliefs!" the actor proclaims, while he goes on this odd post-fight tour. What is he doing during the tour? Oh, he just happens to be promoting a book he has coming out, a book that has a chapter about Floyd called something like "Great in the ring, shitty in life." He's throwing Floyd's old sins in his face like the Accusing spirit of scripture, which is interesting since Rapaport claims the Jewish identity, and he knows Floyd himself is a believer in Abraham's God. In the comments section under the above linked video, people are praising Rapaport saying stuff like "If all white people were like him the world would be a better place."

Really? Because based on the historical record, western civilization is a shitty place precisely because of what men exactly like Rapaport have done. Just like the original architects of the White Supremacist Ideology, Rapaport is also exploiting a Black man he can't stand for a personal economic come-up. Michael Rapaport is an opportunist who's exploiting racism and a Black body to enrich himself. PERIOD.

He is NOT your friend. He's an asshole who will do ANYTHING for money. Beware.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Clown Censorship by M. Rasheed

I'm an American Cartoonist. Blatant attacks on Free Speech tend to activate my Muse. #IAmARealAmerican #FightForTheRightsOfEveryMan

UnEqually Yoked by M. Rasheed

This whole thing developed impromptu from a doodle of the guy's face in the cartoon above, so there was no real story to it in the beginning.

After looking at them, I just assumed she worked for the 2016 Trump election campaign, and him with his shirt color implying he's still mad that Bernie didn't get the DNC nod. Once I made that determination the series took on a life of its own.


By this time, one of the FB Cartoonist Groups I was posting in ("Ink Slingers") said they were no longer tolerating cartoons with content that made white people feel bad. lol So that kind of killed my momentum on these, with the resulting attack on Free Speech inspiring me into another direction.

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Preparing for the Arrival of Black Reparations

Sankofa‏ - [thread] Serious questions 4 Afrakan people ONLY!

1.) What r our expectations WHEN (not if) we receive reparations given our current economic reality & attitudes?

2.) What dollar amount is sufficient as reparations shy of the complete turning over of the world back to its rightful owners?

Muhammad Rasheed - If it were up to me, they would put about $10 trillion in an interest bearing account, and pay all 40 million Blacks $100K a year for life.

Proletariat‏ - Reps. should be investigated into buying large plots of land to build Afrikan centered schools, hospitals, nursing homes, day care libraries

Sankofa‏ - Both.

Proletariat‏ - It has 2be within a Black Socialist structure. Individual payments would be 2confusing & our ppl would just give the windfall back 2racists!

Muhammad Rasheed - Is there such a Black socialist structure in place somewhere now we can model after? Or do we have to invent one?

Also bear in mind that there have been numerous Black wealthy communities throughout the ages, and in the USA. If we have to build financial literacy training into the Reparations Program, then so be it.

Proletariat‏ - Google black socialist groups and contact them. What we need is for the disconnected groups to join under one umbrella. One people. One love

Muhammad Rasheed - I think it's more important to get them their money, rather than attempt to manipulate them into a situation they will naturally hate.

Do all that "one umbrella" stuff on the other side of the Reparations payout event.

Proletariat‏ - When we finally get Reparations I seriously doubt compensations will be distributed individually. Individual hasn't worked for us. Socialism!

Well we all have an opinion brother. Guess we'll see what happens when we get there.

Muhammad Rasheed - The gov will probably payout using a system model that's already in place, like something similar to that EBT card.

Proletariat‏ - No brother. Rep $ is for building institutions not individual dispersment so that it goes back to the oppressor.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't understand the "No brother." We're talking about how the gov will probably pay out the Reparations. Why would they build institutions FOR you? They'll pay out the money, and it will be your job to use the money to help yourselves.

I say the money is placed in a Black Reparations Foundation account that pays all 40 mil Black citizens $100K each. Once we no longer have to worry about poverty, THEN we come together and build up the community and our political force for ourselves.

Proletariat‏ - individualism is not the goal. Building black Social institutions R more enduring & cost effective than invidual checks. Black socialism.

Muhammad Rasheed - The social group is composed of the individual. If the individual is not strong, the social group will be inherently weak. Treating the individuals like they don't matter, and are expendable to the state, is the number one failure of the socialist ideology.

FIRST, make sure the person is strong.
SECOND, the family unit.
THIRD, the community.

Then the interconnected community tribes can build up the socialist institutions for longevity. Skipping the critical foundations to go straight to your elitist run socialist institutions will kill us all.

Proletariat‏ - M. Rasheed wrote: "Why would they build institutions FOR you?"

You're not getting it. No one is building shit 4us. We elect a Reparations Council with a board of trustees. We must buy land first 2build

Muhammad Rasheed - I get that FIRST the individuals & their families need to be pulled out of poverty. THEN your councils can play grab-ass with their socialist plans.

Where are the Reparations funds going to come from?

Proletariat - M. Rasheed wrote: "Once we no longer have to worry about poverty, THEN we come together and build up the community and our political force for ourselves."

You should put that vision into place then Brother. No argument here.

Muhammad Rasheed - Well, in this context, curing Blacks of perpetual poverty is supposed to be the primary purpose of the Reparations program.

To me, the most efficient way of doing so is to put $10 trillion in an interest-bearing account, and pay each of the 40 mil Blacks $100K. Pay them $100K a year for life, to them and all their descendants (adjusted for inflation). After that -- and after the novelty of having the specter of poverty lifted from the Black Nation calms down -- then we can plan on community building. If we try to tie up the money first by trying to develop high-level socialist institutions BEFORE the basic needs of the individual & the  family are cured, it will be putting the cart before the horse. It will be VERY wrong. It will demonstrate incompetent leadership, and build instant resentment in the people who were tired of being poor YESTERDAY.

Proletariat‏ - M. Rasheed wrote: "Treating the individuals like they don't matter..."

Your words brother. I never said that.

Muhammad Rasheed - You've made a lot of anti-individual type Tweets that left that impression on me that happen to align with the Classic Socialism ideology. I am 100% open to hearing and understanding what you actually meant if my interpretation is inaccurate.

Proletariat‏ - M. Rasheed wrote: "Skipping the critical foundations to go straight to your elitist run socialist institutions will kill us all."

You're preaching not discussing. Disregarding the fact this isn't ur concept. What I'm doing here, u should implement ur plan there!

Proletariat‏ - Brother you can say whatever you want. I've no problem discussing this but your tone seems challenging. Am I suppose to agree with you?

Muhammad Rasheed - lol No, you're not supposed to agree with me, I'm just saying my piece just as you are saying your piece. Our mutual goal should be to at least express ourselves so that the other understands exactly what our opposing positions are. Right now it seems like you're married to the classic Socialist State > individual concept, and I have no hope of changing your mind. I'm just expressing my own prediction of how the whole thing is most likely going to go down. That's all.

Personally, to be clear, I don't have an issue with the socialist angle, but the individual must be cared for FIRST. Then the family unit.

Proletariat‏ - M. Rasheed wrote: "Our mutual goal should be to at least express ourselves so that the other understands exactly what our opposing positions are."

I disagree.

Start your own plan bro. You're not suggesting you're telling which doesn't sit well with me. This feels like an alpha male thing. You don't have the experience to bend my will Black man. I'm not here to be "educated" bc I've done my research & I'll approach this my way!

Muhammad Rasheed - You disagree that the basic goal of a discussion should be that the two engaged should know what the other is talking about?


Proletariat‏ - Constructive criticism is good. Accept I just see you telling me this won't work & ur plan is better. So act on it & I'll follow ur results!

Proletariat‏ - M. Rasheed wrote: "To me, the most efficient way of doing so is to put $10 trillion in an interest-bearing account, and pay each of the 40 mil Blacks $100K."

Where is that $ to be placed. White institutions? Govt. can freeze funds anytime they want.

Muhammad Rasheed - So where is the money supposed to come from in the first place, if not that very same government you're suddenly skeptical of?

Proletariat‏ - M. Rasheed wrote: "After that -- and after the novelty of having the specter of poverty lifted from the Black Nation calms down -- then we can plan on community building."

That's wrong brother

Muhammad Rasheed - Tell me why you think it's wrong. It seems like common sense based on basic knowledge of human behavior to me. What do you see?

Proletariat‏ - M. Rasheed wrote: "You've made a lot of anti-individual type Tweets that left that impression on me..."

  • Garvey movement 
  • Nation of Islam
  • Black Panther Party 

All Socialist Programs. We make corrections from the past.

Muhammad Rasheed - I don't have an issue with the implementation of socialist programs, just not placed above the needs of individuals and their families. The individual is the foundation of the Black Nation, not the institutions.

Proletariat‏ - M. Rasheed wrote: "Pay them $100K a year for life..."

Where does number come from?

Muhammad Rasheed - I just cobbled it together a few months ago based on how much $10 tril at 3-5% interest would generate, and then divided up among 40 mil people.

That's my very estimated version of my memory of what I calculated. I'm not saying any of the numbers are chiseled in stone. I just threw it out there as a base to work with, since you're sensitive about my 'tone' and my 'preaching' voice.

Proletariat‏ - if I were sensitive you'd have been blocked by now. I welcome good suggestions & reject tough talk tweets. The conscious R getting on board!

Proletariat‏ - M. Rasheed wrote: "I don't have an issue with the implementation of socialist programs, just not placed above the needs of individuals and their families."


Scrapp X-slave‏ - the ONLY way we get REPARATIONs, we have to BOYCOTT work & $$$, for a WEEK, and SEE the EYEs Open , america would shutdown eventually. RTalk

They would act like WE committed a CRIME if WE Stop working for them,and MIGHT try to bring BS charges to lock SOME up,especially CONTRACTs.

Muhammad Rasheed - They will. They've tried that before. We still won.

Look: Black citizens boycott white merchants for U.S. voting rights, Tuskegee, Alabama, 1957-1961

Scrapp X-slave‏ - let me STUDY this , I'll get back Bro , .... THKs for this INFO

Muhammad Rasheed - Black Determination and the force of Black Will applied consistently, overcame their hate.

Scrapp X-slave‏ - I've Already OverCome their Hate , My MIND has been FINE TUNED to be Alert & WARRIOR against a Dumb Devil , they wicked Cowards of IGNORANT

Sankofa‏ - [reparations: the making of amends for a wrong one has done...]

Is it possible to "make amends" for something u have yet to cease doing?

Muhammad Rasheed - lol No. We'll have to make them stop since they pretend they aren't doing anything.

Sankofa‏ - Exactly! There is only ONE way to make them too.*muscle flex*

Muhammad Rasheed - We can make them stop using the force of our economic boycott. They don't think we'll do it, and of course they will receive a massive influx of wealth once Reparations are paid. It'll take us a minute to come down off the high of not being poor anymore. Afterwards we'll be able to think clearly.

First, we'll use our power to get them to stop their evils & abuses, then the Reparations will really be their amends. Afterwards we can begin the long fight towards restitution. That will be way harder than getting Reparations. Giving us free money out of the Federal Reserve's unlimited credit machine is nothing. They could've done that long ago. They haven't yet, not because they can't financially, but because the payout comes with their admitting that they have been evil af.

The self-indoctrination of the 'all-perfect superior master race' has made them too prideful to do what's right by us.

Once we overcome the Reparations hurdle, the far more difficult battle for Restitution will begin. That one will require them to LET GO THAT WHICH THEY HAVE STOLEN, and if the race war doesn't start during the journey for Reparations, it will certainly start there.

Sankofa‏ - I think it way deeper than this.

Muhammad Rasheed - Deeper in what way?

Sankofa‏ - Deeper in that they have been studying us since their emergence into an already old civilization.  They know better than we do our power.

Muhammad Rasheed - It seems like the depths of their study was only to enable them to keep us from competing with them on equal footing. All of their efforts have been to cheat and keep us subjugated while pretending to allow progress & liberty, etc. It's like ALL they want is the money and physical dominance of it all, and care nothing for anything deeper.

Sankofa‏ - They aren't capable of anything deeper; they KNOW there's more & they know they can only get to that through us. The wm's war on Afrakan men is to distract him from protecting the Afrakan womb, thereby disrupting the strength of us all. They can't kill us...they would've already if that were possible. Their great achievement is in the fact that our men believe $ has anything 2 do with the actual protection of our people. If Afrakan men focused 100% on 1. figuring out how 2 provide all basic needs ourselves & 2. making it undeniably clear to wm what would happen if they touch ANY of us, ANYWHERE, we would be fine.

Muhammad Rasheed - See, this is the 'cheating to subjugate us' aspect of it. It's an aspect of their strategy, but it doesn't answer the "Why." The point. They keep the Black Family broken up to keep us from taking our power back, because they want the sole monopoly of wealth/power.

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Keep Calm & Achieve Economic Inclusion

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Notes While Observing: The White Establishment's Plan for Profiting From Black Reparations

1.) "[Rebecca] Tuvel began writing the article ['In Defense of Transracialism'] after noticing the contrast between Caitlyn Jenner's successful coming out as a trans woman in April 2015 and the reception given that June to Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who identifies and had been passing as black. Jenner became one of Glamour magazine's Women of the Year and appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair, while Dolezal lost her position as president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People chapter in Spokane, Washington, and became, in her view, unemployable. Tuvel was not interested in the details of the cases, but in their structure, and set about writing an argument in support of the position: 'Since we should accept transgender individuals’ decisions to change sexes, we should also accept transracial individuals’ decisions to change races.'" ~(Hypatia transracialism controversy; From Wikipedia)

In Defense of Transracialism by Rebecca Tuvel (April 25, 2017)


2.) "Sex between straight white men allows them to leverage whiteness and masculinity to authenticate their heterosexuality in the context of sex with men. By understanding their same-sex sexual practice as meaningless, accidental, or even necessary, straight white men can perform homosexual contact in heterosexual ways. Straight men – specifically white men – are having sex with other men to affirm just how straight they are, because to be straight and still be able to perform ‘gay sex’ – while always remaining uninterested – is the height of white masculinity. And they are the primary group doing this, because they can. Sometimes white people, and men in particular, bristle at the concept of ‘privilege,’ but in the context of [my] book, recognizing privilege isn’t about denying what is unique about individual straight white men; it’s about recognizing that straight white men have some unique cultural resources they can draw on to explain away and justify their presumably discordant sex practices [...] in which straight white men can have sex with one another and face no repercussions. White men have more room to push sexual boundaries without being immediately pathologized [due to their privileges]. ~Jane Ward, Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men by (July 2015)

Why can straight white men have sex with men without social consequences? by Zach Stafford (August 13, 2015)


3.) “Republicans might not agree with everything, but we have spirited discussions on these issues,” [Gregory T.] Angelo said, of the schisms between the party mainstream and its LGBT members—and between its LGBT members themselves. “It’s a movement that values plurality of thought, that values people of different opinions, that values people of all sexual orientations and different gender identities.” ~Scott Bixby, Alt-Right Gays to Log Cabin Republicans: You're No Conservatives (April 28, 2017)

16 Antigay Leaders Exposed as Gay or Bi by Erin Faith Wilson (May 29 2015)

Gay Political Scandals: 25 Politicians Who Have Faced Claims About Their Sexuality by Curtis M. Wong (Jun 29, 2012)

Pentagon continues LGBT pride celebration; conservatives say it’s a shame in Trump administration by Rowan Scarborough (June 11, 2017)


4.) It may be fashionable to play Indian now, but it was also trendy 125 years ago when people paid $5 apiece for falsified documents declaring them Native on the Dawes Rolls. These so-called five-dollar Indians paid government agents under the table in order to reap the benefits that came with having Indian blood. Mainly white men with an appetite for land, five-dollar Indians paid to register on the Dawes Rolls, earning fraudulent enrollment in tribes along with benefits inherited by generations to come. “These were opportunistic white men who wanted access to land or food rations,” said Gregory Smithers, associate professor of history at Virginia Commonwealth University. “These were people who were more than happy to exploit the Dawes Commission—and government agents, for $5, were willing to turn a blind eye to the graft and corruption.” The implications of such shady practices are enormous now, Smithers said. Five-dollar Indians passed their unearned benefits to heirs who still lay claim to tribal citizenship and associated privileges. “Now we have people who are white but who can trace their names back to the rolls used by tribal nations to ascertain who has rights as citizens,” he said. “That means we have white people who have the ability to vote at large; it means political rights; it means the potential to influence tribal policy on a whole range of issues; it means people have access to health care, education and employment. The implications are quite profound for people who got away with fraud.” ~Alysa Landry, Paying to Play Indian: The Dawes Rolls and the Legacy of $5 Indians (March 21, 2017)

"FAKE WHITE INDIANS - Dawes Rolls: History of $5 Dollar Indians" [EXCERPT] Hidden Colors 2 by Tariq Nasheed


5.) Ever since Colorado and Washington made the unprecedented move to legalize recreational pot last year, excitement and stories of unfettered success have billowed into the air. Colorado’s marijuana tax revenue far exceeded expectations, bringing a whopping $185 million to the state and tourists are lining up to taste the budding culture (pun intended). Several other states are now looking to follow suit and legalize. But the ramifications of this momentous shift are left unaddressed. When you flick on the TV to a segment about the flowering pot market in Colorado, you’ll find that the faces of the movement are primarily white and male. Meanwhile, many of the more than  210,000 people who were arrested for marijuana possession in Colorado between 1986 and 2010 according to a report from the Marijuana Arrest Research Project, remain behind bars. Thousands of black men and boys still sit in prisons for possession of the very plant that’s making those white guys on TV rich. ~April M. Short, Legal weed’s race problem: White men get rich, black men stay in prison (March 14, 2014)

The Special Interests Behind Marijuana Prohibition by Mark Thornton (October 14, 2016)

6.) [DOCUMENTARY] 13th by Ava DuVernay (October 7, 2016)

Muhammad Rasheed - Tuvel is 100% correct, of course, regarding the fundamentally identical structure of Dolezal and Jenner's self-identification transformations, therefore the shit-storm avalanche that met her controversial article wasn't moral/technical in nature, but political. The problem Tuvel dealt with was the fact that the heart of her article's topic exposed an aspect of the long-term plans of the LGBT well before they were prepared to have such a discussion, thus the special interest group's justified irritation. 

The societal taboos that the LGBT need to tear down are powerful, and entrenched with deep roots, and their admirably ever-patient efforts to massage the national psyche in order to groom us into finally accepting their end goal, will definitely take some time. Rushing socio-political progress will not help them indoctrinate us in the idea that gender is every bit as much a social construct as race is, because many of us have the mental hang-up of the whole gender-specific genitalia component to run defense. As long as that remains a mighty barrier, the LGBT will need more time to work on changing the psychological landscape. Right now their patient efforts to explain that "gender isn't real" functions as a brutal assault upon intellect itself, as they seemingly attempt to convince the populace that what's illogical and unreasonable is actually logical and reasonable:

It's obvious that the Dolezal's of the world will indeed be able to ride that very same train WHEN IT IS READY and not before. The delicacy of the operation the LGBT is trying to perform doesn't need clumsy and over-eager upstarts trying to capitalize on a legal-political precedent that has not yet been entered into the books. That's why they pounced on her, shaking her firmly by the scruff of the neck like a trans-mother fox  correcting a hyperactive adopted kit. Once it is finally complete, and the masses are able to accept what the LGBT is working towards, then the landscape will be primed for Black America to receive Reparations. 

Why is the one dependent upon the other? Well, we can see an analogous parallel within the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana became legal once corporate worked out their deal with the pro-prohibition bosses who were getting the lion's share of the black market profits; it was just a matter of the powers-that-be of the elitists working out among themselves acceptable terms in which they alone would get to split the wealth.

We live in a society in which the White Supremacist Ideology is the dominant philosophy of all western thought. White supremacy functions by the subjugation and exploitation of Black people and other people of color, which is the secret to its success... the white supremacist European powers enslaved their competition on the world stage, and used the free labor economic system to amass obscene amounts of wealth. That is the very heart of  Western Civilization itself, and any and everything it does comes back to this truth.  All decisions by the leadership classes of the business and political elite are designed to maintain their monopoly of wealth & power under the banner of white supremacy. 

So within a seemingly more enlightened and progressive age, when a slightly more informed populace demands the long-overdue end of traditional centuries old wrongs and abuses, we can expect Black Reparations to be paid out so that the elite may at least pretend to have finally addressed the most enduring sin of the United States of America. This will happen when the above mentioned conditions are met because that will only be achieved through the lens of the country's White Supremacist Ideology lifeblood. 

This means  we can realistically expect, when the final tally of payouts is complete, that whites will have devoured the lion's share of the total amount of Reparations intended for the African-American ethnic group. When for centuries, whites considered it a horrifying blight to have even but a single drop of "Black blood" running through one's veins, suddenly every Ian, Conor, & Becky will insist they are Black by way of an obscure ancestor. Far more damaging will be the numerous whites who will decide to self-identify as Black People just in time for the Reparations truck to roll up. The whole point of Reparations is to right the racist wrongs of the past, and BE the restorative bootstraps to enable Blacks to attain the equal playing field with whites that centuries of slavery and racist policies & practices sabotaged. Instead we will find, even though Blacks make up only 12% of the US population, that a much greater percentage of citizens will claim a gigantic chunk.

Call me cynical, but I really don't expect a huge percentage of the 12% actual Blacks to receive much of it either. Think about it. Of the pie chart of free government money labeled "welfare," only a fraction of that is allotted towards liberal social programs for the poor---the majority of that free gov money actually goes towards the business class. Despite this, the conservatives STILL complain about the little bit that the poor get, and this for no other reason than because it represents money that THEY aren't receiving. The same will be true of the Reparations checks that do somehow manage to get passed all of the scamming white people. 

The white establishment will find some way to legally disqualify a large number of Blacks from being eligible to claim their share of the Black Reparations payout (a felony on record, lives in the wrong place, lacks the correct ID, too many people in the registers with the same last name, etc.). In fact, I expect them to piggy-back off of the invented restrictions already in use to disqualify millions of Black Democrat ballots in the ongoing voter suppression scams. Why re-invent the wheel when they already use a perfectly serviceable cheating apparatus?

So Black Reparations will indeed be paid out, but only when the conditions are right so that whites can benefit from it themselves. Of course with the smell of money in the air, they will roughly push Blacks out of the way, to snatch even the crumbs from the brown hands that really needed them. After having stolen the rightful property of the African-American TWICE in this way -- once by holding them down in racist history, and again by taking the Reparations that were supposed to right the previous wrong -- we will find, as the whites walk away with pockets heavy with Black loot, that the books will be officially closed on the matter of Racism in the USA, and it will then be illegal to even bring the subject up. Especially in a future court case when a white attacks a Black in a crime that in the pre-Reparations era would have been called "racism."

Will that be all? Ah. Not quite. If you think the LGBT community will sit back and watch Blacks "receive" their Reparations (officially anyway) without demanding their own then you're crazy. They will, and they will get it in much better negotiated terms than the Blacks were able to get, probably even triple the amount. At that point the GOP will stop pretending that they are against homosexuality and magically become 'enlightened' to all the benefits of coming out, and whites will have thus twice doubled the wealth gap between them and the even more disenfranchised Black Peoples.

Perhaps it'll be at that point when the race war 'revolution' of legend will kick-off?  We'll see.